Nintendo Switch OLED: 7 Shocking Reasons It’s The Best Upgrade Yet

The Thrill of Nintendo Switch OLED: Reimagining the Joy in Portable Gaming

Pull out a party hat and a popper! Gamers everywhere have a reason to rejoice—the launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED. You may ask yourself, “What’s all the fuss about?” Well, let’s pull back this pixelated curtain and unveil a world where vibrant visuals blend seamlessly with enhanced ergonomics. Our initial impression? It’s like slipping into a comfortable pair of shoes from the men ‘s Wearhouse, but then realizing they’re equipped with jetpacks!

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The Nintendo Switch – OLED Model – The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Edition system features a design inspired by the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom game, including the familiar Hylian Crest from the Legend of Zelda series on the front of the dock (game not included).

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1. Unmatched Visual Clarity: A Symphony of Pixels

With the Nintendo Switch OLED, Nintendo has married the beauty of OLED technology to its much-loved portable console. This union has given birth to vibrant colors that can make Monet’s palette seem lackluster in comparison. Thanks to OLED, the darks are darker, the colors are more vivid, and contrasts are sharper, lending a new lifelike dimension to your gaming experience.

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2. Upgraded Screen and the Power of Handheld Mode: Size Does Matter!

The Nintendo Switch OLED brings a healthy enhancement to screen size, affirming the adage, “greater size, better gaming”. With this upgrade, players experience a lush and wider view that sublimely embraces the intricate details of each pixel. You might think it’s like going from viewing CinemaScope on an old TV to reveling in its beauty on a widescreen theater. Nintendo’s unabashed love for handheld mode finds fresh kinship with this upgrade, elevating handheld gaming to a more immersive, remarkably personal level.

3. The Worth of the New Switch OLED: A Fistful of Dollars More

The question that makes every would-be buyer pause for a heartbeat: “Is the Switch OLED really worth it?” Pondering from the perspective of a first-time user? It’s like finding a portfolio lender in California who offers you the best rates without complications. Those visuals? Sharp as a razor. The extended screen? Pure magic. So yes, worth every single dime.

4. Weighing the Costs: Is that Extra $50 a Good Bargain?

Shelling out an extra $50 for the Nintendo Switch OLED might cause a subtle twitch in your eyebrows. “Why?” you ask. Well, unlike your savings, the upgraded OLED screen and kickstand have not been in lock-down. As our Mac mini review highlights the diverse improvements an upgrade can bring, so does these enhancements in the new console justifies that extra squeeze on your wallet.


5. The 2023 Verdict: An OLED Odyssey Unfolds in Your Palms

As we journey halfway through 2023, we behold the longevity of this game-changer. Running “Tears of the Kingdom” on the Switch OLED feels like witnessing delicately crafted poetry coming alive. Almost similar to how the devices in our best wifi Routers list, the console’s performance has stayed consistent and strong over the years.

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6. The New Kickstand: More than Just a Prop

The new robust kickstand, more resilient and versatile, allows gamers to veer swiftly between their solitary conquests and multiplayer face-offs. This upgrade, along with other subtle and not-so-subtle improvements, makes the new console an almost irresistible urge for gaming enthusiasts.

7. Lifespan of the Console: Tick-tock on the OLED Clock

Just like a Tesla IR, the Switch OLED displays a sustainable design beneath its sleek exterior. Its sturdy parts promise at least five years of loyalty before they show signs of wear. On the software front, there’s no sign of waning support. Just like screen burn-ins pose no risk for any Nintendo Switch model, worries of an eclipsed lifespan can safely be shelved too.

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Addressing the Existing Users: Is it Time for an Upgrade?

We now quote the age-old gaming proverb, “To upgrade, or not to upgrade?” If you’re already a proud owner of a Nintendo Switch, the decision might leave you in a spot. While the upgrades are undoubtedly alluring, they may not justify the immediate rush to splurge unless you find your joy in handheld gaming.


A Fresh Take on the Nintendo Switch Experience

With Nintendo Switch OLED, gaming is set to break new boundaries. It’s not just an upgrade; it’s a new standard in the world of handheld gaming. Imagine a future where handheld gaming doesn’t just mimic the console experience but defines it. That’s the world Nintendo Switch OLED intoxicatingly hints at. So, are you ready for an upgrade?

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