14 Technology Resolutions to Make Your Life Easier

Technology is meant to simplify our lives. However, sometimes we don’t use them properly, and because of how dependent we are on them, we get angry when they don’t work properly. The majority of guys have a lot of tech device tweaking, but they either disregard it or don’t think about it. This article discusses some of the best technological resolutions that will simplify your technological life.

Maintain Your Equipment

You should prioritize keeping up with your device as the first item on your to-do list. Because of the slow behavior caused by frequent use, our smartphones and computers eventually stop feeling like they are brand-new. You can take a variety of actions to maintain your device.

Start by using apps that disclose your battery statistics to assess the state of your battery. You can schedule a repair appointment if your battery is no longer powerful. Additionally, removing things you are certain you won’t need is a fantastic way to free up some capacity. Get rid of the dust while cleaning your screen. If you performed this every six months, it would be beneficial.

Maintain Your Passwords

Because we can only memorize so many passwords, we frequently use the same one for numerous websites. You might be using the same passwords across all platforms, including social media, banking, shopping sites, and email. These accounts are all susceptible if your password is compromised.

You should sign in to the various accounts and update the passwords with secure ones. A strong password should contain digits, special characters, capital and lowercase letters, and special characters.
If the platform permits it, you ought to additionally include two-factor verification for added security.

Implement a password manager

Choosing a password manager will greatly simplify your life if you’re having problems organizing your passwords. For your various apps and websites, it enables you to generate a reliable and random string of characters, symbols, and integers.

So if you need to log into an app or website, you can utilize plugins or apps for your browser to retrieve the password. Also secured are the passwords.
With Touch ID or Face ID, you can avoid using a password as well.

Shut off push notifications

Disabling push notifications is one action you may do to help yourself.
Although it may be difficult to envision your phone without push alerts from third-party apps, this can make you feel more in control and less disorganized.

Turning off push notifications will give you back control of your phone and attention span.
You could notice that some app updates and notifications are missing after doing this.
At that point, switch them on one at a time.

Switch Find My iPhone on.

Turning on the Find My iPhone feature is a rather simple task that won’t take much of your time or effort.
You’ll find this useful if you ever misplace your phone. Why not activate it in advance as we normally regret not doing so while we’re scrambling to find our phones.

You must activate it with your password in your settings. Furthermore, this feature runs in the background so that it won’t interfere with the functionality of your phone. Decide to activate this setting today.

Take a Look at Your Internet Infrastructure

We frequently change our phones and computers as soon as they become outdated or broken, but we never think to update the Wi-Fi router or charger that we have been using for a while.
You thus have a new phone coupled with an antiquated Wi-Fi router that will likely require activation in order to function properly.

The best course of action is for you to make a resolution to examine your internet infrastructure.
If your router is older than three years, you should upgrade to a more recent model that will provide you with quicker and more dependable internet.
Check any other infrastructure that you employ for your devices as well.

Shop Wisely

It’s simple to order nice-looking electrical equipment right away whenever you see it online.
Since they are looking for amazing prices, the majority of individuals wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to order electronics.
But if you set a resolution to purchase new infrastructure, you must shop wisely.

Watch out for high-quality technological products and get them when the cost has drastically decreased.
You will receive greater value for your money in this manner.
You can buy those if you’re on a budget because several electronic devices see price drops when a new one is released.

Put your phone down while driving.

Driving while using your phone is not only risky, but it can also result in various fines and charges.
Distractions while driving cause thousands of accidents, so even if you’re being cautious around yourself, you should be courteous of other drivers.

The best option would be to pair a Bluetooth speaker or headset with your car rather than driving while using a phone.
If you can’t lift the phone and want to make phone calls, make sure you’re only wearing one part of the headset or earbuds.

Don’t leave the TV in the bedroom.

Making the decision to remove the TV from your bedroom should be your tech resolution, even though it will seem like a significant change in your life. Your life will be greatly simplified by doing this, particularly in terms of sleep. Because of the TV in your bedroom, you will be going to bed later than usual, which will result in less sleep if you have early mornings.

Because watching television can become engrossing and prevent you from falling asleep, it greatly worsens chronic sleep debt. You experience higher weight and morbidity with fewer sleep hours. The placement of the TV in your child’s bedroom should also be avoided because it may interfere with your sleep cycle. The family, living, or den area is the ideal place to install it.

Eat without using a phone.

Along with keeping your TV out of your bedroom and refraining from using your phone while driving, eating without it is a great resolution.
You should put down your phone after taking photos for Instagram and sit down to eat, whether it’s to catch up with the people you’re eating with or to gather your thoughts.

Setting your phone down at breakfast, lunch, and dinner provides you a minute to yourself because we are frequently overextended each day with so much to do.
Start off by reading regular books as you read, and with time you’ll be able to eat without constantly checking your phone.

Limit Wastage

You probably have a ton of outdated technology and useless power connections if you look through your office or man cave. When you buy new electronics or chargers, it’s typical to put them in the drawer rather than the garbage.

Get rid of all this clutter in your home and life as your tech resolution. You can exchange your junk for rewards with businesses like Amazon and Gazelle if it’s still useful. Tell the business what you want to trade-in and find out how much you can get.

Save Your Computer’s Data

Although backing up a computer is common knowledge that every IT user is aware of, the real question is whether or not you actually accomplished it. To avoid losing any data from your computer if there is damage, it is better if you periodically backup your computer.

To make sure you don’t lose any information, you can backup your computer in three distinct ways. Do a backup of your computer to an external file, to start. The online backup of your laptop is a crucial and well-known practice today. You still have access to your data on the cloud even if you ever damage your computer or external disk. You can also employ off-site backups to keep yourself safe.

Watch Out for False Information

There is always the possibility of inaccurate information when employing various tech equipment.
Before you share the news with others, you should make sure it is true. Today, there is a big issue with misinformation, which is also reckless.

Checking the accuracy of the information you discover online before charging it will help you avoid this.
You ought to probably avoid posting it if it seems strange. Make it a goal of yours to refrain from reading false material and phony online posts.

Paperless is always best.

Going paperless is the last tech resolution we’ve got for you, and you can do it on all your gadgets.
We obtain the paper from trees in forests, and the more we produce, the fewer trees there are for oxygen production and other uses. Going paperless will simplify your life and demonstrate your concern for the environment.

By storing documents on your phone or laptop, particularly on the cloud, you can eliminate paper from your life. Eliminating clutter and paper scraps from your surroundings will be made much easier by going paperless. Almost everything that needs paper can be done on your phone thanks to the paperless design.

Even though you can’t implement all of the tech resolutions, you should focus on the ones that speak to you the most. With the help of these resolutions, you can simplify your life and maximize the use of technology.

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