Best Mario Nintendo Switch Games Ranked

Mario Nintendo Switch: A Legacy Reimagined for Today’s Gamers

The ‘Mario Nintendo Switch’ experience is akin to finding a whole new universe tucked away within a familiar horizon. It’s like Nintendo has rolled out the red plumber’s hat as an invitation to both seasoned aficionados and newbies to dive into the Mushroom Kingdom once again, but this time with the portable ingenuity of the Switch console. The joyous leaps of Mario have bounded from pixelated 2D to the ambitious 3D realms, proving that some legacies just keep getting better.

His transition to the Nintendo Switch marks an evolution tailored for today’s gamers. With a hybrid console that moves as fluidly between a handheld device and a home gaming system, Mario’s adventures have become more accessible and immersive than ever. When it comes to ranking these lively excursions, we’re jumping into the nitty-gritty details: gameplay that feels like the crackle of excitement in the air, graphics as sharp as an ‘omega swatch‘ watch face, storylines that twist and turn better than a well-placed ‘luggage strap‘, and replay value that keeps calling you back for just one more run.

The Pinnacle of Platforming: Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is nothing short of a Mario Nintendo Switch masterpiece. With sights set high, this game seamlessly amalgamates open-world exploration with the tight platforming we all know and love. As Mario flings his cap (oh yes, we’re talking about Cappy) across hitherto unseen terrains, players find themselves in a world so full-bodied and vibrant, it’s got more layers than a triple-decker sandwich.

The mechanics of Odyssey are a bold step forward, with the possession feature introduced by Cappy, allowing for some pretty nifty transformations. This isn’t just Mario as we know him; it’s Mario redefined, raising the bar for what a platformer can achieve on the Nintendo Switch. This game didn’t just add another successful notch to Mario’s belt—it reimagined what that belt could hold, much like how ‘kid icarus uprising‘ shook up expectations from its mythological predecessors.

Super Mario Bros.™ Wonder Nintendo Switch (US Version)

Super Mario Bros.™ Wonder   Nintendo Switch (US Version)


Embark on a nostalgic adventure with the Super Mario Bros.™ Wonder Nintendo Switch (US Version), a high-octane gaming experience tailored for fans of the iconic platforming franchise. Designed with vivid colors and adorned with eye-catching Mario-themed graphics, the console embodies the spirit of the Mushroom Kingdom, making it a prized possession for any Super Mario enthusiast. The special edition package includes the custom-designed Nintendo Switch console and matching Joy-Con controllers, along with a unique Mario carrying case to protect the system while on the go.

Enhance your gameplay with the Super Mario Bros.™ Wonder Nintendo Switch, which boasts a crisp, high-definition display perfect for bringing the rich and colorful worlds of Super Mario to life. The US Version of the console ensures compatibility with all US-released games, ensuring a seamless gaming experience without any regional constraints. Play in three distinct modes: TV mode for big-screen action, tabletop mode for multiplayer fun with friends, and handheld mode for gaming anywhere at any time.

The console isn’t just about looks; it also comes packed with Super Mario Bros.™ Wonder, an exclusive game that takes you on an all-new journey with Mario and friends. This edition features familiar gameplay, power-ups, and classic enemies, all revitalized with improved graphics and modern twists. Gamers can also access the Nintendo Switch Online service to compete or cooperate with players from around the world, further enhancing the Super Mario Bros.™ Wonder experience and bringing timeless fun into the modern era.

Title Type Release Date Status Notable Features
Super Mario Bros. 35 Online Multiplayer Game Oct 1, 2020 Discontinued (Mar 31, 2021) Battle royale-style play, competitive online matches, available for Nintendo Switch Online members
Nintendo Switch Online NES & SNES Games Subscription Service Sep 18, 2018 Active Access to 100+ classic NES & SNES games, including Super Mario Bros., with Nintendo Switch Online membership
New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Platformer Jan 11, 2019 Active Two games in one (New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U), Nabbit and Toadette as playable characters
Yoshi’s Crafted World Platformer Mar 29, 2019 Active Spin-off based on Mario character, unique crafted art style
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Puzzle/Platformer Jul 13, 2018 Active Spin-off based on a Mario character, exploration and puzzle solving
Luigi’s Mansion 3 Action-Adventure Oct 31, 2019 Active Spin-off based on a Mario character, ghost-catching gameplay, multiplayer modes
Super Mario Odyssey 3D Platformer Oct 27, 2017 Active Open-world exploration, capture mechanic with Mario’s hat (Cappy), sandbox-style kingdoms
Super Mario Party Party Game Oct 5, 2018 Active Multiplayer party game, board game mechanics, mini-games
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Racing Apr 28, 2017 Active Racing with Mario characters, various tracks and power-ups, multiplayer modes
Super Mario Maker 2 Level Creation Jun 28, 2019 Active Create and share custom Super Mario levels, cooperative and competitive multiplayer, various themes and course styles
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Strategy Aug 29, 2017 Active Crossover with Rabbids franchise, turn-based combat, tactical gameplay
Mario Tennis Aces Sports Jun 22, 2018 Active Multiplayer tennis game with Mario characters, different court challenges, story mode
Paper Mario: The Origami King Role-Playing Game Jul 17, 2020 Active Unique “ring-based” battle system, papercraft aesthetic, story-driven adventure
Super Mario 3D All-Stars Compilation Sep 18, 2020 Limited Release (Discontinued Mar 31, 2021) Collection of 3 games: Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy, upgraded for Nintendo Switch
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Platformer Feb 12, 2021 Active Combines Super Mario 3D World with the new Bowser’s Fury adventure, co-op multiplayer gameplay

Multiplayer Mayhem Perfected in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Talk about turning the multiplayer experience up to eleven; Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a raucous festival of speed that brings together friends and family in the spirit of delightful competition. It’s a game where fun meets finesse, blending accessibility for new drivers, with a depth that rewards skilled racers. It’s managed to keep its engines revving with free content updates and character surprises that would make any ‘super Mario Bros wonder‘.

Hurtling a shell at your best mate and snatching victory on the finish line is just as satisfying today as it’s ever been. Just like Kirby in the pantheon of jumping, floating ‘Kirby Games‘, Mario and his pals prove to be immortal in the realm of fun and frenzy that is Mario Kart.

Image 8024

The Nintendo Switch Mario Extravaganza: Super Mario Party

Now, if you’re talking about bringing the house down (preferably without actual damage), you can’t miss Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch. The Mario Party series has always been about turning a typical evening into a carnival of mini-games, but on the Switch, it’s a whole other level of mayhem.

This is where party mode reigns supreme, with an array of mini-games that are as whacky as they are addictive. There’s a delightful madness in flinging your Joy-Con around—whether you’re reeling in a fish or flipping steaks in a pan. Super Mario Party bends the rules of family game night, serving up a continuous buffet of laughs and friendly rivalries.

A Classic Reborn: New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Remember the buzz when the ‘New Super Mario Bros. U’ was first unveiled? Well, strap in because the Deluxe edition on the Nintendo Switch sweeps you back to those heady days with enhancements that put a fresh spin on a beloved classic. This game delivers a familiar Mario romp with some shiny new bells and whistles, including characters like Nabbit and Toadette who bring their own flavors to the party.

Multiplayer here is a symphony of orchestrated chaos that’s as inclusive as it is challenging. There’s something sublime about sharing the screen with friends as you plough through levels that test your wits and reflexes. It’s a game that holds up a mirror to its predecessors and nods with a self-assured grin, reflecting the brilliance of the franchise.

Super Mario RPG Nintendo Switch (US Version)

Super Mario RPG   Nintendo Switch (US Version)


Dive into a classic adventure with the Super Mario RPG for Nintendo Switch, now available for gaming enthusiasts in the US. This enchanting game combines the beloved world of the Mushroom Kingdom with the strategic gameplay of an RPG, creating an experience that’s both familiar and refreshingly new. Players will join Mario on a quest to save the Star Road, partnering with unique allies and battling a variety of foes. With its vivid graphics and iconic soundtrack, this port offers both nostalgia and new excitement on the portable console.

The US version of Super Mario RPG on the Nintendo Switch enhances the original with updated controls optimized for the Switch’s Joy-Con and Pro Controllers. Gamers can explore the rich, expansive world in both handheld and docked mode, experiencing the game with greater flexibility and comfort. The addition of a save-anywhere feature along with an improved user-friendly interface ensures that both veteran and new players can find joy in the journey of Mario and his friends.

Enjoy the timeless story with added conveniences such as pause menus with inventory management and a quick-help guide for RPG beginners. Super Mario RPG for the Nintendo Switch is a must-have title, blending the classic charm of Mario with the depth of role-playing games, all while taking advantage of the modern capabilities of the Switch. Whether you’re revisiting this treasured title or discovering it for the first time, Mario’s quest to repair the Star Road is sure to captivate and entertain.

The Strategy Behind Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Switching gears from platforming to strategy, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle loops us into a crossover that feels as unexpected as it does satisfying. The fusion of the Mushroom Kingdom with Ubisoft’s Rabbids creates a tactical playground that melds whimsy with mind-bending gameplay.

Here, the charm of Mario’s world intertwines with a surprisingly deep tactical layer, turning every move and countermove into a delightful dance of neurons—a testament to the Mario brand’s ability to stretch beyond its comfort zone while still delivering the goods.

Image 8025

Stoking Competition with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a tour de force in competitive gaming, and Mario stands proudly at the center of this maelstrom of iconic characters. With the substantial roster ever in the series, the game is a love letter to not just Mario fans but the entirety of video game enthusiasts.

The brawls are intense, the options are exhaustive, and the community is vibrant, making it a prominent figure in the e-sports arena. It’s a game that invites you to put up your dukes and seize glory, downsizing any doubts about the Nintendo Switch’s competitive clout while going for the knockout punch.

Rediscovering the Classics with Mario Nintendo Switch Online

Longing for the days of old-school, side-scrolling adventure where the princess was always in another castle? Look no further than Mario Nintendo Switch Online. With a curated library of over 100 NES and SNES classics, this service is a love letter, inked in nostalgia, to long-time fans.

The inclusion of the essential Mario classics means that you’re never too far from reliving those chase sequences with Donkey Kong or outmaneuvering Boo in a haunted house. These games are a testament to how past glories can enliven the present, providing a solid foundation of heritage and timeless fun.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (Nintendo Switch) (European Version)

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (Nintendo Switch) (European Version)


“New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe” for the Nintendo Switch brings the classic Mario experience to a new level with enhanced graphics and gameplay optimally designed for the European audience. This edition of the game features not only the original levels from the New Super Mario Bros. U but also includes the challenging New Super Luigi U expansion. Players can navigate through a rich variety of worlds, from deep ocean trenches to desert oases, each filled with familiar foes and innovative obstacles. With over 164 courses to conquer, this platformer offers countless hours of entertainment for both solo players and groups looking for cooperative fun.

Taking full advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s capabilities, “New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe” allows for seamless transition between handheld and docked modes, ensuring you take the adventure wherever you go. The multiplayer mode enables up to four players to join the fun on a single console, fostering both competitive and cooperative gameplay. Extras like character-specific abilities, such as Toadette’s transformation into Peachette and Nabbit’s invulnerability, add strategic elements suitable for players of all skill levels. Enhanced by the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers, the precision platforming and multiplayer madness make it a standout addition to any Mario fan’s collection.

The European version of “New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe” includes a variety of language options and localizations, ensuring a tailored experience for players across the continent. The updated UI and tailored game settings immerse Euro-gamers in a Mario world that feels close to home. Fans can also revel in the nostalgia-fueled soundtrack that has been adapted to include several European languages. Dive into a fresh take on a treasured franchise with “New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe” and experience the Mushroom Kingdom like never before.

Rethinking the Platformer with Yoshi’s Crafted World

As much as Mario is the face of Nintendo platforming, let’s not forget the significance of Yoshi’s Crafted World. This game takes you on a journey that’s as visually enchanting as a meticulously crafted pop-up book. Yoshi’s stomping around as comfortably as if he never left the saddle, yet, every hop and bop has a tangible weight of creativity.

The game’s unique aesthetic is a breath of fresh air, serving as a reminder that innovation in the gaming world often comes in the softest, most charming of packages. Here, the traditional Mario fan finds a new playground, while new players are invited to a world that’s as welcoming as it is whimsical.

Image 8026

The New Frontier: Luigi’s Mansion 3

Brace yourselves because Luigi’s Mansion 3 for the Nintendo Switch offers a spectral spectacle that encompasses everything great about Mario’s greener counterpart. Luigi’s spooky sojourn in this haunted hotel is filled with clever puzzles, charming ghosts, and a gooey doppelganger that adds a slick twist to the gameplay.

This installment more than justifies its place within the broader Mario franchise. It stands tall, not under Mario’s shadow, but as an equally luminescent beacon on what innovation in gaming can look like—all while staying true to the heart of what makes a Mario game so magical.

Nintendo Switch OLED Model Mario Red Edition

Nintendo Switch   OLED Model Mario Red Edition


The Nintendo Switch OLED Model Mario Red Edition is a vibrant, special version of Nintendo’s latest gaming console, boasting a range of exclusive features that distinguish it from the standard models. It features a sleek, red design inspired by the iconic Mario character from the beloved Super Mario series, providing a fresh aesthetic that is sure to stand out for fans and collectors alike. The vivid red Joy-Con controllers are coupled with a red Nintendo Switch dock, making it a visually distinctive set that celebrates one of gaming’s most famous characters. Alongside its striking color, the Mario Red Edition also boasts the larger and more vibrant 7-inch OLED display that offers crisper images and better contrast compared to the original Nintendo Switch’s screen.

One of the defining characteristics of the Nintendo Switch OLED Model is its high-quality screen which brings games to life with vivid colors and sharp clarity. In the Mario Red Edition, this OLED display ensures that Mario’s iconic red cap and blue overalls pop off the screen, immersing players in the Mushroom Kingdom like never before. In addition to the visual upgrades, enhanced audio from the system’s onboard speakers provides a richer soundscape for both handheld and tabletop play. Whether you’re racing through Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or exploring in Super Mario Odyssey, the boosted audio-visual experience is truly captivating.

Built for versatile gaming, the Nintendo Switch OLED Model Mario Red Edition retains all the innovative features the Switch is known for, such as the ability to switch from handheld mode to playing on the TV via the included dock. The console’s increased internal storage of 64GB gives players ample space to store their favorite games digitally. It also includes a wide adjustable stand for tabletop mode, offering more stability and viewing angle options for multiplayer sessions with friends using the detachable Joy-Con controllers. With improved battery life for extended gaming sessions, the Mario Red Edition not only honors a gaming icon but also enhances the overall playing experience for Nintendo aficionados.

From Karts to Courts: Mario Tennis Aces

Racket in hand, and eyes on the ball—Mario Tennis Aces* delivers a serve that is as precise as it is powerful. Trading in the warp pipes for clay courts, this game is to tennis what Mario Kart is to racing—a blend of the accessible and the complex that caters to couch competitors and online athletes alike.

With various modes and a robust online play environment, the game tests one’s prowess with a Joy-Con grip just as well as any cart drift around Rainbow Road. This game sets a standard for sporting titles within the Mario Switch roster, proving that when it comes to versatility, Mario can ace it every time.

The Indelible Mark of Mario: Reflecting on Nintendo’s Iconic Hero

As our critical ranking winds down, it’s undeniable that Mario has imprinted himself on the Nintendo Switch era as indelibly as he has in every other chapter of his illustrious history. From his 3D odysseys to karting escapades, party antics to strategic battles, Mario not only endures but thrives, adapting with the kind of versatility that would make amoebas jealous.

Looking ahead, the horizon is as ripe with potential as a glowing Super Star. The Nintendo Switch has become a stage for Mario to not just perform but mesmerize, breathing new life into classic formulas and embracing new genres with open arms. We speculate, we anticipate, but above all, we know one thing for certain: as long as there’s a game to be played, Mario will be at the heart of it, hat tilted just so, ready for the next great leap forward.

Is Mario discontinued on the switch?

Nope, Mario isn’t getting the boot from the Switch anytime soon! Nintendo’s mustachioed main man is still jumping around, flagpoles and all, on the popular console.

Is Mario Bros free on Nintendo Switch?

Free Mario Bros on the Switch? In your dreams! While there’s no cost-free classic Mario Bros standalone game, Switch Online members do get a pass to play some vintage Mario titles.

Does Nintendo Switch have new Super Mario Bros?

Yes siree, the Switch is jumping with joy because “New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe” is here to stay. This revamped classic brings the bros to the latest Nintendo console, and fans couldn’t be happier.

How many Mario games are on the Nintendo Switch?

How many games does Mario have on the Nintendo Switch? Let’s just say he’s busier than a one-toed toad in a tadpole tank! With over 20 titles, ranging from mainline hits to crossovers, your thumbs won’t get a break, pal!

Will Nintendo discontinue the switch?

Will Nintendo pull the plug on the Switch? Not even close! They’re still pumping out this hot-ticket item, and unless you’ve got a crystal ball, it’s safe to say the Switch isn’t going anywhere.

Why is Super Mario being boycotted?

Why’s there all this hubbub about boycotting Super Mario? Well, some folks are all riled up about Nintendo’s limited-time release strategy for Mario’s 35th-anniversary games. Not everyone’s a fan of “buy now or cry later.”

Why Mario games for Switch so expensive?

Yikes, why are those Mario games for Switch as pricey as a gourmet mushroom? Nintendo’s got a rep for keeping their prices as steady as a Piranha Plant, reasoning that their games are evergreen, always in season.

How do you get classic Mario on Nintendo Switch?

Wanna go classic with Mario on your Switch? Easy-peasy – just grab a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, and dive into those retro games like you’re back in your beanbag chair!

Is Super Mario Bros wonder worth it?

Is Super Mario Bros U Deluxe worth the coins? Well, if chasing Peach around the Mushroom Kingdom is your jam, then yeah, it’s a solid “heck yeah!” It’s classic Mario magic with a fresh coat of paint.

What is the next Mario game 2023?

The next Mario game in 2023? The rumor mill’s churnin’, but Nintendo’s cards are closer to their chest than a Goomba under a boot. We’re all ears for official news!

What’s the newest Mario Bros?

What’s the latest Mario Bros dish? That’d be the jazzed-up “New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe,” buddy. It’s bringing the family together like Thanksgiving — minus the awkward small talk.

Which Switch game has Super Mario Bros?

Which Switch game’s got Super Mario Bros tucked inside? “Super Mario Maker 2” lets you build, play, and share your levels. It’s like being the boss of your own Mushroom Kingdom!

Are there any free Mario games?

Free Mario games, you say? Keep dreaming, kid. But! If you’ve got that Nintendo Switch Online ticket, dive into a bunch of classic Mario games without dropping extra dough.

Which one is better Mario Party Superstars or Super Mario Party?

Head-to-head: Mario Party Superstars or Super Mario Party? If you crave nostalgia, Superstars is like a love letter to the past. But want something fresh? Super Mario Party’s got the new moves.

Which Mario game to get?

Choosing a Mario game for Switch could tie your brain in knots! “Super Mario Odyssey” is a wild ride, but for party throwdowns, “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” never disappoints.

Is Nintendo discontinuing Mario games?

Ending Mario games? Pssht, Nintendo knows that’s like saying no to cake at a birthday party. Mario isn’t going anywhere, unless it’s to another castle!

What switch games are discontinued?

Discontinued Switch games? They’re rare, like a blue shell in first place. Most Switch games are still in the race, so game on!

When was Super Mario Bros discontinued?

When did Super Mario Bros get the axe? Hold up, partner – that classic has autos in the work since ’85. It only gets better with age, like a fine wine or a Cheep Cheep outta water.

Why did Nintendo stop making Mario and Luigi games?

Why did Nintendo give Mario and Luigi a break? Tough to say, but even plumbers need a breather. Maybe they’re saving up those gold coins for their next big adventure.

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