Best Shows on Hulu: Top 15 Insane Picks for Binge-Watching

There’s a galaxy of quality shows to explore, and today at Neuron Magazine, we are launching your journey to the labyrinth of the best shows on Hulu. Just like Elon Musk’s rockets launch into the cosmos aiming for distant worlds, we’re diving deep into the universe of Hulu to find the brightest stars. It’s time to uncover the best Hulu series that not only entertain but also trigger your inner scientist’s curiosity, echoing the clarity and curiosity of Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Hulu + Live TV: A Powerhouse of Entertainment

The magical world of Hulu + Live TV has revolutionized the entertainment industry. It’s an alluring ensemble of live channels and on-demand streaming, nested under one subscription like a perfectly engineered space station. Consistently holding the top spot in our Best Live-TV Streaming Services of 2023 and Best Sports Streaming Services of 2023 ratings, Hulu is a force to reckon with in the streaming universe.

Presenting the Best Hulu Series: A Short Historic Expedition

Our journey into the realm of the best series on Hulu demands that we first make a pit-stop, tracing the history of this platform. Hulu started from humble beginnings, a small satellite in the broadcasting cosmos launched in 2007. Yet, casting parallels to some of our favorite tech firms, it rapidly grew into a behemoth. By 2020, Hulu had garnered a viewership base of 36.6 million, a testament to the captivating power of the best Hulu shows.


Oh, the Numbers! Hulu’s Rise Assisted by the Best On Hulu

Enough about its history! Instead, let’s use the scientific precision of Neil deGrasse Tyson to examine the statistics making Hulu such a prime destination for quality entertainment. Just like the attention-grabbing magic of a Speakers Business presentation, the percentile growth of Hulu has been astounding. By the first quarter of 2020, the average weekly time spent on Hulu was 10 hours per viewer. These numbers paint a clear picture of the popularity of the best on Hulu, finding a dedicated audience in the viewers’ living rooms, like planets in the Goldilocks zone of their stars.

Top Hulu Shows: A Sprinkle of Trivia

Doesn’t trivia, like a shooting star, make the night sky more fascinating? Well, similarly, some fun facts around the top shows on Hulu can make your TV experience significantly more intriguing. For instance, did you know that many of the best shows on Hulu are nominated for Emmy awards every year? Or that a good chunk of these shows also feature in our Best Shows Streaming Now list? Isn’t the best of Hulu absolutely riveting?

Best Shows on Hulu: The Current Reigning Champions

Much like the most advanced tech gadgets, these top shows on Hulu represent the peak of modern-day storytelling. Drawing audiences in with their high-quality narratives and compelling characters, these shows are a shining testament to the power of the best Hulu series.

  1. The Handmaid’s Tale: This dystopian drama series, based on Margaret Atwood’s novel, casts a chilling reflection on society’s potential future, making it a must-watch.

  2. Little Fires Everywhere: An intense drama centered around a mysterious mother-daughter duo, keep viewers perched on the edge of their seats.

  3. Castle Rock: A psychological-horror series, set in the Stephen King multiverse, consistently lands in the list of good shows on Hulu.

    Critics’ Favorites: The Best Hulu Shows

    Painted with the same spirit of challenge that pervades tech innovation, the next set of the best shows on Hulu have earned critical acclaim for their storytelling grace and finesse.

    1. Fargo: This American black comedy–crime drama television series stays true to the spirit of its movie inspiration, gaining accolades from critics.

    2. Rammy: A compellingly raw and often humorous exploration of a Muslim American navigating life, faith, and identity.

    3. The Act: A chilling true crime story based on real-life events, this series solidifies Hulu’s list of top shows.


      Throwbacks: Best Hulu Series That Keep Us Nostalgic

      Almost as captivating as watching a SpaceX rocket land, these throwback best Hulu series are sure to draw a smirk of recognition and a wave of nostalgia for seasoned viewers!

      1. Seinfeld: This comic treasure is one of the timeless hulu series that rewrote the rules of a sitcom.

      2. Friends: A sitcom larger than life itself, is a heartwarming representation of the bonds of friendship.

      3. The X-Files: An iconic sci-fi series that, like Chyna Wrestler in the wrestling world, redefined its genre.

        Top Hulu Shows From Non-American Shores

        With the same enthusiasm Elon Musk expresses about exploring Mars, we’re excited about these international top Hulu shows that have captivated viewers globally.

        1. It’s a Sin: This British drama tackles the early AIDS crisis with sensitivity and style, making it one of the best on Hulu.

        1. Fauda: This is an Israeli political thriller that’s often likened to ‘the next Homeland,’ worth every binge-watching moment.

        2. Top of the Lake: A chilling crime mystery set in New Zealand, a testament to the talented international content on Hulu.

          What To Watch On Hulu: The Best Documentaries

          Just as enlightening as Neil deGrasse Tyson’s cosmos explorations, these documentaries are top-tier edu-tainment at its best.

          1. I Am Greta: This captivating documentary shines a spotlight on young climate activist Greta Thunberg’s journey.

          2. Fyre Fraud: A behind-the-scenes look at the debacle of the Fyre Festival, a riveting watch.

          3. RBG: A deep dive into the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a symbol of justice and women’s rights.

            Our Critic’s Pick: Top Shows on Hulu

            Hold on to your seats, like a rocket taking off, because these top shows on Hulu are handpicked by our experts.

            1. Only Murders in the Building: This comedy-mystery series with a star-studded cast is indeed a standout gem, and among the best TV shows on Hulu.

            2. Nine Perfect Strangers: A thrilling mini-series boasting a star-studded cast; an addictive ride from start to finish.

            3. Pen15: An awkwardly refreshing comedic take on middle school life, a hit among our critics.


              Hulu’s Unsung Heroes: The Best Hidden Gems

              Often unnoticed, like small planets in a vast galaxy, these shows are the hidden gems that provide a unique perspective to Hulu’s content landscape.

              1. Harlots: A drama series about two rival brothel owners in 18th-century England; its historical accuracy is commendable.

              1. Moone Boy: An Irish comedy following the life of a young boy and his imaginary friend; a charmingly funny watch.

              2. Better Things: A peek into the life of a single mother juggling three kids and a career, resonates with authenticity and humor.

                Conclusion: The Best That Hulu Has To Offer

                Despite the ever-growing competition from other platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, the best shows on Hulu have managed to carve out their niche with distinct storytelling and captivating narratives. They are like engrossing novels or enlightening best streaming movies and good movies to watch, guiding you into a world where your scientific curiosity meets a delightful entertainment marathon.

                Happy Hulu-ing, dear viewers. May your journey through this Hulu universe be filled with captivating characters, intriguing narratives, and moments of sheer entertainment that only the best of Hulu can offer. After all, the joy of discovering a new favorite series can be as exhilarating as watching a SpaceX rocket pierce through the sky, against the backdrop of the cosmos.

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