Best 5 Ho Model Trains For Small Spaces

Model railroading is a fascinating hobby that merges the love of history, engineering, and artistry into a miniature world. Amidst our increasingly limited living spaces, HO model trains have surged in popularity, offering a perfect blend of detail and compactness appealing to both beginners and seasoned hobbyists alike. The abbreviation “HO” stands for “half-O,” which captures the essence of what makes these models so beloved – their balanced size. At a 1:87 scale, these trains struck the right chord with those moving into snugger abodes post-1940s, launching an enduring trend of small-scale trains with vast appeal.

In this article, we’ll chug along through the best five HO model trains perfect for small spaces in 2024, offering a scenic ride through each option’s unique blend of size, detail, and functionality.

The Allure of HO Model Trains in Modern Hobbyist Culture

HO model trains magnetize hobbyists for their delicate balance of being size-conscious and richly detailed. The allure lies within their storied history of HO trains carving out a niche by being accessible in price and space. When the larger O scale became a luxury many could no longer afford or fit comfortably in post-war living spaces, the HO trains chugged in as the desirable alternative. They’ve since embedded themselves as a fundamental standard for modelers, especially with today’s urban living trends favoring smaller yet technology-rich environments.

These trains bring magic to confined quarters, transforming coffee tables into sprawling countrysides and bookshelves into bustling urban centers. HO model trains allow for personalization and detail, making the hobby continually engaging and resourceful for crafting narratives in tight areas.

Walthers Trainline HO Scale Model EMD GP Standard DC CSX (YN; Blue, Yellow, White

Walthers Trainline HO Scale Model EMD GP  Standard DC   CSX (YN; Blue, Yellow, White


The Walthers Trainline HO Scale Model EMD GP9 is a top-notch addition to any model railroader’s collection, featuring the iconic CSX livery in blue, yellow, and white. This detailed replica honors the General Motors Electro-Motive Division (EMD) GP9 series locomotive, known for its reliability and widespread use across North American railroads. It displays exquisite craftsmanship with accurate molding that captures the rugged design of the original GP9, right down to the smallest details on the body, trucks, and underframe.

Equipped with a reliable standard DC motor, this model offers smooth operation on any HO scale track. Its heavy die-cast metal frame ensures durability, while also providing significant weight that contributes to consistent traction and performance. Additionally, the locomotive comes with an installed eight-wheel drive and electrical pickup plus knuckle couplers to facilitate easy integration with other train cars and seamless operations on your layout.

The Walthers Trainline EMD GP9 is not only a testament to the golden era of diesel locomotives but also serves as a vibrant piece that brings life to model railroads with its striking CSX “YN” paint scheme. Whether for the model train hobbyist looking to expand their rolling stock or the historian eager to capture a slice of railroading heritage, this model promises to be an eye-catching centerpiece on any track or display shelf.

1. Märklin My World Starter Set: The Perfect Entry-Level HO Experience

For the neophytes stepping into the realm of model railroading, or Modellene, the Märklin My World Starter Set is the quintessential entry-level ticket. Märklin, a distinguished name in railway models, puts forward this starter kit with a compact track design that not only fits snugly into smaller domains but also packs the thrill of HO model trains into an effortless concrete package.

  • Compact track design: Curves and switches are designed to fit on smaller surfaces.
  • Ease of setup: The set is straightforward to assemble, taking the scare out of complex configurations.
  • Introduction to HO charm: This set embodies the romance of railroading, leaving ample room for growth within the hobby.
  • Crafting an experience that makes one nostalgically reminisce about one’s childhood, the Märklin My World Starter Set offers the perfect overture into the rhythmic world of HO trains and is akin to creating your own little Something about Her sandwich shop scene in the comfort of one’s home.

    Image 23613

    Aspect Details
    Scale Definition HO model trains are 1:87 scale, roughly half the size of O scale (1:48), hence the name “half-O.”
    Popularity Very popular because they balance size with detail, making them ideal for hobbyists with limited space.
    Size Comparison Larger than N scale (1:160), smaller than O scale (1:48).
    Ideal for Small homes and apartments, as well as beginners to intermediate collectors and hobbyists.
    Period of Popularity Gained popularity in the 1940s; remains one of the most popular scales today.
    Collector’s Market Generally modest unless for very specific, sought-after models.
    Detail Potential HO scale allows for significant detail without taking up as much space as larger models.
    Price Range Varied. New sets can range from under $100 for starters to $500+ for intricate models.
    Resale Value Typically minimal for common models; higher for rare or in-demand items.
    Scale Ratio 1:87
    Gauge Standard gauge of track in HO scale is 16.5 mm (0.650 in)
    Beginner-Friendly Yes, due to lower costs and space requirements compared to larger scales.
    Detail & Realism High detail and realism achievable, preferred by veterans for these features.
    Space Requirements Moderate—more than N scale but significantly less than O scale.
    Accessibility Widely available, with a vast range of accessories and complementary products.

    2. Kato USA Model Train Products: Nailing the North American Niche

    Kato USA Model Train Products surge through the model train market with their detail-rich and space-efficient HO offerings. Their North American series trains exude an air of authenticity, capturing the true essence of the continent’s railroading legacy.

    • Small layout specialty: The designs are engineered with small spaces in mind, ensuring an impactful display that doesn’t overwhelm.
    • Realistic detailing: Kato doesn’t skimp on intricacies, allowing collectors to savor the fine print of railroading artisanship.
    • Efficient space usage: Models are crafted to be showpieces, delivering a top shelf tequila quality to model train collections with a fraction of the required space.
    • Kato USA is your definitive go-to for a space-saving setup that refuses to compromise on the dreamed North American railroading spirit.

      3. Bachmann Industries’ Thoroughbred Ready-to-Run HO Train Set: Balance of Size and Functionality

      Stepping into the realm of Bachmann Industries reveals the Thoroughbred Ready-to-Run HO Train Set, a distinguished assembly balancing size and functionality with poise. The Thoroughbred serves as a prime example of how compact does not equate to underwhelming.

      • Compact yet expansive: Despite its space-friendly footprint, the set offers a diverse range of scenarios to enact.
      • Flexible track configurations: Options galore allow for personal flair within spatial limitations.
      • Ready-to-run convenience: It’s like the after Everything trailer for HO train sets – instantly gripping and ready to entertain.
      • Acknowledged for its user-friendly setup, the Thoroughbred set is ideal for hobbyists looking to marry convenience with a fulsome experience in a small space.

        Bachmann Trains Coastliner Ready To Run Electric Train Set HO Scale

        Bachmann Trains   Coastliner Ready To Run Electric Train Set   HO Scale


        Bring the excitement of railways to your living space with Bachmann Trains’ Coastliner Ready To Run Electric Train Set, meticulously crafted in HO Scale for a detailed and authentic experience. This set features a robust EMD GP40 locomotive, complete with a dynamic paint scheme that echoes the vibrant colors and logos of coastal railways. The engine is ready to pull a string of three cargo carriers, including a hopper, gondola, and caboose, each designed with the same high quality and attention to detail as the locomotive.

        Out of the box, this set is ready to roll, with no additional assembly required, making it perfect for both train enthusiasts and newcomers to model railroading. A snap-fit E-Z Track system is part of the package, enabling you to quickly set up a full oval layout that’s sure to impress onlookers with its realistic appearance and smooth operation. The steel alloy tracks are durable and reliable, ensuring that your Coastliner trains glide effortlessly for hours of enjoyment.

        Ease of use is at the heart of this electric train set, which includes a speed controller with a plug-in wiring, power indicator light, and direction switch. Parents and collectors will appreciate the detailed instruction manual that accompanies the set, guiding you through every step from setup to full operation. Experience the thrill of commanding your own coastal railway with the Coastliner from Bachmann Trains, a brand synonymous with quality in the realm of model railroading.

        4. Athearn’s Iron Horse Train Set: Riding the Rails with Refined Details

        If details are the lifeblood of model railroading, then Athearn’s Iron Horse Train Set is the pulsating heart. Renowned for the refined intricacies, Athearn’s set allows a dive deep into a realm where each miniature rivet and paint stroke matters, without sprawling across your precious living area.

        • High-quality components: Durability meets detail in this set’s components, ensuring longevity to your investment.
        • Realistic experience in miniature: The set mimics full-scale railroading, proving that size is not a boundary to authenticity, akin to appreciating Alyssa sutherland Movies And tv Shows which capture the nuance of performance in a digital frame.
        • Centerpiece-worthy: The set is designed to dazzle, making it not just a toy but a conversation starter, much like engaging with the evocative tales of married at first sight season 16.
        • Athearn’s Iron Horse is steadfast in delivering a realistic railway saga within the confines of your cherished nook.

          Image 23614

          5. Fleischmann’s Magic Train: A European Touch for Tiny Tracks

          Across the pond, Fleischmann dolls up the compact HO model train scene with its Magic Train set, a loving nod to European railway flair. Fleischmann marries German engineering with loved European locomotive aesthetics to deliver an experience that is anything but small-scale.

          • Intricate yet simple design: The engineering allows for swift assembly without downplaying the complexity of the model.
          • Space-conscious: Designed for small spaces, the set fits perfectly on a shelf or desk, much like finding just the right motorcycle gear near me that fits snugly yet comfortably.
          • European elegance: It’s not just a train set; it’s a continental journey shrunk to fit your living room.
          • For a touch of European grandeur in your crowded space, Fleischmann’s Magic Train is the embodiment of both function and form.

            Innovative Space-Saving Techniques for HO Model Train Enthusiasts

            The compact world of HO trains is not just bound to the right set but also to the clever use of space. Engaging in modern feats, enthusiasts employ innovative space-saving techniques to continue expanding their miniature empires:

            • Going vertical: Think layering – vertical layouts that stack scenes and stories.
            • Modular design: Like building blocks, modular layouts allow rearrangement and expansion with geometrical precision.
            • Digital integration: Embracing tech advancements, hobbyists now manage their railways with a tap on their smart devices, maximizing control in tight quarters.
            • These techniques are akin to folding origami, turning a flat piece of paper into a 3D sculpture — complex worlds folded into a small, liveable space.

              pcs Model Train Bogie with Plastic Wheels HO Scale odel Railway Accessories (Style A)

              pcs Model Train Bogie with Plastic Wheels HO Scale odel Railway Accessories (Style A)


              Introduce a touch of authenticity and intricate detail to your model railway with the pcs Model Train Bogie with Plastic Wheels in HO Scale, Style A. Perfect for hobbyists and collectors alike, this set brings precision and realism to your scale model projects. Each bogie is crafted with attention to the nuances that define quality model railway accessories, ensuring that your miniature rolling stock truly embodies the look and feel of the real thing. Style A is designed to match a variety of train car types, making these bogies a versatile addition that can enhance numerous models in your collection.

              Constructed with durable plastic materials, the pcs Model Train Bogie with Plastic Wheels guarantees long-lasting performance and effortless integration into your existing HO scale setup. The plastic wheels are carefully molded to minimize friction, which allows for smooth rolling action on standard model tracks. Despite the plastic construction, the bogies feature a high level of detailed molding and precise dimensions to provide an authentic scale appearance that will stand out on your railway. Installation is straightforward, enabling both novice and experienced modelers to upgrade their train cars with ease.

              Enhance your model railway’s aesthetic with the reliable and detailed pcs Model Train Bogies, which are not only cost-effective but also offer a significant boost to the visual fidelity of your layout. These Style A bogies are sold in convenient packs, allowing you to update multiple train cars at once and maintain a consistent look across your fleet. Whether you are recreating a bustling industrial scene or a passenger line from a bygone era, these bogies will provide the perfect undercarriage for your rolling stock. Enjoy the process of bringing your miniature world to life with these essential model railway accessories.

              Maximizing the Miniature: The Art of Detail in Compact HO Model Trains

              Infusing life into a scaled-down landscape demands mastery of detail — it’s where the artistry of HO model trains shines. The minutiae in these models transform a regular set into a breathing microcosm:

              • Modeling techniques: Advanced paintwork, weathering, and customization can bring an unparalleled degree of realism.
              • Scenics: Crafting minute trees, structures, and figures that populate your layout brings narrative to your display.
              • Customization options: From individually tailored rolling stock to unique backdrops, customization allows for a deeply personal touch.
              • These elements act as pixels in a digital artwork, each small detail accumulating to form a captivating whole.

                Image 23615

                The Future of HO Model Trains in Shrinking Living Spaces

                The trend towards smaller living quarters doesn’t spell doom for the world of HO model trains; instead, it heralds a new age of innovation. We’re peering into a future of:

                • Up-and-coming technologies: AR, VR, and mixed reality could potentially allow expansive railroading experiences in physical confinements.
                • Modular, expandable layouts: Portability and adjustability will be key, providing the ability to reshape layouts on a whim.
                • Communal spaces: The hobby might see a surge in collective spaces where enthusiasts pool resources and passion.
                • As humans adapt to spatial trends, so too will the miniature railways that mirror our fascination with technology and interconnectedness.

                  Conclusion: The Expansive World of Compact HO Model Trains

                  The expansive world of HO model trains demonstrates that scale doesn’t restrict art or the human spirit. Despite our increasing spatial limitations, the creativity and love for this hobby continue to bloom, turning small sections of our homes into vast landscapes brimming with life and stories.

                  Each of the five HO model train sets we’ve steamed through offers a different invitation – whether it be a beginner’s first dive with Märklin or a detailed American journey via Kato USA – they all promise a grand adventure in the comfort of compact living. They’re a testament to the adaptability and innovation that mark the knighthood of model railroading, urging us to dream big, even when the canvas might seem small.

                  In embracing these miniature marvels, we’re not just preserving a hobby; we’re nurturing a tradition that stands as a testament to our unbridled creativity, engineering prowess, and heartfelt nostalgia. The world of HO model trains – as extensive and diverse as our imaginations – continues to enchant, with every inch of track, every miniaturized tree, every tiny locomotive whistle. It’s a world that, despite its size, stands vast and boundless at the palms of our hands.

                  All Aboard the Tiny Train: Top HO Model Trains for Itsy Bitsy Spaces

                  HO model trains are like the Goldilocks of the miniature locomotive world—they’re just right! Not too big that they take over your entire living space, and not too small that you need a magnifying glass to admire your handiwork. Perfect for those of us who aren’t exactly living in a mansion but still want to get the full throttle experience of a miniature railway empire. So, let’s chug along and explore some fun trivia and interesting facts about these delightful little trains.

                  Choo-choo Choices: Selecting the Right Size

                  Did you know that the “HO” in HO model trains stands for “Half-O”? That’s right, they are exactly half the size of the older O scale models. This makes them an ideal choice for hobbyists who favor detail and realism but are a bit tight on space. HO trains fit wonderfully on a 4×8 foot layout, which can easily become the centerpiece of a small room. So, don’t worry if your place isn’t exactly sprawling – a little creativity goes a long way!

                  A Global Affair: HO Scale’s Worldwide Fame

                  HO scale is not just popular in your neck of the woods—it’s the most widely used scale worldwide! From the rolling hills of American suburbia to the bustling cities of Europe, enthusiasts everywhere are squeezing tracks and tiny trees into whatever nook and cranny they can find. No matter where you are, the love for HO scale seems to unite model train fans across the globe. In fact, if you’re ever curious about where to find fellow enthusiasts or maybe score some sweet new additions to your collection, you might want to look up Modells near me. Who knows, your next favorite model could be just around the corner!

                  A Little History: The Heyday of HO

                  The history of HO model trains is as rich as the detailing on a limited-edition locomotive. These little engines could (and did) skyrocket into popularity post-World War II when folks were looking for hobbies that didn’t require a ton of space or empty out their wallets. Now, just think about that for a second – this tiny train has been chugging along in the hearts of hobbyists for over several decades!

                  Rolling on the Right Track

                  Picking the best HO model trains for your space can be just as much fun as watching them speed around the track. But hey, don’t rush it—if you’re investing time and dough into this hobby, you might as well enjoy the ride, right? Remember, it’s not just about the train; it’s also about the scenery, the buildings, and all the little details that bring your miniature world to life. So, roll up those sleeves and let your creativity run wild!

                  Keeping It Real: The Detail’s in the Diesel

                  Lastly, let’s talk detail. One of the reasons HO model trains are the bee’s knees? The astonishing level of detail manufacturers can cram into such a small engine and cars. The textures, the colors, the tiny people that somehow always look busy—its uncanny! The craftsmanship can make these pint-sized powerhouses look just like the real deal, only you won’t need an actual railroad to bring your locomotive dreams to life. Plus, for the space-conscious, the fact that you can achieve this level of realism without needing a room-sized setup is just the cherry on top.

                  So, there you have it, folks – a whistle-stop tour through the world of HO model trains perfect for small spaces. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just getting started, remember there’s a whole community out there passionate about these miniature marvels. Happy railroading!

                  Walthers Trainline HO Scale Model CSX Transportation Vision Caboose

                  Walthers Trainline HO Scale Model CSX Transportation Vision Caboose


                  The Walthers Trainline HO Scale Model CSX Transportation Vision Caboose is a meticulously crafted model train piece that boasts an exceptional level of realism and accuracy. This Vision Caboose replicates the distinctive features of the actual CSX Transportation cabooses, down to the finest details such as the paint scheme, markings, and body details that match the prototypes. Constructed with durability in mind, its sturdy build assures longevity and seamless integration into existing HO scale (1:87) model railroad setups.

                  Enthusiasts will appreciate the caboose’s high-quality printing and precise color matching, ensuring that the model not only captures the essence of the original but also enhances the visual appeal of their model train collection. The Vision Caboose design includes clear window inserts and a detailed interior that can be viewed from the outside, adding to the realistic representation of the caboose. Additionally, it comes equipped with standard couplers, making it compatible with other rolling stock in HO scale model railroads.

                  Functionality couples with authenticity in this Walthers Trainline model, as it features a weighted chassis and RP-25 metal wheels that ensure smooth rolling on the tracks. The CSX Transportation Vision Caboose also comes with user-applied detail parts such as railings and ladders, providing hobbyists with the opportunity to personalize their model even further. This combination of immersive detail and robust operation makes it a must-have for any model railroading enthusiast, beginner, or seasoned collector looking to expand their layout with a piece that epitomizes the spirit of American railroading.

                  What does HO stand for in model trains?

                  What does HO stand for in model trains?
                  Whoa, betcha didn’t know that “HO” in model trains is short for “half-O”! Back in the day—think 1940s—folks were downsizing, moving into snug homes and apartments, and these petite HO trains were just the ticket. They cost less and fit better in tighter spaces than their O scale big brothers, making HO scale a real hit with space-savers since, y’know, size matters!

                  Are old HO trains worth anything?

                  Are old HO trains worth anything?
                  Here’s the deal with old HO trains: unless you’ve got the holy grail of model trains that collectors are going gaga for, don’t bank on retiring early. With few exceptions, there’s only a pint-sized market for these classics today. Finding the “right buyer” can be like finding a needle in a haystack, so if you’ve got an attic full of ’em, cross your fingers for a stroke of luck!

                  Which is better HO or O scale trains?

                  Which is better HO or O scale trains?
                  Better is in the eye of the beholder, right? For hobbyists looking to save on space and cash, HO scale is your best buddy—it’s half the size of O scale without skimping too much on the details. But hey, if you’re all in and ready to go big, O scale’s your chance to strut your stuff with mega-details and lifelike layouts. It’s all about what you’re after!

                  Which is better HO or N scale trains?

                  Which is better HO or N scale trains?
                  Choosing between HO and N scale trains is like deciding between cookies and cake—both sweet, but depends on your taste! N scale is fab for newbies since they’re easier on the wallet and don’t hog space. Veterans often cozy up to HO scale for that extra room for details and pizzazz. So, take your pick based on your space, budget, and whether you want to go big or go home!

                  What is the best model train brand?

                  What is the best model train brand?
                  The best brand? Tough question! It’s like asking someone to choose their favorite child. Honestly, it’s all about what rings your bell—detail, durability, or the depth of your pockets. Brands like Bachmann and Lionel are the big dogs in the yard, but there are loads of awesome contenders on the track. Do a little recon, read some reviews, and pick the one that chugs your train.

                  What is the difference between OO and HO model trains?

                  What is the difference between OO and HO model trains?
                  Okay, ready for a bit of a brain bender? OO and HO model trains chug along on the same track size, but OO models are a tad beefier—Britain’s way of doing things. On the flip side, HO scales down to a more universal size. Choosing between them is kinda like picking whether to watch a movie at home or go to the theatre—same plot, different experience.

                  Do model trains hold their value?

                  Do model trains hold their value?
                  Ah, the million-dollar question—do they hold their value? Like cars and collectibles, some do and some don’t. Limited editions or rare finds might just be your golden ticket, appreciating over time. But for your run-of-the-mill set, don’t expect to cash in big. It’s a roll of the dice, and condition is king. Keep ’em spick-and-span, and who knows?

                  What model trains are worth the most money?

                  What model trains are worth the most money?
                  Choo-choo-choose wisely, and your model train could be worth a pretty penny down the track. Trains from brands like Marklin or those that are super rare—think mint condition, still-in-the-box items—could rake in the dough. But it’s a waiting game, and rarity and demand are the conductors of this money train.

                  What can you do with old HO trains?

                  What can you do with old HO trains?
                  Got a bunch of old HO trains collecting dust? Don’t toss ’em out with yesterday’s news! You could sell ’em to a collector, donate to a local club, or pass ’em down the family tree. Or hey, get creative and give ’em a second life as part of your home decor—a bit of nostalgia never hurt anyone!

                  Are Bachmann trains better than Lionel?

                  Are Bachmann trains better than Lionel?
                  Bachmann or Lionel? It’s like choosing between chocolate and vanilla—both have their fans. Bachmann’s a hit with beginners, thanks to its easy setup and friendly prices. Lionel’s been chugging along since forever with its high-quality, super detailed sets. So, go with your gut—do you want to jump right in or are you playing the long game?

                  What is the most popular model train set?

                  What is the most popular model train set?
                  Yearning for the most popular set on the tracks? It’s a showdown, but HO scale often takes the crown. It’s got the right mix of size, detail, and affordability that keeps hobbyists coming back for more. Mind you, popularity’s a fickle friend—it can shift as quick as the weather. But for now, HO’s the reigning champ of model train sets.

                  What is the most common HO scale track code?

                  What is the most common HO scale track code?
                  For the nitty-gritty on HO scale tracks, code 100 is your bread and butter. It’s everywhere, like smartphones in a coffee shop! This code has to do with the rail height, and code 100 is just tough enough to handle both old-school and modern trains. It’s the go-to for most layouts, so you’re likely on the right track if you opt for this one.

                  Is Bachmann a good train set?

                  Is Bachmann a good train set?
                  Bachmann? Oh, you betcha it’s a goodie for chugging into the model train world! It’s like the friendliest welcome wagon for newbies and seasoned rail-riders alike. Their sets may not be the fanciest on the block, but they’re sturdy, reliable, and won’t empty your pockets faster than a bullet train. Good for a test drive, if you ask me!

                  What is the most popular model train gauge?

                  What is the most popular model train gauge?
                  The most popular train gauge? Well, that’s like asking what’s the most popular ice cream flavor—it can vary. But around the globe, HO gauge is often the top dog. It’s versatile enough for detail without needing a warehouse to set it up. So, while tastes might differ, HO gauge seems to have a ticket to ride in plenty of hobbyists’ hearts.

                  What is HO scale equivalent to?

                  What is HO scale equivalent to?
                  In the model train world, HO scale plays it cool at a 1:87 ratio. To break it down barney-style: every inch on your HO scale train is like 87 inches of real train. It strikes a solid balance—big enough to see all the sweet details, but it won’t cramp your style if your living space isn’t exactly palace-sized.

                  What is difference between O gauge and HO gauge train sets?

                  What is difference between O gauge and HO gauge train sets?
                  Choosing between O gauge and HO gauge train sets? It’s a bit like deciding between a mansion and a cozy cottage. O gauge takes the cake on size—it’s the big cheese, with chunkier trains and tracks. HO gauge is more modest and plays nicely with less space. Decide based on how much room you’ve got and whether bigger means better for you!

                  What is the difference between 00 and H0?

                  What is the difference between 00 and H0?
                  Scratching your head over the difference between 00 and HO? Don’t sweat it—it’s quite simple! 00 trains are British big shots running on the same-sized track as HO but are just a smidge bigger overall. HO keeps it real with a standardized 1:87 scale that’s welcomed by international track builders. It’s like picking tea over coffee—they’re similar, but there’s a spot of difference.

                  What is the HO scale equivalent to?

                  What is the HO scale equivalent to?
                  Navigating the world of model trains? HO scale is your trusty compass, sitting pretty at a 1:87 scale. This is your Goldilocks ratio—not too big, not too small. It’s just the right ticket for detail without needing a whole room to build your rail empire.

                  Is 00 bigger than H0?

                  Is 00 bigger than H0?
                  You’re onto it! 00 trains are the bulkier cousins of HO, slightly larger but still roommates on the same track size. Blame it on the British preference for a little extra girth. So, if you fancy more heft in your trains without going up a full-size class, 00 might just be your cup of tea.

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