Glossy releases Influencer Index: The Top Performers Include Plastique Tiara and Abby Roberts

Glossy, a Digiday Media publication that covers the fashion and beauty industry, just published its influencer index. This guide shows the performance of Instagram influencers based on the most important criteria for brands. Plastique Tiara and Abby Roberts are the beauty influencers that have the most ability to drive brand results.

Glossy Influencer Index is based on proprietary research and provides transparency to brands who want to invest in these influencers. It scores them from an objective perspective across four categories. It’s becoming increasingly important for brands to understand the performance of their influencer marketing investments. The index also looks at trends across influencer strategies to help brands understand which ones are most effective and which ones are not.

Fashion and beauty brands are harnessing the power of the influencers more than ever through partnerships, from sponsored posts to product collaborations. Jill Manoff is Glossy’s editor-in-chief. “But there’s still some grey area around how an influencer can engage audiences and sell product,” she says. The Instagram Influencer Index is a guide to brands in their search for the best influencer partners that fit their product category and marketing goals. They also strategize around Instagram content formats. The days of searching for influencers solely based on their followers are gone.

This index contains unique data points that are broken down by influencer, post format and category to optimize engagement. The proprietary research revealed that Instagram video content is more engaging than still photos and that sponsored videos are more popular than those without sponsorship. Non-sponsored still photos are more effective than sponsored photos.

Li Lu, a senior researcher at Digiday Media, is leading this research. “With the rapid growth of the influencer market, the noise is growing as well.” Lu says that the Instagram Index is a tool to help fashion and beauty brands navigate through the chaos and determine the best influencer strategies. Glossy’s first index is focused on Instagram influencer partnerships. Instagram has a broad range of content: still images, long-form videos, short Reels, and temporary stories. Analyzing different content types gives you a comprehensive view of the influencer market and can be used to transfer valuable information to other platforms.

Glossy ranks the most influential people based on audience reach, brand prominence, sponsored engagement ratio and brand visibility. The top two influencers are Abby Roberts, Plastique Tiara and Emma Chamberlain. Remi Bader, JadynXavier, JadynXavier, and Emma Chamberlain are also ranked as the most beneficial people to work with. For more information, see the full index. Glossy+ members have access to this exclusive index. Subscribe here to get your copy.

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