Best Amazon Prime Movies: 20 Insane Picks You Can’t Miss

Unleashing the Magic of Prime

Amazon Prime is more than just a platform for online shopping; it’s a treasure chest overflowing with cinematic gems. A place where you can find everything from side-splitting comedies to thought-provoking dramas. It’s got your favorite ’90s spin-off, Emmy-winning masterpieces, and even that weird indie movie your hipster friend won’t stop talking about. And, it’s all just a single click away. Needless to say, when it comes to the best amazon prime movies, decision paralysis is real.

Indeed, the vast quantity of content makes it tricky to dive in without an expert guide. But don’t fret, we’re here to shoulder that daunting task, providing you a curated list of prime movie choices. Consider us a trusty pathfinder in the exciting yet confounding Amazon Prime jungle.

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A Blast from the Past

Can we talk about the past without mentioning that sweet scent of nostalgia? No way, Jose! Understanding the best amazon prime movies entails a jaunt down memory lane. Amazon Prime has been a repository for classic films since its inception. Providing viewers an opportunity to relive cinematic history right from the comfort of their home.

Amazon Prime invigorates the past, digitizing those precious film reels that risked fading into oblivion (we see you, Casablanca fans!). Nowhere else can you find such a rich blend of retro and modern. Be it the sepia-tinted shots of the grand old era or the smooth panning of today’s digital cinematography.

If classic film makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, you might be interested in our list of the good movies to watch spanning different eras and genres.


Best Amazon Prime Movies By the Numbers

Capitalizing on the numbers game, best amazon prime movies continuously grows in aggregation, diversifying in genre scope and geographical spread. Amazon Prime is no skimp when it comes to stocking up on films from around the global cinematic landscape. This strategy pays back in audience appreciation and engagement.

Movies on the platform represent a wide array of cultures and perspectives, which subsequently showcased a myriad of experiences and stories. This diversity has widened the platform’s appeal, amassing an impressive growth in user base and view counts.

In addition to the quantity, it’s the qualitative aspect that makes Amazon Prime a fan favorite. The platform houses some of the best streaming movies, frequently bagging an impressive number of awards and critical acclaims.

You’ve Got to Know This

Who doesn’t love a good bout of trivia? Let’s take a step back from the conventional movie talk and focus on some fun facts about your beloved Amazon Prime. Trivia makes the world of movie watching more riveting, and never more so than with Amazon Prime.

For instance, did you know that Amazon Prime boasts a catalogue of more than 15,000 movies? That’s more than physically possible for a person to watch in a single lifetime! And, it’s more than any other streaming platform offers. If that’s not a major movie marathon setup, what is?

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Unboxing The List: The Crème de la Crème

So, let’s kickstart this countdown, shall we? Below are, in no particular order, the 20 best Amazon Prime movies that you just can’t afford to miss:


Moonlight: The heart-rending narrative of a young African-American’s lifelong struggle with his identity won this cinematic masterpiece an Oscar for Best Picture.



Hacksaw Ridge: A captivating true story about the first Conscientious Objector ever to win the Congressional Medal of Honor.



The Disaster Artist: A chuckle-inducing comedy about the making of The Room, often termed “the Citizen Kane of bad movies”.



Logan Lucky: A fun and energetic heist film that has been described as an “anti-glam version of an Ocean’s movie”.



Hereditary: A terrifying horror movie that might have you sleeping with the lights on for a while.



Manchester by the Sea: An emotional drama that deals with themes of grief, loss, and forgiveness.



Suspiria: A bone-chilling horror story set in a renowned Berlin dance company.



You Were Never Really Here: Joaquin Phoenix gives an amazing performance in this movie about a traumatized veteran.



The Big Sick: A light-hearted romantic comedy that was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.



Fighting with My Family: An uplifting comedy about a family of wrestlers, with a special appearance by the Rock.



The Lost City of Z: A movie about a British explorer’s search for a mysterious city in the heart of the Amazon jungle.



Paterson: This movie is like a calm and quiet poem, filled with moments of beauty and reflection.



Lady Bird: This coming-of-age drama gives a touching look at the all-too-familiar woes of teen adolescence.



The Florida Project: A cinematic exploration of poverty from the perspective of a precocious six-year-old girl.



Honey Boy: A painfully autobiographical story about a child actor’s rocky relationship with his abusive father.



One Night in Miami: A fictional account of a real meeting between four of the biggest Black icons of the 60s.



Sound of Metal: Riz Ahmed delivers a stunning performance in this heart-wrenching film about a drummer losing his hearing.



Uncle Frank: A story about love, acceptance, and dealing with one’s past that will tug at your heartstrings.



Small Axe: A collection of five films from acclaimed director Steve McQueen about London’s West Indian community.



Invasion: A tense drama about an alien invasion witnessed through the eyes of a troubled couple.


Hollywood And More

Beyond the allure of Hollywood, the Amazon Prime movie catalog also features a fine selection of international and independent cinema. Whether it’s a rich story that delves deep into the complexities of modern Indian society or a Norwegian coming-of-age drama, you’re sure to stumble upon an unexpected gem.

It is in this brush with global cinema, where viewers get to walk in the shoes of various cultures, societies and gain fresh perspectives. Why limit to one’s own realm when you can get a taste of different movie cultures, served hot and fresh by Amazon Prime?

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Prime’s Gen-Z and Millennial Appeal

Amazon prime is much loved by the younger crowd, primarily Gen-Z and millennials. Thanks to a solid line-up of action-packed superhero flicks, teen dramas, coming-of-age tales, thrillers, anime-style CGI, and more, Amazon Prime is leaving no stone unturned to lure in the younger demographic.

Interestingly, a study claims that the average Amazon Prime user is between 18 and 44 years old. This goes to show that Amazon Prime is definitely doing something right in appealing to a demographic that’s infamously hard to win over.

Check out Best Apple TV series for more content loved by this generation group.


Tuning Out

This has been our attempt at synthesizing the best Amazon Prime movies into a single list. Remember, this list merely scratches the surface of what’s available.

Ultimately, the beauty of Amazon Prime lies in its diversity. There’s a movie out there for every mood, every whim, every occasion. So, grab your favorite snack, curl up in your coziest blanket, click your chosen movie, and let Amazon Prime do the rest. Happy watching!

And, don’t forget to use your Amazon credit card and have a look into the best movies of 2022 for more movie suggestions.

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