Movies on Disney Plus: Top 10 Insane Picks for a Crazy Fun Time!

Ever felt like you’ve tripped into a rabbit hole of joy, wonder, and sheer fun? And no, we’re not talking about Alice’s adventures. We’re referring to the digital wonderland that is Disney Plus. This article is your shiny guide through this fantasy world. We’ll be digging into the treasure trove of movies on Disney Plus, offering you our top 10 picks that guarantee a crazy fun time.

A Glimpse into the Past: Disney Plus’s Magical Journey

Disney Plus leapt into our digital universe on November 12, 2019, and it’s been a joy ride ever since. As of April 2023, it has more kid-friendly content than its primary rival, Netflix. Netflix may have a wider selection overall, but Disney Plus is the champion of enchanting narratives. Also, while Netflix doesn’t offer a free trial, Disney Plus does. Now that’s a score for our Mickey-loving friends.

The Lay of the Land: What Disney Plus Brings to Your Screen

This streaming service packs a punch with its range of content. From timeless classics like “The Lion King” to modern masterpieces such as “Frozen,” there are no dull moments with Disney Plus at your side. However, it isn’t just for the kids. It satisfies the sci-fi geek in you with its ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Marvel’ franchises too. And let’s not forget the nostalgic charm of ‘National Geographic’ for the explorers among us.

Disney and Numbers: A Statistical Dance

The Disney Plus platform boasts thousands of movies and shows, catering to all ages and tastes. To compile our top 10 list, we plunged into this vast and varied catalog, fishing for the truly special picks that leave you spellbound. We’re talking about the big guns, the hidden gems, the tear-jerkers, and the heart-warmers – the movies that make your popcorn seem a tad more delicious.


1. “The Lion King”

If you’ve ever wondered “how old is Madonna”, then you’d be curious to know that this cinematic icon dates back to Madonna’s golden years in the mid-nineties. A tale of courage and redemption, “The Lion King” remains one of our favorite picks from Disney Plus movies.

2. “The Mandolorian”

If you’re excited about the upcoming Avatar sequel and asking “where can i watch avatar 2”, take a moment to immerse yourself in another sci-fi saga – “The Mandalorian.” This Disney Plus original takes you on a thrilling ride through the Star Wars universe.

3. “Moana”

Set sail with Moana, a leader with a heart as vibrant as the Pacific Ocean. An inspiring tale of self-discovery and bravery, “Moana” is particularly special for its inclusion of Polynesian culture and mythology.

4. “WALL-E”

Love stories envelop you in warmth, but when it’s a story about two robots in a dystopian future, it’s a whole new level of cool. “WALL-E” invites you to explore the emotions of AI and reevaluate our relationship with nature.

5. “Coco”

“Coco” enchants you with its stunning portrayal of the Mexican holiday, ‘Día de Los Muertos’. This beautiful tale of family legacies and the power of music is among the best movies on Disney Plus.


6. “Avengers: Endgame”

Hey, if you’re enjoying this list of movies on Disney Plus, don’t forget there are other good movies on various streaming platforms. You might want to check out the “best amazon prime movies” and “best series on amazon prime” or even the “best apple tv series”. Now, back to the Avengers. This Marvel masterpiece is a culmination of emotions, power-packed action, and cosmic drama. A must-watch!

7. “Frozen”

The tale that gave us the anthem, “Let It Go,” “Frozen” explores themes of love, bravery, and self-acceptance, all packed neatly in a snow-globe of spellbinding animation and hauntingly beautiful music.

8. “Mulan”

“Mulan,” with its courageous heroine and inspirational narrative, smashes the traditional princess archetype. It’s a perfect blend of action and emotion – a thumbs-up Disney Plus movie.

9. “Finding Nemo”

Our list wouldn’t be complete without the heartwarming tale of “Finding Nemo.” This adventure quest under the sea teaches the vital lessons of trust, resilience, and the values of friendship.

10. “Inside Out”

Last but never the least, we have “Inside Out.” A visual and emotional feast, it delves into the complexity of our feelings in a unique and fun-filled way.

The Winning Choice?

No competitor has managed to clone the rich catalogue of movies on Disney Plus, making it a tempting choice for anyone looking for a delightful streaming experience. Each pick in our list not only guarantees you a bucket-load of fun but also a horde of memories to cherish.


Going Beyond Mouse House: A Global Perspective

While Disney Plus constitutes one thrilling corner of the universe, other galaxies await your exploration. For instance, there are the best movies on Netflix, various offerings from Amazon Prime, and intriguing shows brought by Apple TV. So, hold on tight to your spaceship!

The Last Frame: Wrapping Up the Reel

Summing up, Disney Plus is an oasis of fun brimming with classic cartoons, live-action reimaginings, and galactic adventures. With our top 10 insane picks, we’ve but scratched the surface of this tantalizing pool. If you haven’t yet, dive into this magical world of Disney Plus movies, and get ready for a leisure ride through nostalgia, thrill, and wonder.

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