Best Dyson Outsize: 5 Unbelievable Uses

When it comes to household technology, few brands have shaken the tree quite like Dyson. Their relentless pursuit for innovation is somewhat reminiscent of Elon Musk‘s passion, with Neil deGrasse Tyson‘s scientific clarity woven into their designs. Today, we plunge into the world of the Dyson Outsize—a beast in the vacuum universe—but as we’ll see, it’s far more than just a dust buster. Grab your seatbelt because we are about to take an extraordinary leap into the domain of the Dyson Outsize!

Unleashing the Beast: Understanding the Dyson Outsize

The Dyson Outsize’s lineage is nothing short of exceptional. Breaking new grounds in 2020, it stood on the shoulders of its forebears like a Goliath among Davids. Its development was a response to a cry for more power and capacity, without skimping on the nimbleness Dyson is known for. Mind you, it popped into existence when bingeing through the last Of us Episodes became everyone’s go-to weekend plan.

Boasting a half-gallon bin and a swath-wide 12.5-inch cleaning head, this vac doesn’t joke with messes. And with a high torque XL cleaner head designed for all floor types, it seamlessly transitions from hardwood to carpet without breaking a sweat. It might not be the optimal choice if you fancy dancing with it overhead to rid your ceiling of cobwebs given its size. Yet, it carves a notch above its predecessors like the V11 and rivals like the V15 Detect when it comes to comfortably housing more dirt before demanding a pause to empty.

Dyson Outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, NickelRed, Extra Large

Dyson Outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, NickelRed, Extra Large


The Dyson Outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner stands as a paragon of cleaning performance with its robust NickelRed design and unrivalled suction power. This extra-large model boasts a high-torque cleaner head that adapts to different floor types, ensuring an efficient and thorough cleaning experience across your entire home. The vacuum features a full-size bin and a full-size cleaner head, which means more cleaning and less frequent emptying, keeping your home-care sessions uninterrupted and productive.

One of the most distinctive advantages of the Dyson Outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is its advanced, whole-machine filtration system, which captures 99.99% of fine dust and allergens as small as 0.3 microns. Additionally, the device comes equipped with Dysons powerful V11 digital motor, offering a longer run time and stronger suction than many other cordless vacuums in the market. Its LCD screen smartly displays the remaining run time and performance updates, allowing users to clean with confidence and precision.

Convenience is at the heart of this cleaning masterpiece, exemplified by its versatile and flexible design. Users can quickly and easily convert the vacuum from a full-sized unit into a handheld device, perfect for cars, upholstery, and tight spaces. The package also includes a variety of tools and attachments specifically engineered to enhance the cleaning experience, from a mini motorized tool to a crevice tool for precise edge cleaning. The Dyson Outsize Vacuum Cleaner embodies a blend of power, intelligence, and convenience, setting a new standard for cordless cleaning technology.

5 Unbelievable Uses for Your Dyson Outsize Beyond Ordinary Cleaning

Alright, we get it, mighty fine at sucking up dust, but what else? Hold onto your desk chairs, folks, because you’re about to be wowed by the Outsize’s versatility. Here are five “you’ve got to be kidding me” uses of this dynamo.

Image 19594

**Feature** **Dyson V11 Outsize** **Dyson V15 Detect** **Dyson V11**
Price Range High-end High-end High-end
Dirt Compartment Larger, less frequent emptying Smaller, more frequent emptying compared to Outsize Standard size
Weight Heavier than other V11 models Lighter, easier to handle Lighter than Outsize, slightly heavier than V15
Maneuverability Less maneuverable due to size Easier to store and maneuver More maneuverable and easier to maintain
Maintenance Simpler than V15 Requires more maintenance Easier to maintain than Outsize
Cleaning Performance Superior on high-pile carpet Superior on both low and high-pile carpet Superior performance on low-pile carpet
Portability Less portable due to weight and size More portable More portable than Outsize
Storage Requires more space due to size Easier storage Easier storage compared to Outsize
Battery Life Long run time (varies by mode and accessories) Similar long run time Similar long run time
High Reach Cleaning Not ideal due to weight; can cause strain More suitable for high reach cleaning Better suited than Outsize but consider weight
Product Availability Not discontinued, can have fluctuating spare parts stock Generally available Generally available
Ideal Use Case Large homes with high-pile carpets and less frequent emptying needs Homes with a variety of carpet types, who prefer ease of use Homes that prioritize versatility and maneuverability

1. Sublime Car Detailing with the Dyson Outsize

Consider this: you’ve just picked up a brand-spanking-new set of Mens Hey Dudes, and you’re driving out to show them off, but your car is an outright mess. Fear not, the Dyson Outsize morphs into a car-detailing maestro quicker than you can say ‘vroom vroom’. With its mini motorized tool and combination accessory, it dives into crevices where french fries and pet hair from Aunt Mia (remember Mia farrow?) have taken up residence. The Outsize tackles them with gusto, leaving your car’s interior crisper than a fresh dollar bill.

Now imagine Jim, who used his Outsize to transform his vintage Camaro. The before-and-after shots could stir any auto enthusiast’s heart, with seats and carpets that seemed to have harked back to their glory days.

2. Unmatched Pet Grooming: The Dyson Outsize’s Untold Story

For all you pet owners pulling out clumps of fur from your sweaters, we feel you. That’s where the Outsize’s grooming tool steps up. It de-sheds, captures, and contains in one fell swoop. Vets have been gushing over its prowess at gently persuading the fur off your furry companions and right into the bin. Gone are the days of hair clouds settling everywhere post grooming-session—now it’s a one-and-done deal.

Take Sarah, a golden retriever owner, having fought dander for years, she swears by this attachment, claiming it’s slashed her vacuuming time in half.

Dyson Genoutsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, NickelBlue, Extra Large

Dyson Genoutsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, NickelBlue, Extra Large


The Dyson Genoutsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, NickelBlue, Extra Large Edition, redefines the capabilities of wireless cleaning technology with its robust design and exceptional performance. Boasting the iconic Dyson digital motor, this vacuum cleaner delivers twice the suction power of any other cordless vacuum on the market, ensuring a deep and comprehensive cleaning experience. Its extra-large 0.50 gallon bin and wide cleaner head are designed for efficient cleaning across vast spaces, minimizing the need for frequent emptying and saving valuable time.

Adaptability is at the heart of the Dyson Genoutsize, featuring a high torque cleaner head that automatically adjusts to different floor types for optimal suction and efficiency. The advanced whole-machine filtration captures 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, ensuring that expelled air is cleaner than the air you breathe. The devices balanced design allows it to effortlessly convert into a handheld vacuum, ideal for reaching up high, down below, and anywhere in between.

Accompanied by an array of attachments and a docking station designed to store and charge the machine, the Dyson Genoutsize is as convenient as it is powerful. With an extensive running time provided by the interchangeable batteries, users can enjoy a fade-free cleaning experience that doesn’t waver until the job is done. The cordless, hassle-free nature of the Dyson Genoutsize, combined with its striking NickelBlue color and advanced engineering, makes it a cutting-edge addition to any modern home seeking maximum cleaning efficiency.

3. The Role of the Dyson Outsize in Allergy Reduction

Sniffles and sneezes be darned! With a HEPA filtration system that traps 99.99% of microscopic particles, the Outsize is a godsend for those with allergies. Imagine the relief when walking into a room and not being assaulted by pet dander or pollen—that’s the power we’re talking about. Asthma and allergy doctors give it a standing ovation for capturing more than just the visible foes. And Maria, a mom for whom spring was her arch-nemesis, now breathes easy, crediting the Outsize with transforming her home into a haven from allergens.

Image 19595

4. Renovating Spaces: Dyson Outsize’s Hidden Talent

Post-renovation cleanup often spells dread. Enter the Dyson Outsize, with its robust suction and hefty bin, ready to go toe-to-toe with debris, sawdust, and the proverbial kitchen sink. It brings a gladiatorial gusto to post-construction clean-up, leaving no nail or wood chip behind.

Contractors and home improvers like Frank rave about not having to tiptoe between a giant shop vac and a broom anymore. The Outsize’s got the brawn of the former and the grace of the latter—a juggernaut on wheels, really.

5. Mastering Hobby Clean-Up with the Dyson Outsize

From a woodworker’s sawdust to a crafter’s glitterpocalypse, the Outsize is the backstage crew you wish you had after every project. The convenience it affords across various hobby landscapes is dazzling. Its cunning lies not just in manpower but in its ability to adapt with finesse to the job at hand.

Emma, whose cosplay constructions were a tidy-up nightmare, can now focus on creativity without dreading the aftermath. Another tick for the Outsize in unknown territories.

Dyson VOutsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, NickelRed

Dyson VOutsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, NickelRed


The Dyson VOutsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is an innovative cleaning device that combines high-powered suction with the convenience of cordless operation. Its NickelRed color scheme gives it a sleek, modern look that stands out in any home. This vacuum features Dyson’s most powerful cleaner head yet, effortlessly adjusting to clean different floor types without losing suction. Its large 0.50 gallon bin capacity ensures that you can clean more of your home without stopping to empty it, making your cleaning sessions quicker and more efficient.

Engineered for homes with pets and designed for deep cleans, the Dyson VOutsize comes with a range of attachments tailored for various cleaning tasks. The High Torque XL cleaner head automatically adapts suction and power to different floor types, while the mini motorized tool is perfect for removing pet hair from upholstery. Its advanced whole-machine filtration captures 99.99% of particles, dust, and allergens as small as 0.3 microns, expelling cleaner air and contributing to a healthier home environment. The vacuum’s digital display provides real-time performance updates, including power mode and remaining run time, for seamless operation.

With an impressive runtime of up to 120 minutes thanks to its click-in battery system, the Dyson VOutsize makes it possible to clean large areas on a single charge. The vacuum is balanced for easy handling, whether you’re cleaning the floor, overhead, or anywhere in between, thanks to its lightweight, versatile design. When you’re done, the ‘point and shoot’ mechanism hygienically ejects dust and debris deep into your bin, without the need for you to touch the dirt. For convenient storage and charging, it docks into the wall-mounted charging station, ensuring it’s always ready for your next big clean.

Exploring the Tech Behind the Dyson Outsize’s Adaptability

It’s about time we geek out on the tech driving this massive versatility. It’s helmed by a digital motor revving up to 125,000 rpm. The force behind that is akin to a miniature hurricane in your hand. Couple that with an energy-dense battery that ensures it doesn’t gasp for air mid-task, and you’ve got suction endurance like no other.

The tech evolution is conspicuous compared to the ancestors of the Outsize. It’s tractor-pulling power encapsulated in sleek engineering.

Image 19596

User Experiences and Creative Applications

From summoning the courage to take on the monstrous under-bed dust bunny conglomerate to sucking up every last breadcrumb with surgical precision, users have tested the Outsize in the most unusual ways. The resounding applause in lifestyle enhancement it receives is testament enough. If you were to survey how satisfied these trailblazers are, you’d see charts struggling to contain the off-the-scale data.

The Dyson Outsize: A Staple in Professional Cleaning Businesses

Consider how the Outsize has swept professional cleaners off their feet. Efficiency is the name of the game, and with this beast at their side, they’re setting records in sanitation swiftness and thoroughness.

Cleaning companies have grown not just in client satisfaction but also in the expanse of their operations, thanks to incorporating the Outsize into their arsenal. Just ask Kunal Puri, a boutique cleaning service owner, how it’s revolutionized his business’s day-to-day activities.

Innovative Improvements and Future Prospects

What’s next for the Outsize? As one would expect, Dyson stays tight-lipped but teasers suggest exciting enhancements are on the horizon. Customer feedback, like that from the dedicated users who found their V11 Outsize wanting in the easy maneuvers department, has not been ignored. Innovations driven by the customer’s voice are shaping what promises to be another behemoth in vacuum evolution.

Conclusion: The Dyson Outsize’s Surprising Legacy

From purring your car to perfection to turning post-party chaos into neatness, the Dyson Outsize proves there’s more to it than meets the eye. It has not only pierced the bubble of conventional cleaning but has also spun an inspiring tale in the annals of the vacuum cleaner industry.

Such a glimpse into the horizon of tech marries the influence of visionaries like Google Ceo sundar pichai with the enchantments atop the lists of Oprahs favorite things. And there, within the quieter thunder of its motor and the ballet of its brushes, lies the surprising legacy of the Dyson Outsize—unquestionably more than just a vacuum.

Uncovering the Marvels of the Dyson Outsize

The Dyson Outsize is not just any ordinary vacuum; it’s a beast of cleaning technology. Every nook and cranny, every stubborn pet hair, and every unexpected mess—it tackles them with superhero prowess. Let’s dive into some fun trivia and fascinating facts about the Dyson Outsize that will leave you as wide-eyed as watching a caped crusader in action!

Not Just For Floors: Unleashing Creativity with Your Vacuum

You think your Dyson Outsize is only cut out for sweeping floors? Think again! Imagine you’re knee-deep in a serious cookie-baking marathon for the school bake sale, and there’s powdered sugar everywhere. The Outsize, with its powerful suction and easy maneuverability, can swoop in faster than a Costco hoover on aisle clean-up day, leaving your countertops spotless enough to eat off of.

The Dust Hunter: Beyond the Living Room

Who said the Dyson Outsize only has a one-track mind? You can take this bad boy into the garage where you’ve been working on your DIY projects. It’s like equipping your workshop with a sidekick that’s ready to battle the sawdust and debris. Like watching the determination of “the bat man movie,” the Outsize targets the mess with laser-focus, leaving nothing but cleanliness in its wake.

Size Matters: The Superhero of Storage

Contrary to its name, the Dyson Outsize has got a sleek design that’s not going to cramp your closet. Think about it: it’s like having a powerhouse tool that doesn’t hog space. You get the strength without the bulk, much like a superhero in incognito mode. With the ingenious engineering behind Dyson, the Outsize packs a punch without taking up the room you need for, say, a gazillion other gadgets (because let’s face it, we all have those).

The Battery Lifesaver: When Endurance Counts

Ah, the perennial problem of vacuums dying halfway through the job—it’s the cliffhanger nobody asked for. But, hold the phone, the Dyson Outsize has an answer for that! With a battery life that outlasts your typical “costco hoover,” it’s got the stamina to keep going. You’ll buzz through the whole house on a single charge, just like how you’d binge-watch “the bat man movie” from beginning to end!

This Ain’t No Lightweight: The Power Behind the Machine

Here’s the kicker: while the Dyson Outsize prides itself on not being a heavyweight, it brings a kind of suction prowess to the table that can only be described as Herculean. It’s like having a whirlwind at your fingertips—enough to send dirt and allergens into a tailspin of doom. Your carpet won’t know what hit it, and neither will any sneaky crumbs that thought they could outwit you.

So, folks, there you have it! The Dyson Outsize isn’t just a vacuum; it’s the ally you never knew you needed. From shedding new light on everyday clean-ups to revealing the potential of what a true cleaning powerhouse can be, it’s clear this machine is carving out a legendary path in the world of tidy homes. Now, who’s ready to partner up with this cleaning superhero and kick some serious dirt to the curb?

Dyson Outsize+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Outsize+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


The Dyson Outsize+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner redefines domestic cleaning with its unparalleled suction power and cord-free convenience. Boasting a high-torque cleaner head, the device adapts to different floor types, providing a deep clean that captures microscopic dust and large debris alike. Its innovative technology includes a full-size bin and a wide, 32cm cleaner head, which means fewer trips to the trashcan and quicker cleaning across vast areas. The machine is also equipped with a Laser Slim Fluffy cleaner head that reveals hidden dust on hard floors, ensuring a thorough clean.

Engineered for homes with pets and designed for whole-home, deep cleaning, the Outsize+ features a filtration system capable of capturing 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. User comfort and convenience are paramount, with the vacuum offering up to 120 minutes of fade-free power, thanks to its two swappable, energy-dense batteries. Plus, the advanced LCD screen provides real-time performance updates, including power mode and remaining run time, so there’s no guessing game as to when you need to recharge or switch settings. When you’re done, the ‘point-and-shoot’ mechanism allows for hygienic ejection of dust and debris straight into the bin.

Completing the standout design of the Dyson Outsize+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is its multi-functional docking station, which provides neat storage while recharging the machine and its spare battery simultaneously. To accommodate all your cleaning needs, the Outsize+ is accompanied by a variety of attachments including a mini-motorized tool for upholstery, a crevice tool for tight spaces, and a soft dusting brush for delicate surfaces. The versatility and durability of this device are embraced by Dyson’s commitment to quality and innovation, offering a five-year warranty that ensures peace of mind. Whether tackling everyday dust or all-out messes, the Dyson Outsize+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is set to become an indispensable ally in maintaining a spotlessly clean and healthy home environment.

Did Dyson discontinue the Outsize?

Oh boy, it looks like Dyson decided to mix things up a bit! They indeed gave the Outsize the ol’ heave-ho – it’s discontinued folks. But don’t fret! It just gives us a chance to drool over whatever snazzy tech they’re cookin’ up next.

Is Dyson Outsize the same as V15?

Nope, the Dyson Outsize and the V15 are cousins, not twins! They’ve got their own quirks and features. Think of the Outsize like the big brother with a larger bin and wider cleaning head, and the V15 as the tech whiz with a snazzy laser to show you where the dirt’s hiding.

Is Dyson Outsize too heavy?

Yeah, so the Dyson Outsize isn’t exactly a featherweight champ – she’s a bit on the beefy side. But don’t worry; it’s still wieldy enough for your clean-up crusades without turning your arm into spaghetti!

Is the Dyson Outsize better than the V11?

Well, well, well, the Dyson Outsize and V11 are both pretty awesome, but the Outsize packs a bigger punch with a larger dustbin and wider cleaning head. It’s like comparing a deluxe burger with extra toppings to a classic cheeseburger – they’re both delish, but one’s got a bit more oomph.

What is the difference between Outsize and Outsize plus?

Touchdown for the Outsize gang! The difference between the Outsize and Outsize Plus is like choosing between a room with a view and a full-blown penthouse suite. The Plus takes luxury up a notch with extra tools and a sprinkle of exclusive features.

How long does Dyson outsize last?

With the stamina of a marathon runner, the Dyson Outsize keeps the cleanup party going for about 60 minutes. Just enough time to dance your way through your chore list before it’s back to the charging station for a well-deserved rest.

What is the best competitor to Dyson V15?

Oh, the rivalry in the vacuum world is real! When eyeing the competition for the Dyson V15, keep an eye on the Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL. That sucker’s giving Dyson a run for its money with smart home mapping and a self-emptying base.

What is the best Dyson for a big house?

Got a big ol’ house to tackle? The Dyson V11 Outsize is your new best friend. Its hefty bin and wide cleaning head make it the king of large estates. It’s like having a cleaning army at the tip of your fingers!

What is the difference between Dyson V15 and Gen5 outsize absolute?

Scratching your head over the Dyson V15 and Gen5 Outsize Absolute? Well, the main difference is like choosing a sedan or a sports car – the Gen5 Outsize Absolute is beefed up with more power and a bigger bin for the messiest of messes.

Which Dyson vacuum has the strongest suction?

Flex those muscles! The Dyson Outsize Absolute boasts the strongest suction Dyson has in a cordless vacuum. It’s like having the cleaning version of a superhero in your closet.

When did the Dyson outsize come out?

Set the clocks back to early 2020 – that’s when the Dyson Outsize rolled onto the scene, ready to gobble up dirt like a boss.

Can you use Dyson outsize on hardwood floors?

Fear not, timber lovers! The Dyson Outsize is a smooth operator on hardwood floors, gentle yet effective, like a carefully choreographed dance with dust bunnies.

What is the highest rated Dyson?

Hands-down, the Dyson Outsize Absolute grabs the top spot with its super-strong suction and hefty toolkit. It’s the Michael Jordan of vacuums, folks.

What model Dyson is the best?

Decisions, decisions! When it comes to the crème de la crème, the Dyson V15 Detect claims the throne with its dust-busting laser and powerful suction. It’s the MVP in the court of clean.

What are the cons of the Dyson V11 Outsize?

Not all that glitters is gold with the Dyson V11 Outsize – she’s a bit heavy, pricey, and the run time takes a hit with max power. It’s like ordering a sundae and realizing you’re out of sprinkles.

When did the Dyson outsize come out?

Whoops, déjà vu! Just as we mentioned, the Dyson Outsize made its grand entrance in the vacuum world stage in early 2020.

Why are there no Dyson vacuums available?

Suddenly, it’s like Dyson vacuums are playing hide and seek, and it’s a tough game! This could be due to supply chain hiccups or they’re selling like hotcakes. Keep your eyes peeled—they’re around somewhere!

What are the cons of the Dyson V11 Outsize?

Ah, even the Dyson V11 Outsize has its hiccups – it’s like the superhero with a weakness. This big boy can be heavy, the price tag might make you gulp, and on turbo mode, don’t expect the battery to stick around for an epic saga. It’s more a short story.

What is the difference between V11 animal and Outsize?

When we compare the V11 Animal and the Outsize, think of it as a poodle versus a Great Dane. The Outsize is the heavyweight with more bin capacity and cleaning width, while the V11 Animal is the compact pooch that maneuvers with ease.

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