Best Steam Deck Review: 5 Crazy Facts

In today’s multifaceted gaming landscape, finding a device that hits the sweet spot between power and portability is like striking gold. Enter the Steam Deck—a handheld gadget that Valve has crafted to shake the fabric of mobile gaming. Here’s the scoop, folks! Let’s delve into the best Steam Deck review and uncover facts that are crazier than an Easter egg in a sandbox game.

Fact #1: The Steam Deck’s Graphics Performance Redefines Handheld Expectations

Hold onto your hats! The Steam Deck’s RDNA 2 architecture turns heads with its graphics oomph, competing head-on with the big guns of the traditional handheld console market.

First off, benchmarking data doesn’t lie. Tests show that the Steam Deck’s AMD GPU outfitted with a whopping 16GB of RAM takes the lead against Nintendo’s humble Nvidia Tegra mobile chipset armed with only 4GB RAM. If that’s not a mic drop moment for Valve, what is?

Real-world gaming scenarios are where the rubber meets the road, and let’s just say the Steam Deck burns serious rubber. From the indie charmers to the AAA behemoths, games look incredible on this pocket Hercules. Devs chime in, marveling at how the Deck’s graphical prowess allows them to port games without major sacrifices. It’s a technological marvel, as flexible as doing squats at the gym rather than sticking to the leg press—providing a more comprehensive workout for games that push graphical boundaries.

Now for the cherry on top: players’ testimonials are through the roof. Gamers accustomed to console-like performance on the TV are now getting a similar kick—a high-def, butter-smooth visual feast—right in the palms of their hands.

JSAUX Docking Station for Steam DeckROG Ally, in Steam Deck Dock with HDMI K@Hz, Gigabit Ethernet, B A and USB C Charging Port, Compatible with Steam Deck OLED HB

JSAUX Docking Station for Steam DeckROG Ally, in Steam Deck Dock with HDMI K@Hz, Gigabit Ethernet, B A and  USB C Charging Port, Compatible with Steam Deck OLED HB


Elevate your gaming experience with the JSAUX Docking Station for Steam DeckROG Ally, a meticulously designed dock that’s a perfect match for your Steam Deck. Indulge in a seamless connection that offers an HDMI output supporting 4K@Hz, delivering crisp, high-resolution visuals to your external display for an immersive gaming and entertainment experience. Additionally, the integrated Gigabit Ethernet port ensures high-speed, stable network connectivity which is essential for uninterrupted online gaming and streaming. This robust docking station is the ideal companion for your Steam Deck, enhancing its capabilities and ensuring you remain at the top of your game.

The JSAUX Docking Station isn’t just about visual prowess; it also features three USB-A ports, allowing you to connect a multitude of peripherals such as controllers, keyboards, and mice. With the convenience of additional ports, your gaming setup will be versatile and adaptable, ensuring you have all the necessary tools at your fingertips. Furthermore, a USB-C charging port is also included, keeping your Steam Deck charged and ready to go at all times, so you never have to pause the action for a power break. This perfect blend of connectivity and charging efficiency makes the docking station an indispensable addition to any gamer’s arsenal.

Designed to be compatible with the Steam Deck OLED HB, the JSAUX Docking Station seamlessly merges with your device, ensuring a snug and secure connection. The sleek and compact design not only complements the aesthetics of the Steam Deck but also ensures it is an ideal travel companion, providing you with a robust gaming setup wherever you go. The durability and thoughtful engineering guarantee reliability, making it a long-lasting accessory for your device. With the JSAUX Docking Station for Steam DeckROG Ally, you’re investing in not just a docking solution, but a comprehensive upgrade to your overall gaming experience.

Fact #2: Interface and Usability – A Seamless Transition from PC

Diving into the Steam Deck is like walking into your favorite café and finding out they know exactly how you like your Nespresso—effortless and satisfying. The custom SteamOS crafts a bridge from PC to handheld so simply, you’ll wonder why it took so long for a gadget like this to pop into existence.

The user interface is a dream. Large icons, intuitive layouts—this is PC gaming sans the desk. And responsiveness? Like Jay Versace dropping a beat, it’s on point. Long-time PC gamers have been vocal about their pleasant surprise at how seamless the transition feels, likening it to choosing a house over a condo—more space, more freedom, and ultimately, more you.

Don’t believe me? Try docking the Deck. It slides into its harbour quicker than a speedboat, and voilà—you’re gaming on the big screen. It’s the elegance of the Deck’s interface that shines, turning complexity into a walk in the park.

Image 23693

Feature Steam Deck
Release Date February 2022
Prices 64GB – $399 256GB – $529 512GB – $649 1TB – $649 (Dec 18, 2023 Update)
Storage 64GB eMMC, 256GB NVMe SSD, 512GB NVMe SSD, 1TB NVMe SSD
Display 7-inch touchscreen LCD (1280 x 800) (Original Model) 7-inch OLED (Dec 18, 2023 Update for 1TB model)
Processor Custom AMD APU (Zen 2 + RDNA 2 architecture)
GPU AMD RDNA 2 with 8 Compute Units
Battery Life 2 – 8 hours of gameplay depending on the game and settings
Connectivity USB-C with DisplayPort 1.4 support, USB 3.2, Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 6
Operating System SteamOS 3.0 (Arch-based)
External Display Support Up to 8K @ 60Hz or 4K @ 120Hz
Input Capacitive touchscreen, gyro, thumbsticks, triggers, bumpers, assignable grip buttons, trackpads
Size and Weight Approx. 669g; 298mm x 117mm x 49mm
Audio Stereo speakers, 3.5mm headphone jack, dual microphone array, USB-C/Bluetooth audio support
Expandability microSD slot (supports SD, SDXC, and SDHC)
Competition Comparison More powerful than Nintendo Switch (Nvidia Tegra chipset with 4GB RAM) but less portable
Benefits – Solid gaming on the go at an affordable price compared to other portable gaming PCs – Extensive customization options with SteamOS – Notably large game library support via Steam – 1TB version provides excellent value with double storage and OLED display upgrade
Drawbacks – Lower game performance at highest settings compared to high-end gaming PCs – Larger size and weight may make it less convenient for travel than competitors – Battery life may be lacking for extended gameplay sessions – May encounter issues with game save sync across devices
Latest Improvements The recent 1TB version offers a significant improvement with an OLED display and more storage at competitive pricing

Fact #3: Steam Deck’s Battery Life – More than Just Numbers

Battery life is the trump card in portable gaming—without juice, you’re holding a pricey paperweight. So, how does Valve’s progeny fare?

The Deck’s battery life has been field-tested across a spectrum of games, and while the numbers are modest on paper, performance on the road tells a real story. Forget about Jean Todt—you don’t need to be a racing director to optimize this handheld’s endurance. Playing Stardew Valley gets you more hours than battling it out on cyberpunk streets, but with the right settings, even the power hogs give you a decent commute’s worth of play.

If we size up the competition, the Steam Deck holds its own, but remember: this isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon. Toting around a power bank like you’re packing for New paltz Hotels might not be ideal, but it can be an expedition saver.

Fact #4: Steam Deck’s Impact on Indie Developers and Smaller Games

Let’s talk indie devs—the unsung heroes of gaming. For them, the Steam Deck is a juggernaut, pushing their creativity into the limelight. Picture this: games once overshadowed by the lack of a powerful platform are now front and center, catching eyes like ‘The Sign’ lyrics catch the ear.

Interviews with indie developers reveal stories of success and revitalization, akin to a Jordi Mollà masterpiece, rich in layers and character. The Deck’s propensity to let smaller games shine has not only leveled the playing field but it’s also upped the ante for what’s expected from handheld gaming. Indies are no longer just the opening act; on the Steam Deck, they’re headliners.

Valve Steam Deck GB Handheld Gaming Console with Carring Case, x LCD Display, Bundle Silicone Soft Cover Protector & Tempered Glass Film

Valve Steam Deck GB Handheld Gaming Console with Carring Case, x LCD Display, Bundle Silicone Soft Cover Protector & Tempered Glass Film


Unleash the power of portable gaming with the Valve Steam Deck GB Handheld Gaming Console. This dynamic device boasts a vivid x LCD display, delivering crystal-clear visuals that bring your games to life, no matter where you are. Designed for the gamer on the go, it features an ergonomically crafted control layout, ensuring comfort during extended play sessions. The Steam Deck GB also offers seamless integration with your Steam library, granting you access to countless titles at your fingertips.

Safety and durability are paramount with this bundle, as it includes a robust carrying case tailored to protect your Steam Deck during your travels. The silicone soft cover protector adds an additional layer of defense against everyday bumps and scratches, preserving the sleek look and functionality of your console. This gentle yet effective protector maintains the device’s aesthetic while providing a more secure grip to prevent accidental slips and falls.

Elevating the standard of screen protection, the bundle comes with a high-quality tempered glass film designed specifically for the Steam Deck GB’s display. This ultra-clear glass is engineered to resist scratches and minimize the impact of shocks, safeguarding your screen from the hazards of mobile gaming. Moreover, the tempered glass maintains the touchscreen’s responsiveness and clarity, ensuring your gaming experience remains uninterrupted and immersive. With this comprehensive bundle, your Steam Deck GB is armored for any adventure that lies ahead.

Fact #5: Durability and Build Quality – Built to Last?

For the road warriors out there, durability is non-negotiable. When it comes to the Steam Deck, Valve has seemingly taken a ‘built to last’ philosophy. But how true is this principle in real life?

Users have shared a myriad of experiences. Some compare the Deck’s resilience to enduring a squat workout—it’s tough, robust, and feels good in the hands. Stress tests by hardware engineers echo this sentiment, suggesting that dropping your Steam Deck (although not advised) isn’t the end of the world. That being said, some early adopters have raised concerns over wear and tear. Valve, however, hasn’t turned a deaf ear, addressing feedback faster than a speedrun record attempt.

Most users agree, though—they feel confident their Deck will go the distance, which in today’s throwaway culture, is a breath of fresh air.

Image 23694

Conclusion: The Steam Deck from a Unique Angle

Pull out your notepads and take this down—Valve’s Steam Deck, at $549 for 512GB and $649 for a terabyte with an OLED display, isn’t just a good deal; it’s highway robbery.

This Steam Deck review has laid bare the core of what makes the Steam Deck tick. Graphical capabilities that punch way above their weight class, interface and usability that make the seasoned gamer nod in approval, battery life that’s akin to a marathon runner, a doorway to success for indie developers, and build quality that endures like the classic memories of gaming’s golden era.

What’s in the cards for Valve’s darling moving forward? If the current trajectory is anything to go by, we’re in for an evolution. A device that’s already reshaped our expectations of handheld gaming is poised to shift the paradigms further still. It’s not oversized; it’s a handful of gaming nirvana. And while you won’t be cranking ray tracing at ultra settings, the sheer versatility and customization options the Steam Deck offers make it a formidable player in the gaming sphere.

So there you have it—the Steam Deck isn’t merely a product. It’s a statement, a testament to Valve’s vision of the future. A future where the lines between PC powerhouse and handheld convenience are not just blurred—they’re nonexistent. It’s gaming, unchained.

Unveiling the Deck: A Steam Deck Review with a Twist

Hey, gamers and gadget-lovers! Buckle up, as we dive into a steam deck review that’ll knock your socks off—slip ’em back on; you might need to run to the store after this!

JSAUX Pack Steam Deck Screen Protector, Ultra HD Glass Protector H Hardness Easy to Install with Guiding Frame Scratch Resistant Tempered Glass for Steam DeckSteam Deck OLED,

JSAUX Pack Steam Deck Screen Protector, Ultra HD Glass Protector H Hardness Easy to Install with Guiding Frame Scratch Resistant Tempered Glass for Steam DeckSteam Deck OLED,


Keep your Steam Deck’s screen flawless with the JSAUX Pack Steam Deck Screen Protector, a premium, ultra-high-definition glass protector designed to provide unparalleled clarity and protection. Made from superior-grade tempered glass with 9H hardness, it effectively shields your device from everyday scratches, scrapes, and impacts. The inclusion of a guiding frame makes the installation process incredibly straightforward, ensuring perfect alignment and bubble-free application every time. Each protector boasts an oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints and smudges, maintaining the stunning visuals of your Steam Deck OLED.

Durability meets functionality with this exceptionally crafted screen protector, tailored specifically for the contours of the Steam Deck. Not only is the glass scratch-resistant, but it is also engineered to dissipate shock, thereby safeguarding your screen from unexpected drops and knocks. The ultra-clear glass doesn’t compromise on touch sensitivity, ensuring that every tap, swipe, and game control is as responsive as intended. The pack includes multiple protectors, offering a cost-effective way to keep your device in pristine condition for longer.

The JSAUX Pack comes complete with an array of toolkits to aid in the application and maintenance of your screen protector. In the kit, users will find everything needed for a hassle-free installation: dust absorbers, alcohol wipes, and a microfiber cleaning cloth to prepare the screen, along with detailed instructions to eliminate any guesswork. Once applied, the protector blends seamlessly with your Steam Deck, almost undetectable, preserving the original sleekness of your device. With this pack, your gaming sessions are uninterrupted by visual impairments, letting you enjoy the immersive experience that the Steam Deck OLED offers.

Size Matters But So Does Flexibility

The Steam Deck is no pocket monster, but it’s packing a serious punch when it comes to powerful play in a not-so-pint-sized package. Now, you could tune “The Sign” and try to divine whether its girth will work for you, but its dimensions might make you feel like you’re picking between the sign lyrics-ing a lease for a house or a condo. Grappling with a house vs condo-sized decision isn’t easy, but remember, the Deck gives you the freedom to game away from the desk—quite the game changer!

Image 23695

Battery Life: The Long and Short of It

Y’know, battery life on the Steam Deck is like waiting for your coffee at a Nespresso near me: sometimes it’s quicker than you think, other times, you’re tapping your foot, wondering if you’ll ever sip that sweet, sweet java. Sure, finding a nespresso near me might give you a quick caffeine buzz, but the battery here can power a marathon session longer than it takes your barista to remember your ‘usual.

The Power Play: Graphics and Performance

Now, here’s where the meat’s at! The Steam Deck’s graphics have the muscle, no squat rack required. I mean, who needs to debate about the merits of a squat vs leg press when your thumbs are gonna get all the workout scrolling through your vast game library with silky smooth visuals? With this Deck, Steam’s not just letting off hot air; they’ve cranked the valves and are steaming full ahead.

Control Freak Delight

Oh boy, the controls on this bad boy might just make you give up touch screens for good! There’s something for everybody, whether you like to tap, push, pull, or shake—no wands required. And let me tell you, they’re as responsive as your buddy when you mention you’ve got pizza. No lag, no drag, just pure gaming bliss.

Who Needs a Ticket to Ride?

Lastly, the Steam Deck is practically a golden ticket to the vast world of PC gaming, minus the bulk of a rig that normally plants you firmly at a desk. It’s a leap towards a horizon where the words “Play anywhere” aren’t just a tease. And the best part? Your gaming sessions can go with you, no stress, no mess.

To wrap it up, this steam deck review ain’t just blowing steam. The Deck might just be the gaming Moses parting the Red Sea of traditional PC gaming, leading us to the Promised Land of portable PC gaming milk and honey. So, are you on board? Or should I say… on Deck?

BLACK+DECKER HGSAdvanced Handheld Steamer, GrayBlue

BLACK+DECKER HGSAdvanced Handheld Steamer, GrayBlue


The BLACK+DECKER HGSAdvanced Handheld Steamer, in its stylish GrayBlue finish, is a testament to the power and convenience that modern garment care technology can provide. This compact and ergonomically designed handheld steamer is equipped with a fast-heating element to help you remove wrinkles effortlessly from a variety of fabrics. The user-friendly interface allows quick access to different settings tailored for delicate clothing, heavy drapes, and even upholstery. Moreover, its sleek form factor and lightweight construction mean you can tackle your clothes right on the hanger or give your upholstery a fresh look without cumbersome setup.

Safety is paramount with the BLACK+DECKER HGSAdvanced Handheld Steamer, featuring an automatic shut-off function that activates when the steamer is left too long on or if the water level gets too low. Its large detachable water tank not only provides an extended steaming duration but also ensures an easy refill process, without frequent interruptions. The continuous steam lock button lets you steam large items with ease, offering a hands-free option for a more comfortable steaming experience. Also included are fabric brush and lint attachments that can be easily snapped onto the steamer head, enhancing its versatility and performance on different materials.

Maintenance of this handheld steamer is just as simple as its operation. The device’s design includes an anti-calcium filter that reduces mineral buildup, ensuring a longer life span and consistent steam flow. For added convenience, its power cord is generously long, providing ample movement during use. Whether you’re a busy professional with little time to iron, or someone looking for a quick touch-up tool, the BLACK+DECKER HGSAdvanced Handheld Steamer offers a reliable and efficient solution for keeping your garments wrinkle-free and refreshed.

Is Steam Deck worth buying yet?

– Well, if you’re on the hunt for a deal and aren’t too fussed about cranking every new game up to eleven, the Steam Deck’s got your back. With its wallet-friendly price tag, you won’t break the bank, and you’ll still enjoy a solid gaming sesh—just don’t expect it to blow your hair back with the latest games on ultra settings. Remember, it’s all about the bang for your buck, and as of Jan 9, 2024, the Steam Deck’s bang is sounding pretty darn good.

Is the $649 Steam Deck worth it?

– Hmm, is forking over $649 for the Steam Deck going to pinch the purse too much? Maybe not! As of Dec 18, 2023, that kind of dough gets you a swanky OLED display, double the storage with 1TB, a better battery, and a slew of upgrades. Sounds like a sweet deal, right? It’s like snagging a slick sports car at the price of a humble hatchback!

Is Steam Deck better than switch?

– When it comes to the specs smackdown, the Steam Deck knocks it out of the park against the Switch. Sure, Nintendo’s a cool kid on the block, but it’s not sweating over the spec race. Meanwhile, the Deck’s packing an AMD powerhouse and a hefty 16GB of RAM—stuff that’ll make tech enthusiasts swoon. If raw power’s your game, the Steam Deck’s winning, hands down.

What are the cons of a Steam Deck?

– Every rose has its thorns, and the Steam Deck’s no bed of roses either. While it flaunts customization and gaming chops, it’s a bit of a chunky monkey and the battery life might not keep up with your jet-setting ways. Plus, let me tell you, lugging it around could be a hassle, and don’t even get me started on the finicky save syncs when you’re hopping between devices.

Should i buy a Steam Deck in 2023?

– If you’re pondering whether to grab a Steam Deck in 2023, give it a thought! It’s got a sweet mix of power and price that’s hard to ignore. Just keep in mind that there’s always a little give and take: you get robust customization and a cool gaming rig, but it’s not exactly the belle of the ball when it comes to portability or battery life.

Is a Steam Deck better than a PS5?

– Is the Steam Deck the heavyweight champion against the PS5? Well, apples and oranges, my friend. The Deck’s a portable maverick ready for your on-the-go lifestyle, while the PS5’s the kingpin of living room gaming with graphics that’ll make you drool. Each has its own ring to fight in, so choose your fighter based on where you want to throw your punches.

Is the 1TB Steam Deck worth it?

– Wondering whether the 1TB Steam Deck justifies its price tag? Listen, as of Dec 18, 2023, dropping $649 snags you a hefty terabyte of gaming goodness and a pretty fantastic OLED display, among other perks. If you’re the type who likes to hoard games like there’s no tomorrow, this bad boy’s got the room to keep your library cozy.

Is a OLED Steam Deck worth it?

– OLED and Steam Deck, a match made in gaming heaven? You betcha! With vibrant visuals and crisp colors that pop, the OLED screen turns your gaming into a feast for the eyes. Shell out for this beaut, and your retinas are in for a treat.

Can you connect Steam Deck to TV?

– Wanna supersize your Steam Deck experience onto the big screen? No sweat! Hook it up to your TV, and, voilà, you’re golden. It’s like turning your trusty sidekick into a full-blown superhero, minus the cape, of course.

Can you watch Netflix on Steam Deck?

– Fancy Netflix on your Steam Deck? You can totally do that! It’s not just a one-trick pony; it’ll stream your favorite shows and movies when you need a break from all that gaming jazz.

What console is better than Steam Deck?

– What console trumps the Steam Deck? It’s all about perspective! Some might say the PS5 or Xbox Series X, with their living room dominance, pack a bigger punch. But hey, that’s comparing apples and… more techie apples.

What is more powerful than Steam Deck?

– Looking for something with more oomph than the Steam Deck? You might peep at the high-end gaming PCs or current-gen consoles like the PS5. They’re like Steam Deck’s muscle-bound cousins, flexing those graphical and processing biceps.

What is the point of a Steam Deck?

– What’s the Steam Deck’s raison d’être? Simple: it’s all about taking PC gaming on the road, with a side of customization that flexible dieting would admire. It’s about blending the power of PC gaming with the spontaneity of a handheld. Pretty slick, huh?

Do games run well on the Steam Deck?

– Do games run like a dream on the Steam Deck? Yep, they sure do for the most part. It’s not quite a magic carpet ride in the highest settings, but for everything else, it’s smooth sailing. Just keep those expectations realistic; it’s not a crystal ball.

How long can Steam Deck last?

– How long can the Steam Deck keep the party going? Well, it’s not an Energizer bunny, but with conservative use, you could see a good few hours before it cries for a charger—just enough to keep the fun times rolling for your daily commute or a cozy sofa session.

Is Steam Deck OLED worth getting?

– Pondering about getting that Steam Deck OLED? If eye candy’s your thing, it’s a no-brainer. The vibrant display could charm the socks off anyone. It’s worth the extra dough if you’re all about those pretty pixels.

How long will my Steam Deck last?

– Curious about the lifespan of your shiny new Steam Deck? With proper care, it should be your loyal companion for years to come. Just like a trusty old dog, treat it right, and it’ll stick around.

Is Steam selling Steam Deck at a loss?

– Is Valve selling the Steam Deck at a loss? Hmm, they’re keeping tight-lipped, but with the hardware packed inside, it wouldn’t be shocking. Sometimes you gotta lose a battle to win the war, and Valve’s playing the long game.

Is Steam Deck OLED better?

– Steam Deck OLED better than the standard? Well, it’s like swapping a comfy cotton tee for a silk shirt; it adds a touch of luxury. If visuals are key, the OLED’s definitely your best bet.

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