Best Movies of 2022: Top 10 Insane Picks You Can’t Miss!

Ladies and gents, grab your popcorn! We’re diving into the immersive world of film where brilliant minds behind the camera create spellbinding narratives that provoke our deepest emotions. As 2023 came and went, it left us with a myriad of cinematic gems. Here are the best movies of 2022 that deserve your undivided attention.

1. The Batman: Unmasking A Darker Gotham

The Batman swoops in to occupy the top spot. Dubbed as one of the best crime epics, this film adds a delectably dark tone to the DC universe. When it comes to the story, well, mysterious criminal plots, and iconic characters need no introduction. Batman movies are the movie equivalent of a bugaboo, unshakeable and omnipresent.

2. Turning Red: Youthful Exuberance on Display

Pixar got everyone not just seeing but Turning Red. This delightful comedy has been an undeniable hit among audiences, especially the younger crowd. The story, centered on a 13-year old girl with a peculiar transformation problem, captured hearts and got everyone chuckling.

3. Scintillating Horror: The X Factor

Taking a page out of the book of the classics, X is a nod to the throwback horror genre that gives you a chill run down your spine. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, this A24 product gets your adrenaline running, like discovering the best pods on a list of best podcasts.


4. Everything Everywhere All At Once: Excellence in Every Frame

Who can forget the brilliant movie that turned A24’s number in the box office? This film was the winner of the 95th Best Picture given by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. The reason? It’s an unbridled rollercoaster that explores complex themes in a multi-universe setting, presented through a captivating montage of different genres. It’s like having unlimited comida cerca de mi, and an absolute feast for the senses if I may say so.

5. Movies that Hit a Home Run

The past year was not just about individual films but also marked a seismic shift in viewership. Movies on HBO Max recorded a historic boost as people sought to have a quality cinematic experience from the confines of their homes. So, whether you like indie films or blockbusters, there’s a high chance that one or two of your best movies of 2022 were featured on this noteworthy platform.

6. Putting A24 on the Map: A Journey of Success

Before we forget, let’s take a moment to appreciate the rise of A24. Over the years, they’ve given us some of the best thought-provoking narratives, and with two of their movies ranked as the best movies 2022, they’ve solidified their position in the industry. It was really the year of A24, akin to you discovering a treasure trove of good shows on HBO Max.

7. Critical Hits: How Movies Made a Mark

You’ve probably noticed that the movies 2022 had on offer left an indelible mark. The Batman, for instance, showcased a different yet intriguing version of Gotham City that left spectators wanting more. The moral of the story? A good narrative, no matter the genre, will always be a hit.


8. The Awards Season: Nods of Acclamation

No movie review for the year is complete without mentioning the awards season. Well, the 2022/2022 awards were a spectacle indeed. The leaderboard topper, ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once,’ also bagged the Best Picture prize and it was well-deserved, echoing the same popularity as that of HBOMax subscription among movie lovers.

9. Young Adult Fiction: A Growing Trend

Let’s also give a shout-out to the invigorating YA genre. Movies like ‘Turning Red’ have popularized this genre and resonated with the audience on a large scale. It’s safe to say that 2022 celebrated youthful ingenuity, just like how a fascinating trend sets the tone for a fresh narrative in any ‘Top Movies 2022‘ list.

10. The Directing Maestro: Christopher Nolan

Can we really talk about the best movies 2022 without mentioning Christopher Nolan’s contribution? His innovative direction is like a consistent ingredient in any winning recipe. It’s no wonder that whenever his name appears in the opening credits, the movie is destined to be on every ‘Top movies 2022‘ list.

11. Movie Trivia That Blew Our Minds

A little trivia before we wrap up. Did you know that Boba Fett, the bounty hunter from Star Wars made his cinematic debut in 2022 and it was a smashing box office hit?


12. What To Expect Next

After the goldmine of gripping narratives that the best movies of 2022 presented, it’s reasonable to anticipate something spectacular in 2022. With filmmakers exploring unchartered territories, one thing’s certain — the future for moviemaking is brighter than ever!

13. That’s a Wrap!

Who can forget the night when ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ bagged the top prize at the Oscars? The cheers, the applause, it was indeed a night to remember. Looking back it was an incredible year in cinema, underscoring the brilliance of movie-making and of course, making our experience richer after watching the best movies of 2022. Here’s to hoping for an equally, if not more exciting new film year!

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