Best Come Along Tool: 5 Unbelievable Picks

As far back as the Pyramids, humanity has been on a quest to move the immovable, leveraging whatever technology was at hand. Fast forward to today, and the come along tool stands as a testament to how far we’ve heaved our way forward. It’s a manual device—straight out of a giant’s toolkit—making it possible for mere mortals to move hefty loads with their hands. As we launch into a comprehensive journey through the world of come along tools, buckle up: we’re not just lifting objects here; we’re hoisting the whole topic into the limelight.

1. Maasdam Pow’R Pull – A Legacy of Leverage

Maasdam’s Pow’R Pull is like the Superman of come along tools – it’s got an incredible lift capacity of 2500 lbs and a bullish pull of 5000 lbs to boot! With a long 24-inch handle imparting maximum leverage, and a wire rope cable that’s 1/4” thick, you’ve got a swivel hook on one end and a pulley on the other just daring you to challenge it.

What truly sets it apart is its craftsmanship. This isn’t just a tool; it’s a legacy wrapped in a rugged steel frame. It boasts a safety-conscious design, with a ratcheting system that clicks with the reassuring sound of reliability. When you’ve got a Maasdam at your side, you’re wielding decades of trusted know-how. As stories swirl amongst workers of the Maasdam’s might, just imagine the nod of approval from someone like Bokeem woodbine when encountering such steadfast utility.

Performance Tool Dual Gear Power Puller Ton Capacity Winch With ‘ aircraft cable

Performance Tool Dual Gear Power Puller   Ton Capacity Winch With ' aircraft cable


The Performance Tool Dual Gear Power Puller is a robust and reliable tool designed to tackle heavy lifting and pulling tasks with ease. Boasting a hefty 4-ton capacity, this winch is an indispensable piece of equipment for mechanics, construction workers, and anyone requiring significant hauling power. The confidence in its strength comes from its rugged steel construction and sturdy dual gear system, which provides added stability and control during operation.

One of the standout features of the Power Puller is its impressive 30-foot aircraft cable, engineered to withstand intense pressure and resist abrasion and corrosion. This high-quality cable ensures a long service life and consistent performance, even under the most demanding circumstances. Precision casting and smooth operation of the ratchet and pawl mechanisms make it easy to apply the exact amount of force needed for each job.

Safety is of paramount importance with any mechanical device, and the Performance Tool Dual Gear Power Puller does not fall short in this area. Its automatic notch-at-a-time letdown release function ensures that users can maintain maximum control when lowering loads. Also, the oversized cushion grip and non-slip handles provide comfort and reduce hand fatigue, ensuring secure operation during prolonged use. This power puller proves to be as reliable in safety as it is in power, fulfilling the needs of professionals looking for a trustworthy tool.

2. TEKTON Power Puller – Versatility Meets Value

Picture this: the TEKTON Power Puller is like the Jack-of-all-trades in your toolbox. It doesn’t just pull its weight—it pulls way beyond it. And here’s the kicker – it delivers without digging deep into your wallet.

Versatility is its middle name. Need to tow a car from a ditch in Forks, WA? TEKTON’s got you. How about stretching some fence wire tighter than a drum? No sweat. With a similar capacity to its beefier brethren, it defies its price tag, extending a welcoming hand to the budget-conscious who still demand quality. Just like Carrie Hen innovates on the canvas, TEKTON innovates in your hand, moulding versatility and value into every pull.

Image 19403

Attribute Details
Name Come Along Tool
Also Known As Wire Rope Hand Ratchet Puller
Type Manual Winch
Primary Use Moving heavy loads by hand
Date Mentioned September 18, 2019
Mechanism Hand-operated ratchet with gear pulley system
Lift Capacity 2500 lbs (Approx. 1134 kg)
Pulling Capacity 5000 lbs (Approx. 2268 kg)
Handle Length 24 inches (Approx. 61 cm) for maximum leverage
Cable Thickness 1/4 inch (Approx. 0.635 cm)
Cable Type Wire Rope
Hook Swivel hook on fixed end
Pulley Located on the movable end
Price Range Varies by brand and retailer, approximately $25 to $150 USD

3. Warn Portable Electric Winches – High-Tech Hauling

Now, if you fancy something with a little more buzz, the Warn portable electric winches are your electrifying comrades. This isn’t just a come along tool; it’s a symbol of mechanized might, whispering of untamed wilds and the call to adventure.

Warn winches are the Akuma street fighter of the come along world. They hook up to a power source and bring sheer muscle to the game. With a touch of a button, they haul assets over rough-and-tumble terrain, epitomizing ease of use with relentless power. Ideal for vehicle recovery or jobs requiring a lengthy reach, these winches offer next-level dynamics, much likened to the transformative recoilless rifle – forward-thinking designs for forward-thinking work.

4. Wyeth-Scott More Power Puller – Classic Design, Modern Efficiency

Take a gander at the Wyeth-Scott More Power Puller, and you may be forgiven for thinking you’ve time-traveled. With a design that whispers sweet nothings to tradition, it’s as classic as they come.

But don’t let its old-school charm fool you. Like a carefully aged Lanisha Cole photograph, it harbors an ineffable quality, transcending time with a combination of impeccable strength and enduring simplicity. Its steel construction endures, and the cable length caters to modern efficiency. It’s the embodiment of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” yet its performance could easily rub shoulders with the innovators of our era.

ANBULL Lever Chain Hoist, LBS FT T Manual Ratchet Chain Puller Hoist wPortable Hooks for Building Garages Warehouse Automotive Machinery

ANBULL Lever Chain Hoist, LBS FT T  Manual Ratchet Chain Puller Hoist wPortable Hooks for Building Garages Warehouse Automotive Machinery


The ANBULL Lever Chain Hoist is a robust manual lifting device engineered with reliability and safety in mind. Offering an impressive load capacity, it is designed to handle the demanding lifting requirements in building garages, warehouses, and for automotive and machinery applications. This lever hoist boasts durable construction with industrial-grade materials, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. Its solid build is accompanied by a smooth ratchet mechanism that allows for precise load control.

Ease of use is a key feature of this manual chain hoist, which comes with a user-friendly lever handle that provides excellent grip and leverage for efficient load lifting. The device is equipped with portable hooks that are both sturdy and swivel-friendly, enabling convenient attachment to a wide range of fixtures and loads. The compact design of the ANBULL Lever Chain Hoist makes it highly portable, allowing users to transport it between different work sites without hassle. Moreover, its simplicity in design ensures that users can operate it with minimal training.

The ANBULL Lever Chain Hoist stands as a practical solution for those in need of a cost-effective yet powerful manual hoisting option. Its low maintenance requirements and easy-to-operate feature appeal to professionals who value time and efficiency in their operations. Encased in a protective housing, the chain and mechanism are shielded against debris and wear, making the hoist a reliable tool for even the harshest working conditions. Whether for construction, industrial lifting, or machine maintenance, this lever chain hoist provides the strength and dependability workers can count on.

5. Neiko Heavy-Duty Cable Puller – The Industrial Contender

Sometimes, you need a Hercules. Enter the Neiko Heavy-Duty Cable Puller. It’s not just tough, it’s downright burly, constructed with the industrial soul in mind—ready to stare down the barrel of the toughest tasks.

Armed with an arsenal of endurance and brute force, the Neiko come along tool delivers in situations where others might buckle. It’s the rugged partner for construction sites, shipping yards, or anywhere that calls for a relentless grip and an unyielding attitude. Think of it as the omni-tool—akin to protective Pouches, holding strong where others might fray and falter.

Image 19404

Come Along Tool Evolution: Engineering and Design

Holy nuts and bolts! The engineering behind come along tools is like a behind-the-scenes look at a blockbuster film; it’s where the magic happens. From the gear ratios to the ratcheting mechanisms, these tools are marvels of mechanical ingenuity, a symphony of forces and materials science at play. The evolution from rudimentary pulleys to the advanced models of today is a riveting tale of human ingenuity overcoming brute resistance.

The Art of Choosing Your Come Along Tool: A Buyer’s Guide

Alright, folks, picking a come along tool isn’t like choosing ice cream flavors; there’s a lot on the line—literally. This buyer’s guide doesn’t mess around; it gets down to the nitty-gritty. From weight capacities and build materials to ergonomics and safety features, we walk you through a pithy playbook of what to look for, ensuring you can sling that 5000 lb weight with confidence, not trepidation.

VEVOR Come Along Winch, Ton (,lbs) Pulling Capacity, ft Steel Cable, Hooks, Heavy Duty Ratchet Power Puller Tool with Dual Gears, Automotive Hoist Cable Puller Ideal for Vehic

VEVOR Come Along Winch, Ton (,lbs) Pulling Capacity, ft Steel Cable, Hooks, Heavy Duty Ratchet Power Puller Tool with Dual Gears, Automotive Hoist Cable Puller Ideal for Vehic


The VEVOR Come Along Winch is a robust and versatile tool designed to handle heavy loads with its impressive ton (,lbs) pulling capacity, making it an essential piece of equipment for towing, vehicle recovery, and other demanding applications. This powerful ratchet power puller is equipped with a sturdy ft steel cable that ensures durability and longevity, even under strenuous conditions. Additionally, the winch features hooks on either end, providing secure attachment points for easy and reliable operation when maneuvering vehicles, machinery, or heavy cargo.

Engineered with user convenience in mind, this heavy-duty winch boasts a dual gear system that ensures smooth and controlled pulling. The dual gears offer increased power and efficiency, allowing the operator to effortlessly manage the load with minimal physical strain. Moreover, the robust construction of the power puller tool guarantees that it can withstand the rigors of everyday use in tough environments, such as automotive shops, construction sites, and farms.

The VEVOR Come Along Winch is not just powerful but also safe and easy to use, making it the perfect automotive hoist cable puller for those stranded in vehicle rescue scenarios or in need of a reliable pulling tool. The ergonomic handle and ratchet mechanism are designed for comfortable use, reducing hand fatigue and enhancing the user’s pulling leverage. With this heavy-duty tool, users can confidently tackle the most challenging tasks, assured that they have the power and dependability to get the job done.

Real-World Applications: Come Along Tools in Action

Nothing beats a field day to see these tools strut their stuff. We’ve got stories that’ll make your jaw drop, like when a come along tool saved the day in a pitch against Mother Nature or kept workers safe while they wrangled with the forces of gravity. We provide a stage for these titans among tools, highlighting their undisputed value across myriad scenarios.

Image 19405

Maintaining Your Come Along Tool: Tips and Tricks

Your come along tool is your trusty sidekick, and no superhero worth their cape neglects their trusty sidekick. From lube jobs that would make a pit crew proud to storage secrets that preside over pristine conditions, we’ve got maintenance tips that will extend the life of your tool like a well-stored Google Workspace Promo code — always ready when you need it.

Conclusion: Revolutionizing Manual Labor with Innovation

Truly, the come along tool stands as a profound emblem of progress, a bridge between sheer human will and the ponderous loads that await our ambition. Through our exploration of the crème de la crème of come along tools, it’s clear they are more than just accessories to manual labor; they are the stalwarts of innovation, the silent heroes making a world of difference one pull at a time. As we peek over the edge at what the future may hold for these devices, one thing’s for certain: the legacy of lifting is only getting started.

Unbelievable Trivia: The Come Along Tool

Alright, gear up because we’re about to dive into some fun tidbits and nifty facts about that marvelous gizmo, the come along tool. So, hold on to your hard hats!

Did Someone Say Vampire Tools?

Okay, not the bloodsucking kind, but did you know that the come along tool has some serious roots in Forks, Washington? Yep, that’s right, the same place famed for its rain and, uh, vampires thanks to a certain teen saga. But before it got all cinematic, Forks had quite the reputation for its logging industry. These handy devices, believe it or not, were like a logger’s best buddy. They’d “come along” (see what we did there?) to assist in dragging and lifting those colossal trees. It’s no wonder Forks, WA, is whispered with reverence when old-timers chew the fat about the golden days of logging snoop around the mysteries of this cloudy enclave, and you might just unearth a reverence for the come along tool that rivals its vampire lore.

Pulling More Than Just Weight

Now, don’t go thinking this nifty invention has just one trick up its sleeve. Nope, it’s about as versatile as a Swiss Army knife at a camping jamboree. I mean, these bad boys are used for everything from hoisting engines out of cars to tensioning wires and even helping to rescue big animals! Ever seen a horse stuck in a ditch? Call in a come along tool, and you’ve got yourself a real-life equine superhero. Who needs a cape when you’ve got a steel cable and a ratcheting handle, right?

A “Come Along” Way

The come along tool might look like a chunk of metal, but let me tell you, this gadget has evolved. From humble beginnings of hook and pulley systems, nowadays, it boasts high-grade steel and precise engineering. It’s rugged, reliable, and, heck, if come along tools could talk, they’d have some rip-roaring tales to tell. So, next time you’re cranking one of these puppies, just think, you’re literally pulling years of innovation with each click.

It’s Not All Heavy Lifting…

Here’s a quirky one for ya – apart from all the brawn, the come along tool can be a bit of an artist, too! Yeah, you read that right. Sculptors and installation artists have been spotted using these powerhouse tools to precisely position large and unwieldy art pieces. Who said that brute force couldn’t finesse the finer things in life, eh?

So there you have it! Whether it’s a nod to its “bite” in Forks, WA or it’s an unexpected artistic muse, the come along tool seamlessly merges strength with versatility. Next time you lay eyes on one of these beauts, you’ll know it’s not just a piece of equipment; it’s a piece of history — tough as nails and just as sharp!

NEIKO A Come Along Winch, Ton (,Lbs) Pulling Capacity, Ft, Hook, Heavy Duty Power Cable Come Along Tool with Dual Gears, Hand Winch Cable, Automotive Hoist Winch Puller, Recov

NEIKO A Come Along Winch, Ton (,Lbs) Pulling Capacity, Ft, Hook, Heavy Duty Power Cable Come Along Tool with Dual Gears, Hand Winch Cable, Automotive Hoist Winch Puller, Recov


The NEIKO Come Along Winch is a robust and versatile tool designed for heavy-duty applications, boasting a 2-ton (4,000 lbs) pulling capacity to tackle challenging lifting, pulling, or dragging tasks with ease. Its sturdy 20-foot-long steel cable provides ample reach for a wide range of uses, from automotive recovery to moving heavy equipment or hoisting construction materials. Equipped with a heavy gauge hook, this winch ensures secure attachment and reliable performance, making it an essential addition to any workshop, garage, or construction site.

Engineered for efficiency, the NEIKO Come Along Winch features a dual-gear mechanism that maximizes pulling power while minimizing the effort required from the user. The winch’s smooth and ergonomic handles provide a comfortable grip, allowing for sustained use without the strain associated with lower-quality models. Moreover, the hand winch cable is designed to wind neatly onto the spool, preventing tangling and ensuring a hassle-free operation every time.

As a testament to its durability and longevity, the NEIKO Come Along Winch is constructed with heavy-duty steel, rendering it tough enough to withstand the rigors of constant use in even the most demanding environments. This powerhouse of a winch also serves as an essential recovery gear item for off-roading enthusiasts and professionals who need a reliable solution for vehicle recovery scenarios. With the versatility to fulfill multiple roles, the NEIKO Come Along Winch is the ultimate tool for anyone in need of a high-performing, mechanical advantage on their side.

What is a come along tool?

Oh, a come along tool? That’s your go-to gadget for pulling or tensioning, like a portable hand-operated winch, usually with a ratchet to haul in cables or chains. It’s a real arm-saver for tough pulling jobs.

What is a come along tool called?

Well, folks call a come along tool a “power puller,” too. It’s got a bunch of nicknames, but they all hint at the muscle this little guy packs for hauling heavy loads.

What is the difference between a winch and a come along?

So, what sets a winch apart from a come along? Think of it this way: a winch usually winds up on a drum and is often motorized, perfect for longer distances. A come along? That’s your manual buddy, ideal for shorter, more precise tugs where you need to feel the tension.

How much weight can a come along pull?

“You won’t believe this, but a come along can pull a ton! Some models can handle up to several tons, so these bad boys really pack a punch for their size.

Why is it called a come along?

Now, why the heck is it called a come along? It’s kinda like it’s coaxing stuff to move. “Come along now,” like you’re urging a stubborn mule to get moving.

What is the purpose of a come along?

The purpose of a come along? To pull, lift, or stretch things into place without breaking a sweat. It’s like having a Hulk hidden in your toolbox, but with a way better temper.

How much can a 2 ton come along pull?

A 2 ton come along, you ask? Oh, it can pull a whopping 4,000 pounds! That’s like towing two grand pianos up a hill without even batting an eye.

Is a come along a cable puller?

Is a come along a cable puller? You bet! While it can work with chains, the heart and soul of many come along tools is a strong, sturdy cable ready to take on the heavy-duty tugging.

Can you use a chain hoist as a come along?

Using a chain hoist as a come along? That’s like using a butter knife to cut steak. Hoists are meant for lifting straight up, while come alongs are born for pulling horizontally.

Is a come along the same as a lever hoist?

And talking about muscle, is a come along the same as a lever hoist? Close cousins, maybe. The major difference is lever hoists are more about lifting, while come alongs love to pull.

What is a female winch?

A female winch? That’s not something you’ll find in the tool shed. Winches don’t come gendered; they’re just winches, ready to wind up whatever you throw at them, no matter the pronouns.

What is the difference between a chain puller and a come along?

Chain puller or come along, what’s the skinny? They’re pretty much in the same family. A chain puller might sound tough, but a come along can switch between chains and cables. Versatile, huh?

Can you use a come along for lifting?

Now, can you use a come along for lifting? Eh, not the best idea. They’re more about the horizontal heave-ho. For straight-up lifting, you’ll want to buddy up with a hoist.

How do you release the tension on a come along?

Releasing tension on a come along? Easy peasy. Just nudge the release lever—carefully now—and slowly let that tension off like air from a balloon. Safety first, okay?

Can you use a come along as a winch?

Using a come along as a winch? Well, in a pinch. While it’s not made for long-haul pulling like a winch, a come along can fill in if you’re in a tight spot and need some pulling power.

What is an example of come along?

An example of come along? Picture this: You’ve got a fallen tree that needs to scoot over. Whip out the come along, hook it up, and ratchet away—pretty soon, that tree’s moving like it’s got legs.

What is the difference between a chain puller and a come along?

Between a chain puller and a come along, remember, it’s like choosing between sneakers and work boots—it depends on the job. But for versatility, the come along is your jack-of-all-trades.

What is the difference between a chain fall and a come along?

Chain fall, come along, what’s the diff? Well, a chain fall’s main gig is lifting vertically thanks to gravity, while a come along is the Tarzan of the tool world—it’s all about pulling through tough spots.

Is a come along a cable puller?

And yeah, it’s worth saying twice—a come along really is a cable puller. It’s one of its superpowers, along with handling chains for those tougher-than-nails jobs.

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