The world is rapidly changing before our eyes. Tech and science development has exponentially increased our quality of life throughout the years. It’s only natural that people are rightfully curious about the way the world works. Whether it’s seeing what makes the human body tick or understanding the specs of the latest PC build, we have to know. That’s where Neuron comes in.

Neuron Magazine is your media hub for all things tech, science, and health. Neuron stays up-to-date information on a wide range of topics such as genetics, artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, 3D printing, synthetic biology, biotechnology, and any other -ologies worth looking into.

Now, this isn’t a science fair. This is the stuff that changes the world. Neuron encompasses everything science-based and influences all aspects of our very livelihood. There are so many undiscovered mysteries and untapped studies that would benefit the world. Our mission is to bring them closer to the light.

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From top to bottom, our staff is comprised of inquisitive journalists who believe in a smarter, healthier world. We’re the type of people who ask too many questions. We reread the page a million times until we understand how something works front to back. There’s so much going on all around and inside us that we have no choice but to question everything.

Science is complicated at times. That doesn’t mean it has to read like an academic journal or feel like you’re doing a research paper. Our writers transform those dense subjects into simplified stories for your enjoyment and curiosity.

Neuron catalyzes the reaction between you and the greater science world. Our magazine features science news and biohacking strategies that you can incorporate into your daily life. We use our knowledge of science, engineering, and health to keep people in the know and improve our everyday lives. Not to mention including those insane stories straight out of a sci-fi movie. If it’s cultivating a whole goat from a liver cell or developing the newest automated food delivery drone, it’s absolutely mandatory to be informed.

Neuron paves a path to a better world. We lead the way towards a more fun, efficient, and convenient future. The world never stops spinning and the gears of science never stop turning. The more informed we are as a society, the better chance we have at cultivating a better tomorrow.


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