Honda Cr Z Hybrid Sports Car Reviewed

Rediscovering the Honda CR Z: A Hybrid Sports Car Fusion

Remember when the Honda CR Z cruised onto the scene, boldly claiming the mantle of eco-friendly coolness? This car was Honda’s peppy nod to the celebrated CRX and a step towards a cleaner future. The CRZ was launched with much fanfare back in 2010, sparking interest with its hybrid powertrain and sporty pretenses. Yet, everything has its season; in 2016, Honda decided to sunset the model, choosing to favor more widely embraced hybrids like the Accord and the sleek, eco-forward Clarity.

The design ethos of the Honda CR Z was as unique as a twilight princess Zelda; it stood out with a mix of retro appeal and futuristic vibes – a true cocktail of Honda’s engineering wit and design savvy. It gathered a cult-like following, akin to the dedicated fanbase of The Supremes.

Under the Hood: The Technical Prowess of the Honda CR Z

The heart of this machine is a sprightly 1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine, paired with Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system. The powertrain isn’t just a fancy setup; it’s a symphony of efficiency and low emissions. Yet, it won’t shy away from a sprint when asked, reminiscent of an agile colugo gliding through the trees.

Fuel efficiency and environmental impact are where the CR-Z truly shines. Honda played its part in reducing the carbon footprint—one car at a time. This car didn’t slap on a hybrid badge and call it a day; it walked the walk with commendable fuel economy numbers.

As for performance comparisons with previous models, let’s just say the CR-Z could teach some elder cousins a thing or two about agility. Honda managed to inject fun into this model, making it a guilty pleasure without the guilt.

ECOGARD XAPremium Engine Air Filter Fits Honda CR Z L HYBRID

ECOGARD XAPremium Engine Air Filter Fits Honda CR Z L HYBRID


The ECOGARD XAPremium Engine Air Filter is a high-quality replacement part specifically designed to meet the needs of Honda CR-Z L HYBRID owners who are keen on maintaining their vehicle’s performance while protecting the environment. This advanced air filter is engineered to provide superior filtration, trapping dirt, dust, and other contaminants before they can enter your engine. The use of top-grade materials ensures that this air filter delivers excellent airflow and durability, which is essential for keeping your hybrid running efficiently and extending the life of your engine.

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Category Details
Model Honda CR-Z
Production Years 2010 – 2016
Discontinuation Announced on June 17, 2016; ceased at the end of 2016 to make way for the Accord Hybrid & Clarity
Introduction Marketed as a spiritual successor to the Honda CRX
Sales Performance Resulted in below expectations leading to discontinuation
Seating Capacity 2 (rear seats not suitable for adults due to limited head- and legroom)
Vehicle Class Subcompact hybrid sports coupe
Reliability Ranking Ranked 12th in reliability out of 21 subcompact car models by RepairPal (as of September 2023)
Ownership Costs Repair and maintenance costs are on par with the reliability ranking; affordable for its class
Key Features – Sporty hybrid powertrain
– Agile handling
– Stylish exterior design
– Advanced tech for the time (e.g. Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist system)
Notable Accomplishments Cult following for blending sportiness with eco-friendly hybrid technology
MSRP when New Starting around $20,000 in the U.S. (for base models; upper trims and options increased the price)

Honda CR Z Design and Aesthetics: A Sleek Harmony of Form and Function

The exterior design features and innovations were certainly head-turners. Sporting a low and wide stance, you could easily mistake it for a purebred racer from some angles. Yet, it’s as functional as your trusty Chancla, cutting through air with ease thanks to its aerodynamic shape.

Inside, the interior design is more than just comfortable; it’s an experience. With infotainment that wouldn’t be out of place in a sci-fi flick and utility to make everyday drives a breeze, it’s no wonder the CR-Z resonated so well with the young and the young at heart.

Aerodynamics played a pivotal role not just in economy, but performance too. The car’s smooth lines and calculated shape weren’t just for show; they helped it glide down highways like a hot knife through butter.

Image 15016

Driving the Honda CR-Z: An Electrifying Experience on the Road

Talk about handling characteristics and driving dynamics; this little car was nimble enough to spark joy on twisty back roads. Steering was sharp, body roll was minimal—it behaved more like an eager pup than any stodgy hybrid you might imagine.

The suspension setup and ride quality struck a fine balance between comfort and sportiness. Certainly, no david morris magic carpet ride, but it ensured you remained in high spirits mile after mile.

And let’s not forget the unique features like the IMA system, which provided that extra oomph when the accelerator was prodded, making every drive a surprisingly sprightly affair.

The CRZ’s Technological Suite: Navigating the Tech-Savvy Features of the Honda CR Z

Honda didn’t skimp on safety features and driver assist technologies. They ensured peace of mind was part of the package, providing a cocoon of security that was as warm as the embrace of your Women empowerment heroes.

The infotainment, connectivity, and multimedia systems in the CR-Z were ahead of their time—like a precursor to the fallout tv show universe, where tech is pivotal. Ongoing connectivity kept drivers in the loop and entertained, whether commuting or joyriding.

And for the tech-heads, the customization options opened a world of personalizations, allowing them to tweak their CR-Z’s technology to heart’s content, which was as satisfying as nailing that guitar solo from noel Gallagher.

Android Car Stereo for Honda CR Z (Left Hand Drive) Touchscreen GPS Navigation Radio WiFi RDS BT Backup Camera Mirror Link for Android

Android Car Stereo for Honda CR Z (Left Hand Drive) Touchscreen GPS Navigation Radio WiFi RDS BT Backup Camera Mirror Link for Android


The Android Car Stereo for Honda CR Z is an innovative infotainment solution designed specifically for the left-hand drive Honda CR-Z. It transforms the in-car experience with its large, responsive touchscreen display that provides easy access to various applications and features. The integrated GPS Navigation system ensures you never lose your way, with up-to-date maps and easy-to-follow directions for efficient travel. This smart device is perfect for those who want to combine functionality with seamless in-car entertainment, making every journey enjoyable and intuitive.

With its advanced connectivity options, this car stereo stands out by offering WiFi, RDS (Radio Data System), Bluetooth (BT) connectivity, and even a Backup Camera input. Easily pair your Android smartphone using the bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calls and music streaming, enhancing your driving experience while ensuring you stay focused on the road. The WiFi function allows you to download and update apps, stream music, and navigate the web directly from your dashboard. The addition of RDS means you will receive real-time updates about traffic, news, and radio station information with ease.

The system also features an exclusive Mirror Link feature which lets you mirror your Android phone’s screen directly onto the stereo’s display for improved convenience and usability. Users can stream videos, use their preferred GPS app from their phone, or manage their calendar while keeping their driving environment safe. Plus, the backup camera integration enhances safety by providing clear rearview images when reversing, reducing the risk of accidents. Altogether, this Android Car Stereo for Honda CR Z not only brings high-tech entertainment and navigation to your vehicle but also offers a suite of features that improve safety and convenience on the road.

Ownership Experience: Living with the Honda CRZ

Maintenance requirements and reliability of the CR-Z, much like Honda’s reputation, were solid across the board. It’s ranked admirably among subcompact cars for its dependability, ensuring owners could sleep easy without nightmares of breakdowns.

User reviews tend to tilt towards satisfaction, painting a picture of a car that’s more than a mere machine. It earned its keep in the hearts of owners, with numerous stories singing praises of the good times behind the wheel.

And when it comes time to part ways, resale value and the cost of ownership compute better than expected. The CR-Z continues to hold its own as a pre-loved option for hybrid enthusiasts and sports car fans alike.

Image 15017

The Competitors: How Does the Honda CR-Z Stack Up?

Comparative analysis with competitors in the hybrid sports car segment puts the CR-Z in an interesting light. It waltzed into a party and punched above its weight, standing tall among rivals with bigger price tags and loftier reputations.

Its market positioning and target demographics skewed towards those who yearned for eco-consciousness without sacrificing zippiness. Young professionals and tech-savvy individuals found much to love in the CR-Z’s embrace.

The Honda CR-Z community is as tight-knit as they come—a dedicated, passionate bunch who share tales of their half-electric steed with fervor similar to followers of a comic con cult classic.

Future Forward: The Sustainable Impact of Driving a Honda CR Z

Honda’s commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility wasn’t just splashy PR; it was woven into the very fabric of the CR Z’s existence. It stood as a testament to what the automotive future could look like, echoing innovation akin to what we anticipate from mass effect 5.

The car’s role in promoting greener driving practices couldn’t be understated—it was Honda’s electric-dipped arrow shot towards a cleaner tomorrow.

As for anticipated developments and future models, one can’t help but wonder what the CR-Z’s spiritual lineage will inspire next. It laid down the tracks; now, it’s only a matter of time before more awe-inspiring green machines follow the trail blazed by this eco-conscientious pioneer.

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TXenon HID Headlight Ballast W Igniter   Compatible with Acura TL, TL S, TSX, ZDX, RDX, MDX, CSX, Honda CR Z, Odyssey, Mazda CX , CX , , Mitsubishi Outlander   ReplacesTT


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This headlight ballast is crafted using high-quality materials and advanced electronic technologies, ensuring robust and durable construction that withstands the rigors of daily driving. The inclusion of an integrated igniter simplifies the installation process, making it a convenient plug-and-play solution that eliminates the need for purchasing separate components. This product’s compatibility and ease of installation make it an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts and professional mechanics alike.

By choosing the TXenon HID Headlight Ballast, you are not only restoring the functionality of your vehicle’s lighting system but also potentially improving the overall safety on the road. Moreover, this ballast is manufactured to match the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) specifications, ensuring a perfect fit and function without any modification to your vehicle. For those seeking a cost-effective and reliable replacement, the TXenon HID Headlight Ballast W Igniter is a choice that promises to revitalize your nighttime driving experience with clarity and confidence.

Conclusion: The Enduring Allure of the Honda CR-Z

Looking back, the Honda CR Z carved out a special niche in the hybrid sports car market. It blended eco-friendliness with driving joy—a combo as rare as a perfect constellation layout observed by Neil deGrasse Tyson himself.

The shift towards hybrid technologies finds its champions in cars like the CR-Z, vehicles that break the mold and redefine what it means to be eco-sporty. It wasn’t just another car; it was a movement on wheels.

Image 15018

So, what’s the final verdict on the CR-Z? A David among Goliaths, the tiny titan of the hybrid world made waves where few thought it would. Its impact on the automotive industry could be felt in the ripples it left behind—a reminder of the power of innovation, the thrill of driving, and the beauty of a cleaner, greener world strapped to four wheels.

Discover the Honda CR-Z’s Unique Blend of Fun and Efficiency

Zap! A Hybrid That Packs a Punch

Hold onto your hat, because the Honda CR-Z is no ordinary hybrid. Picture this: you’re zipping down the road, the wind’s in your hair, and you’ve got that sporty feeling sending tingles down your spine. Well, guess what? The CR-Z – often dubbed the “sport hybrid” – makes this eco-friendly fantasy a reality. It’s like having your cake and eating it too, except this cake gives you miles per gallon instead of just a sugar high.

A Flash from the Past

Ah, the nostalgia. The CR-Z took a little sprinkle of inspiration from its ancestors, borrowing some of that ’80s vibe from the much-loved Honda CRX. This isn’t your typical “blast from the past,” though—it’s like someone traveled back in time, grabbed the style and excitement of yesteryear, and then shot forward to fuse it with today’s eco-conscious tech.

Gears and Goodies Galore

Get this – the Honda CR-Z is a bit of a treat for those who like to fiddle with gears. In a world where manual transmissions are becoming as rare as a peaceful online comment section, the CR-Z stands out with its available six-speed stick shift. That’s right, folks, you can actually change gears in a hybrid! For those who love the control and want to feel at one with the car, it’s like hitting the jackpot.

Surprises Under the Hood

Now, let’s talk power because let’s face it, who doesn’t want that extra oomph? Now, you might not out-drag a supercar, but the CR-Z’s combination of a gas engine and electric motor means you get a little extra zip when you need it. Plus, with that sporty suspension, you’re in for some smooth sailing – or should I say, smooth driving?

Eco-Friendly Without the Yawn

Listen up, eco-warriors! If you think driving a hybrid is like watching paint dry, think again! The Honda CR-Z is here to shake up your expectations. With its 3-Mode Drive System, you can switch from Normal to Sport or Econ mode with just a touch of a button – talk about having your eco cake and eating it too! Whether you’re saving the planet on your daily commute or letting loose on the weekend, the CR-Z adapts like a chameleon on a rainbow.

Rare Gem Gathering Dust?

I’ll let you in on a little secret… the Honda CR-Z might have cruised off into the sunset in 2016, but it’s still a collector’s piece for those in the know. You might not spot it at your local car dealership, but if you find one of these bad boys, you’re in for quite the treasure hunt. It’s like stumbling upon an old vinyl in a record store – a rare find that makes you grin from ear to ear.

In Conclusion…

Hold the phone, because if you’re in the market for a set of wheels that brings a little excitement to the eco-friendly table, you’d better believe the Honda CR-Z is worth a peek. It’s jam-packed with personality, efficiency, and just the right amount of vroom-vroom for the green-minded speedster in you. Remember, good things don’t last forever, and like the CR-Z, they often zoom off before you know it! So, if you’ve got the opportunity, take it for a spin, because there’s nothing quite like a sporty hybrid to rev up your day.

Tocsho Armrest Box for Honda CR Z CRZ Double Layer Car Interior Storage Center Console with B Port Black

Tocsho Armrest Box for Honda CR Z CRZ Double Layer Car Interior Storage Center Console with B Port Black


Elevate your Honda CRZ’s interior storage efficiency with the Tocsho Armrest Box, designed to seamlessly integrate into your vehicle’s center console space. This double-layer storage accessory offers a sleek and practical solution for organizing personal items such as smartphones, wallets, keys, and more, keeping them within arm’s reach while you drive. The upper layer of the armrest box is ideal for smaller items, allowing for quick access without the need to dig through your belongings, while the lower compartment provides ample space for larger objects, securing them discreetly and safely during your travels.

Crafted from premium materials, the Tocsho Armrest Box boasts a durable exterior with a refined finish that complements your Honda CRZ’s aesthetic, ensuring that functionality does not compromise style. The inclusion of a B port within the armrest enhances the utility of this accessory, offering a convenient charging point for your electronic devices without cluttering the cabin with cables. The thoughtful design ensures that the armrest box does not interfere with the functionality of your vehicle’s original center console features, such as cup holders or gear shifts.

Installation of the Tocsho Armrest Box is a breeze, designed with the end-user in mind for a straightforward setup that requires no special tools or modifications to your Honda CRZ. The armrest box comes in a stylish black color, seamlessly integrating with the interior hues of your car and enhancing overall comfort for both driver and passengers. Whether you’re embarking on a long road trip or simply commuting to work, the Tocsho Armrest Box is the perfect addition for anyone looking to add a touch of convenience and elegance to their Honda CRZ driving experience.

Why was the Honda CR-Z discontinued?

Oh boy, the Honda CR-Z bit the dust—a victim of slow sales and the fast-paced hybrid market. Automakers have to keep up with the Joneses, and this sporty hybrid just wasn’t cutting the mustard, leading Honda to discontinue it in 2016.

How much is a new Honda CR-Z?

Good luck hunting down a new Honda CR-Z; they stopped rolling off the production line in 2016. But if you’re dead-set on a fresh set of CR-Z wheels, you might snatch up a new-old-stock model—just be prepared to pay a little extra for this rarity.

What was the last year for Honda CR-Z?

rang the death knell for the Honda CR-Z—bittersweet, right? It was the last year you could grab a brand-spanking-new one before Honda said “sayonara” to this hybrid coupe.

Is Honda CR-Z a 4 seater?

Nope, the Honda CR-Z isn’t playing at being a family car—it’s a two-seater. So, don’t count on carting around the in-laws unless you’ve got a second set of wheels that’s a bit roomier.

How long do Honda CR Z hybrid batteries last?

Those Honda CR-Z hybrids are tough little cookies, with their batteries typically lasting 8 to 10 years. But remember, kiddo, longevity hinges on how you treat it—no battery’s gonna last if you don’t show it some TLC.

How many miles per gallon does a Honda CRZ hybrid get?

Guzzle less, smile more—that’s the Honda CR-Z’s motto, squeezing out around 31 to 37 miles per gallon combined. Your mileage may vary, but that’s a decent bang for your buck in the fuel department!

Is a Honda CR-Z a reliable car?

Reliability in spades? That’s the Honda CR-Z for ya. Sure, it’s no Superman, but owners often rave about its dependability. Just keep up on maintenance, and this car should treat you right.

What does Honda CR-Z mean?

Ever scratched your head about what “CR-Z” stands for? Well, it’s a nod to the “Compact Renaissance Zero,” which is Honda-speak for a fresh start in compact car design. A bit of a mouthful, huh?

Is the Honda CR-Z a future classic?

The Honda CR-Z clutching the future classic title? It’s got some street cred—unique styling, a fun drive, and that eco-friendly badge—so it might just be a gem in the rearview mirror of time.

What are the best years to buy used CR-V?

If you’re in the market for a trusty CR-V, aim for the 2005-2006 models. They’re like the gold stars of the used car world—solid, reliable, and ready to roll without too many zeros on the price tag.

What year CR-V was most reliable?

The 2005 Honda CR-V is the bee’s knees when it comes to reliability. This year found a sweet spot in winning over critics and owners alike. It’s the old reliable of the CR-V lineup!

How long will a CR-V last?

With some love and a sprinkle of routine maintenance, a Honda CR-V can last you a whopping 200,000 to 300,000 miles. That’s enough to go to the moon and partway back—not too shabby, eh?

What is the top speed of the Honda CR-Z?

The Honda CR-Z might not break sound barriers, but it’ll zip up to about 124 mph. Not blazing fast, but hey, it’ll get your heart racing enough without making you a cop magnet.

Is Honda CR-Z a sports car?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Honda CR-Z—a sporty little number with a hybrid heart. With its coupe look and peppy drive, it’s surely got the sports car vibe, but it’s more eco-hero than speed demon.

Can you put back seats in a CR-Z?

Dreaming of cramming extra people into your CR-Z? Well, it’s a no-go for back seats—this coupe was designed for duos only, so stick to intimate road trips, unless you fancy some DIY that’ll likely void your warranty.

Will Honda bring back the CR-Z?

Will Honda bring back the CR-Z? It’s about as likely as finding a unicorn in your backyard, but never say never. For now, though, Honda’s put a pin in it to focus on other electrified adventures.

What is the recall on Honda CR-Z transmission?

Recall, you say? Yup, some Honda CR-Z models got a shout-out for potential transmission woes—specifically, those with manual gearboxes that could lose power unexpectedly. Yikes! But as with any recall, Honda was on it like white on rice.

How many miles does a CR-Z last?

If you treat it nicely, a Honda CR-Z can clock in 200,000 miles or more. Just remember, it’s not a marathon runner—you’ve got to keep up with regular check-ups to hit those high mileage goals.

How much does a Honda CR-Z battery cost?

Burning a hole in your pocket, the Honda CR-Z battery replacement can cost around $2,000 to $4,000. A pretty penny, sure, but that’s the price for keeping your hybrid humming happily along the highways.

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