What Platform Regulate Them All

What sets them apart from other social platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Facebook?

There are many apps and media available that can keep your eyes busy. One app can keep someone occupied for hours. This is the ultimate goal of the app. The goal is to keep you on the platform. The more you stay, the higher the ad revenue and more money they can make. TikTok was downloaded 656 million times in 2021. This is more than Instagram or Facebook. They are clearly doing something right with 6% of the 656 million users reportedly spending at least 10 hours per week on the app.

Each app is trying to introduce new features that cannibalize other apps. Snapchat is a good example of this. Twitter embraces crypto audiences and has also killed Clubhouse with their Spaces function. Instagram places their shopping tab in the middle of the app to encourage shopaholics. They’re constantly trying to improve and it’s all part of a competition.

Developers and tech giants are constantly raising the bar in terms of what apps you can use on your phone. Here’s how to determine which app is best for what purpose. Vine (RIP), which is a short-form video platform, has made them very popular and they have been revived by TikTok. Other platforms have also entered the space thanks to TikTok’s success. Instagram has Reels, Youtube has Shorts. Creators can simply copy and paste content from their TikToks to reduce their workload and increase views (and revenue).

Every platform offers a chat feature or direct messaging, but not all platforms are the same. Although Facebook continues to see strong downloads, they have made Messenger their chat app. This seems redundant. Instagram’s chat (which is owned by Facebook), is still available on the same app. It allows for more sharing options and media options. Simpler features will make it easier for customers to use your services.

It all boils down to what entertainment you value. Reddit and Twitter are the best choices for those who read a lot or keep up to date with news. Instagram and Facebook are great places to interact with others in the comments. There’s something for everyone. There are many apps competing for your attention. It is important to choose the app that entertains and provides meaningful social interaction.

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