How Tech Boom is Affecting Businesses

The tech industry has risen at such a fast rate in the last decade, a lot of changes have happened and the world has been made to adjust with respect to these changes.

For businesses, things have really evolved with almost everything going online. It has become easier to relate with customers or potential business partners from any part of the world, and this has helped many businesses to get global recognition quickly.

Inasmuch as these advantages are being harnessed in the best ways, it would be biased to ignore the other ways in which the tech boom has affected businesses. Here, you will find an unbiased view of what the world of business has become with the tech boom.

Technology Has Truly Helped Businesses

No matter the size of your business or how long you have been doing it, technology can help you make more profit. Among the many ways that technology has enhanced business operations, the ones listed below are the most prominent.

It has helped small businesses to go international within a short period

With a social media account, a business that started a few months ago could create enough content that will earn it a lot of followers from any part of the world.

This was impossible before, since business owners had to do a lot more work to connect with the people in their country of origin.

Customers are protected

Of all the reasons why the tech boom has made businesses grow, this is the most customer-friendly. These days, people can take pictures and record videos of their experiences with a particular company and share it online.

If it is good, it would draw more customers to the company, but if it was a bad experience, people will criticize the business and even go as far as boycotting it.

However this sounds to you, it is good for the customers because they now know that they have the power to expose a business that is not what they claim. And in a bid to show transparency, online businesses are massively keying into product reviews.

So when you get a good service, you can drop reviews for potential buyers and rate it five stars. Seeing this, more customers will patronize the business, and this is how profits rise for good businesses online.

It has helped to save time and money with remote work

During the lockdown in 2020, many people resorted to remote work — something that would have been impossible without tech.

Businesses had to close their physical offices and tech giants all over the world optimized their platforms to accommodate the traffic they experienced. People had meetings without traveling, signed documents without touching paper and pen, and even interviewed new employees through video calls.

The lockdown showed that businesses can save a lot of money and time with remote work and that is why even after the pandemic has died down, remote work is still ongoing.

It has helped business teams to have a stronger relationship

No one would want a business where the team members cannot communicate properly, and this is not just about phone calls. With organizations going international now, workers can have meetings with their colleagues from another country.

They get to share ideas, advise each other, and suggest solutions to any problems anyone could be facing. If such bonds can be created among workers in different countries, then those who are in a certain geographical region can have amazing work chemistry — which is good for the growth of any business.

The other side of tech in business

Technology is not, and can never be bad for business. But just like everything else that has changed our world, the tech boom has some shortcomings, which if not handled well, could result in a loss for businesses.

People are losing their jobs

In the early days of technology, a major fear was that people would lose their jobs to machines. That fear seems to be turning into reality right now because remote work has shown that a company can flourish without certain people.

That is why a lot of people have lost their jobs between 2020 and now, their services are being provided by pieces of hardware and software packages of different kinds. So a fraction of what used to be their salary is used to maintain the gadgets.

This has made people frown at technology and discourage patronage of certain products and services that focus on tech.

Housing prices are getting higher

As remote work is making things easier for workers, it is making those around them to live with more stress. The cost of house rent has gone up since remote work and this is because more people are staying at home.

While this sounds like a flimsy reason to increase rent, it makes some sense when you look at it from the angle of the landlords and the laws of demand and supply.

As more people move to a particular area because it is calm and conducive for remote work, the rent will increase because demand is higher.


Since most paper documents are getting scanned and saved as software, everyone loves the idea because there is zero risk of wear and tear, but hacking has presented a huge disadvantage for businesses and their important data.

Business ideas can be stolen, money can be stolen, fake identities can be created and integrated into a business workforce . . . in fact, there are so many ways that hacking can harm everyone in business.

Even though a lot of work is being done in cybersecurity to control this problem, the truth still remains that it is a constant threat to businesses.


It is so easy to get distracted nowadays, and this is because of all the applications we have now that were not available ten years ago.

With notifications always popping up, employees could use work time to follow trends, watch TikTok videos, play video games, and even watch movies when they are supposed to be working.

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