Shay Rowbottom

Lucky Penny Candles sponsors a Millennial Millionaire LinkedIn Influencer – Shay Rowbottom

Shay Rowbottom has been helping her thousands of Instagram and LinkedIn followers learn digital marketing basics and the finer points for years. Dom Leroux, the founder of Lucky Penny Candles in Venice, Florida, credits Shay’s insight with his success. Sponsoring her Orlando appearance was a natural and direct way to express his gratitude…and show Shay just how far he has come with her wise words.

Lucky Penny’s newly launched corporate gifts were highlighted at the event. Dom created a candle and a scent for the occasion. As a souvenir of the event, attendees received a #shayshine candle. This candle was meant to help them remember the lessons they learned and warm up their rooms with the gentle glow of a Lucky Penny candle.

Dom notes that corporate gifts “enhance people’s opinions of your company in one way or the other.” Dom says that if they are cheap and repetitive, that’s what people will recall about you. They will make recipients proud to be associated by your brand if they are well-crafted and customized. This is what we wanted to achieve with our corporate line and Shay’s event was the ideal time to introduce it to the rest of the world.

Dom was shocked to learn that Shay had been scheduled to perform in Orlando. He immediately contacted Foureva Media, her event-marketing agency. The conversation quickly turned into a sponsorship and Dom was able to see how Shay’s insights were translated into business practice.

Randy Wilinski (the project manager) and Jamar Jones, who own Foureva Media are both absolutely incredible. Foureva’s entire team was dedicated to making this event a success. It was great to sponsor a team like Lucky Penny Candles that is as focused and hardworking as we are.

Sponsorship included over 100 candles personalized with Shay’s logo and brand colors. The candles were a huge hit and received many compliments from Shay, Jamar and their team.

Lucky Penny is already looking for sponsorship opportunities. Lucky Penny’s corporate gifts division is getting off to a great start thanks to Shay’s Orlando appearance.