7 Shocking Facts About My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Unveiling My Super Ex-Girlfriend: A Closer Look at the Cult Classic

When “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” hit theaters, it zipped through the skyline of superhero flicks and rom-coms, offering a gutsy blend no one knew they needed. With Uma Thurman donning the cape and Luke Wilson playing the charmer in distress, this flick took the love battle to the skies, quite literally. Now, let’s orbit back to 2006 – the year when this quirky tale soared and occasionally crash-landed into the hearts of viewers, making it a cult classic against all odds!

A Super Tale Revisited: The Origin and Impact of My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Directed by Ivan Reitman and penned by Don Payne, My Super Ex-Girlfriend is more than your standard breakup saga. Imagine your ex could hurl sharks at you faster than a 409 area code number comes up on your caller ID. That’s the kind of intense Jenny Johnson, a.k.a. G-Girl, brings to Matt Saunders’s world.

Years after its release, it’s still a topic of debate and fond nostalgia. Its cheeky take on superhero tropes continues to resonate, while subtle nods to more profound themes keep it relevant long past its box office days. Like a hero’s cape caught in the wind, it flutters on the fringe of our collective pop culture memory.

My Super Ex Girlfriend

My Super Ex Girlfriend


My Super Ex Girlfriend is an imaginative and humorous romantic comedy on Blu-ray that combines the superhero genre with the ups and downs of modern relationships. This action-packed movie centers around Matt Saunders, an average guy who discovers that his demanding girlfriend, Jenny Johnson, is actually the city’s savior, G-Girl. After a tempestuous breakup, Jenny doesn’t take the rejection lightly and uses her powers to make Matt’s life a living nightmare, humorously exploring the consequences of breaking up with someone who has super abilities. The film stars Uma Thurman as the unstoppable G-Girl and Luke Wilson as the hapless Matt, both delivering performances that mix comedy, heart, and a touch of the fantastic.

The special features of this Blu-ray, including behind-the-scenes commentary, deleted scenes, and a making-of documentary, offer fans an in-depth look at the playful fusion of genres. Alongside the main feature, viewers can enjoy the crisp, full HD visuals and an impressive DTS-HD Master Audio track that brings the explosive superhero action and hilarious comedic moments to life. The skillful blend of visual effects, which range from superhuman feats to malicious pranks, showcases the creativity of the film’s production team. This film does not simply play it safe by sticking to established superhero or rom-com tropes, it melds them seamlessly, offering a fresh twist and an entertaining viewing experience.

Consider My Super Ex Girlfriend as the perfect addition to a movie night that calls for a blend of laughs, love, and superheroes. With a clever script penned by screenwriter Don Payne, known for his work on The Simpsons, the film offers witty dialogue and satirical takes on the complexities of dating within the extraordinary context of comic book inspired hijinks. Its an ideal pick for those seeking a light-hearted, escapist film that doesn’t shy away from showing the darker side of having an extraordinary ex. Whether enjoyed by superhero fans or rom-com enthusiasts, My Super Ex Girlfriend delivers an engaging tale that proves love and superpowers can be a volatile mix.

Category Details
Title My Super Ex-Girlfriend
Release Date July 21, 2006
Genre Superhero Comedy
Director Ivan Reitman
Cast Uma Thurman as Jenny Johnson/G-Girl, Luke Wilson as Matt Saunders, Anna Faris, Eddie Izzard, Rainn Wilson
Critic Consensus Sporadically amusing spoof with stereotypical character portrayals
Metacritic Score 50/100 (based on 28 critics)
MPAA Rating PG-13
MPAA Explanation Sexual content, crude humor, language, and brief nudity
Distribution On-demand rental or purchase available on Apple TV, Google Play Movies, and Vudu
Notable Cameo Catherine Reitman as TV News Reporter
Synopsis A man discovers his ex-girlfriend has superhero powers, which turn her into a vindictive and overly possessive ex
Box Office Approximately $60.92 million worldwide
Production Budget Estimated $30 million
Critical Reception Mixed to negative reviews, with criticism focused on the film’s comedic tone and handling of its subject matter
Audience Reception Divided; some enjoyed the comedic elements while others criticized the perceived sexism
Availability for Streaming Yes

Fact #1: The Creative Force Behind My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Up, up, and away from the mundane, Reitman and Payne took flight, combining laugh-out-loud romance with eye-popping heroics. Having Reitman’s “Ghostbusters” spooktacular success and Don Payne’s future “Thor” ingenuity under their belts, they sculpted a narrative that was, in many ways, ahead of its time. Can love survive when your better half can uproot trees with a glare?

They tiptoed the tightrope between rom-com banter and high-flying action without a net, all while poking fun at superhero clichés. And let’s be real, balancing humor with heroics is quite the feat – it’s like figuring out Illinois income tax rates without a calculator!

Image 18864

Fact #2: Casting Choices That Defined The Characters

Uma Thurman donned the mantle of G-Girl with a ferocity that outshone her telekinetic “Kill Bill” katana skills. The dynamic she brought to this role made even the dilemmas of daily heroism seem relatable. Meanwhile, Luke Wilson’s Matt Saunders embodied the ‘every guy’ caught in a love vise. It’s the kind of chemistry that crackles more than a static shock from your favorite wooly sweater.

Supporting cast like Anna Faris’s Hannah brought grounding humanity to the superhuman shenanigans. It was casting that created a league of extraordinary relatability – a balancing act as precarious as dating a superhuman.

Fact #3: The SFX Magic: Bringing Superpowers to Life

Remember G-Girl’s unforgettable aerial acrobatics? At the time, those stunts had people more amazed than finding a parking spot in downtown at rush hour! The SFX team, unsung heroes of “My Super Ex-Girlfriend,” crafted a visual spectacle that made every fly-by and feat of strength feel real. They raised the bar for superhero effects, even if some may now look as dated as a VHS tape in the world of 4K TVs.

Sure, nowadays, CGI can have a hero surfing on a comet through the rings of Saturn. But for its moment, My Super Ex-Girlfriend had the special effects chops that matched its humor and heart.

My Super Ex Girlfriend

My Super Ex Girlfriend


My Super Ex Girlfriend is an uproarious romantic comedy with a superhero twist that turns the concept of breaking up on its head. The movie stars Uma Thurman as Jenny Johnson, a seemingly normal woman who harbors an extraordinary secretshe is also G-Girl, a superheroine with powers beyond anyone’s imagination. When Matt Saunders, played by Luke Wilson, a charming and down-to-earth architect, ends their relationship due to Jenny’s overbearing and jealous nature, he discovers that breaking up with a superhero has catastrophic consequences. Jenny doesn’t just get mad; she gets even, unleashing her superpowers to wreak havoc on Matt’s life in absurd and hilarious ways.

This DVD offers audiences a blend of action, romance, and comedy with a stellar supporting cast including Anna Faris as the lovable and quirky Hannah and Eddie Izzard as the villainous Professor Bedlam, Jenny’s nemesis. With a clever script that plays with superhero tropes and a modern take on relationships, the film ingeniously weaves visual effects and witty dialogue to create a story that is as heartwarming as it is humorous. The special effects are top-notch, featuring thrilling encounters and G-Girl’s impressive display of her powers, which keep viewers on the edge of their seat while simultaneously glued to the comedy unfolding on screen.

Packed with bonus features, this DVD is a must-have for fans of both superhero movies and romantic comedies. Behind-the-scenes footage, commentary from the director Ivan Reitman, and a gag reel provide additional entertainment beyond the film itself. With its unique take on love, revenge, and the pitfalls of dating someone with superhuman abilities, My Super Ex Girlfriend is a film that will leave you laughing long after the credits roll. Whether you’re in it for the action, the laughs, or the romance, this movie has something for everyone.

Fact #4: Box Office and Critical Reception: A Mixed Bag

Like a sidekick’s clumsy entrance, My Super Ex-Girlfriend didn’t quite land a heroic stance at the box office. The critics had their say, too – with Metacritic giving it a 50 out of 100 based on 28 critic reviews, and the MPAA tagging it with notes for sexual content, crude humor, and brief nudity as of June 20, 2023.

The disparity between couch-based chuckles and critical tallies showcased the rift between what we enjoy and what’s ‘critically acclaimed’. And yet, fans often find their affection untethered by the gravity of the critics’ pens.

Image 18865

Fact #5: My Super Ex-Girlfriend’s Role in Paving the Way for Female Superheroes

“My Super Ex-Girlfriend” took its place in the pantheon of early female-led superhero films, albeit in a comedic packaging. It proved audiences were ready for women with capes, contributing to the eventual empowerment cascade of characters who’d make even G-Girl stow her envy, like “Wonder Woman” and “Captain Marvel.”

Sure, it’s a flick festooned with romantic fluff and chuckle-worthy moments, but it’s no less a crusader in the ongoing march for representation. It held a mirror up to the zeitgeist, reflecting our comedic sensibilities intertwined with a hunger for feminine prowess.

Fact #6: The Cultural and Social Subtexts within the Laughs

Behind the belly laughs and bedlam, My Super Ex-Girlfriend tapped into cultural veins. It waxed on gender dynamics and power struggles, sometimes subtly, other times bolder than a Lisa Marie comeback tour. The scrutiny of “super” women in media, the glass ceiling, even the portrayal of “the other woman” – it’s all spooling out like a superhero’s endless grappling line.

Exploring the enduring questions about how power is wielded and perceived through a comical lens, the narrative delved into the ‘what ifs’ of extraordinary abilities intersecting with ordinary tribulations.

My Super Ex Girlfriend

My Super Ex Girlfriend


**My Super Ex Girlfriend** is an exciting, action-packed romantic comedy that takes the superhero genre to new heights of hilarity. The film revolves around Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson), an average New Yorker, who thinks he’s found the perfect girlfriend in Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman), only to discover she’s the superhero G-Girl. When Matt decides to break up with her because of her overbearing and possessive behavior, he realizes that a super-powered ex-girlfriend scorned is far more intimidating and dangerous than any villain he could have imagined.

Jenny doesn’t take the break-up lightly and, using her superpowers, she turns Matt’s life upside down with displays of jealousy and revenge that are both comical and catastrophic. Matt must navigate the minefield of dating a woman with the strength to hurl cars and leap over buildings, all while trying to reclaim some sense of normalcy in his life. The film skillfully blends scenes of over-the-top superhero antics with the relatable woes of ending a relationship, creating an entertaining storyline that questions what would happen if superheroes had to deal with everyday emotional baggage.

Amidst the chaos, Matt’s struggle to survive Jenny’s supercharged wrath reveals the importance of honesty, boundaries, and the realization that love shouldn’t require heroism. “My Super Ex Girlfriend” delivers laughs and adventure with a stellar cast, including Rainn Wilson as Matt’s best friend and co-worker, and Eddie Izzard as the cunning supervillain. This movie is a must-watch for fans of superhero satire and comedic romances alike, showcasing that sometimes, the most extraordinary challenges in life include dealing with an ex, especially when she has the power to fly.

Fact #7: Legacy and Longevity – Why My Super Ex-Girlfriend Still Resonates

Despite the critics’ mixed reviews, “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” remains beloved by its fanbase. Like excavating a time capsule with a Jared Keeso autographed hockey puck inside, it brings back a certain unfaded joy that bridges past and present. Its blend of wit, genuine warmth, and spandex-clad spectacle gave us a reference point for deconstructing both relationships and superhero antics.

Pop culture enthusiasts can’t help but revisit it with a fond smirk. As contemporary pieces continue to tease out similar themes, this movie remains lodged in our collective consciousness, as tough as a question about whether Pedro Pascal is gay or as contemplative as an analysis of body language cues from the Neuron Magazine’s Body language guy.

Image 18866

Conclusion: My Super Ex-Girlfriend Still Packs a Punch

So there you have it, seven bits about “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” that surprise and remind us why we’re still talking about it. It’s about as smooth as your first experiment with beats fit pro Vs Airpods pro – a little jarring at first, but ultimately, it resonates.

Movies like this find their stride in unexpected ways. They might not have knocked it out of the park from the get-go, or even made us reflect deeply like an episode of Lo Que La Vida Me Robo, but they’ve got staying power. They’re the ones we talk about years later, sharing knowing looks whenever they pop up, saying,Hey, remember when…?

Now, with the luxury of streaming “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” from the comfort of our homes, we get to relive the highs, the laughs, and the shark-throwing antics all over again. It’s a superhero-sized serving of nostalgia with a side of rom-com comfiture, proving that sometimes the unexpected pairings deliver the most memorable punch. And isn’t that what we love about a good flick?

Unveiling the Mysteries of My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Well, well, well, if it isn’t movie buffs and trivia enthusiasts coming together to dig up some dirt on the quirky superhero rom-com ‘my super ex-girlfriend’. Fasten your seatbelts because you’re about to get your minds zapped with some electrifying tidbits!

When Superpowers Meet Breakup Woes

Hold on to your capes! Did you ever imagine what would happen if your ex had superpowers? Talk about a heartbreak with a shockwave! ‘My super ex-girlfriend’ spins this web where normal guy Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson) breaks up with the not-so-average Jenny Johnson, aka G-Girl (Uma Thurman), and let’s just say, she’s got more than a few tricks up her sleeve for revenge. Yikes!

A Stellar Cast with Secret Powers

Alright, let’s dive into the juicy part. You might have seen Uma Thurman kicking butt in ‘Kill Bill’, but in ‘my super ex-girlfriend’, she brings a whole new meaning to “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. And here’s the twist – what if I told you there’s something mind-blowing about someone connected to this film? Picture this: an article swirling around the internet, addressing whispers and rumors that make you go, “Wait, really?” Yup, I’m talking about the whole Is Pedro pascal gay article that’s been making waves. But this ain’t about gossip; it’s about how people can’t resist a juicy tidbit on the celebs they adore, even when they’re just connected through the six degrees of Hollywood!

Cameos That’ll Make You Blink Twice

Did you catch that? No? Better keep an eye out for cameos that’ll have you pausing and rewinding. ‘My super ex-girlfriend’ is like that Secret Santa gift that keeps on giving—chock-full of surprises that are ripe for a good ol’ Easter egg hunt!

Behind-the-Scenes Super Quirks

Listen up, here’s where it gets wacky. Word on the street is that the behind-the-scenes tomfoolery was off the charts. From improvised lines that stuck to spontaneous pranks, the cast was super-charged up, just like their superpower-wielding co-star.

That’s a Wrap!

Who would’ve thought that diving into ‘my super ex-girlfriend’ would open up a pandora’s box of trivia and chuckles? Remember, gang, with great movie-watching power comes great responsibility—to find the weirdest, wildest facts around. Stay tuned for the next reel of fun facts, and as always, keep it quirky, cinephiles!

My Super Ex girlfriend

My Super Ex girlfriend


“My Super Ex-Girlfriend” is an outlandish and comedic twist on the superhero genre, daring to explore the complexities of dating in a world where ordinary meets extraordinary. At its core, the film is centered around the life of New York architect Matt Saunders, who, after a whirlwind romance, ends his relationship with an unassuming art curator named Jenny Johnson. Little does he know, Jenny is actually the superhero G-Girl, who possesses an array of powers ranging from super strength to the ability to fly. When Jenny’s alter ego is revealed, Matt’s mundane life is catapulted into chaos as he navigates the unpredictable consequences of breaking up with a superhero.

Juggling a clever mix of humor and action, “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” showcases the wild predicaments Matt endures as a scorned G-Girl unleashes her superpowered wrath upon him. The novelty of the premise provides a canvas for a series of comedic set-pieces, each escalating in absurdity as Matt attempts to find a new love interest, only to find that G-Girl is not ready to let go. Despite her seemingly invincible exterior, the film delves into Jenny’s vulnerable side, revealing the emotional toll of balancing a secret identity with personal relationships. Viewers are taken on an entertaining ride that deftly combines slapstick comedy, romance, and the spectacle of superhero theatrics.

Directed by Ivan Reitman and released in 2006, “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” features a dynamic performance by Uma Thurman as the formidable G-Girl and a charming Luke Wilson as her overwhelmed ex-boyfriend, Matt. The film invites the audience to empathize with both characters, despite their extreme differences, creating a relatable story about the complexities of love with a superhuman twist. With a supporting cast that includes Anna Faris and Eddie Izzard, the movie serves up laughs while also poking fun at superhero tropes, offering an unpredictable and delightful escape for those looking for a lighter take on the superhero genre.

Is My Super Ex-Girlfriend a good movie?

Hmm, “Is My Super Ex-Girlfriend a good movie?” A question for the ages! Well, not everyone’s cup of tea, folks—this flick has had its fair share of flak for its offbeat humor and wacky plot. It gets some laughs and has Uma Thurman rocking a superhero cape, but ‘good’ is subjective. If you’re after some light-hearted laughs and aren’t too picky, give it a whirl, but don’t expect an Oscar winner.

Why is My Super Ex-Girlfriend Rated PG 13?

Hey, there, curious cat! Wondering “Why is My Super Ex-Girlfriend Rated PG 13?” It’s all down to the spicy stuff; we’re talking innuendos, some feisty action sequences, and occasional strong language. You know, the usual suspects keeping it just out of reach for the little tykes. It’s the kind of movie that’s hitting its teenage stride—mature, but not quite all grown up.

Where can I watch my crazy super ex-girlfriend?

On the hunt for where to catch “My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”? Look no further than your trusty streaming services for a wild ride. While they’re always shuffling their deck, a quick search online will show you which platform has currently snagged the rights. Crack out the popcorn and get ready for a binge—it’s just a few clicks away!

Who is the newscaster in My Super Ex-Girlfriend?

Oh and as for the newscaster in “My Super Ex-Girlfriend”—who could forget that face? That’s Wanda Sykes, the queen of sass herself, throwing out those news bulletins with a side of smart wit. She steps in, steals the scene, and leaves us all chuckling.

Who is the villain in my super ex girlfriend?

The baddie in “My Super Ex-Girlfriend”? That’s Professor Bedlam, played by the slick Eddie Izzard. He’s the classic villain with a twist—a smarty with a history that’s tangled with our superhero ex in ways that’ll have you saying, “No way!”

What is my super ex girlfriend movie about?

“What’s ‘My Super Ex-Girlfriend’ about?” Oh boy, it’s a rom-com on steroids! A regular guy dumps his girlfriend, only to discover she’s, uh, G-Girl, a superhero. As you can imagine, breaking up with someone who can throw cars isn’t easy-peasy. The ex delivers revenge hotter than lava, and hilarity ensues!

Is my super ex girlfriend OK for kids?

On the fence about “My Super Ex Girlfriend” for the kiddos? Depending on their age, it might be a bit much. With its PG-13 rating, it’s great for teens, but for younger viewers, it’s a judgment call. It’s all about knowing your little rascals and whether they’re ready for a smidge of adult humor and heroics.

Why she said rated r?

Confused by “Why she said rated R?” Well, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles with movie ratings. Maybe she’s talking about another boundary-pushing flick that’s packed to the rafters with adult content. R ratings mean grown-up territory, so whether it’s language, violence, or racy scenes, something made the censors go “Yikes!”

Why is her movie r rated?

As for “Why is her movie R rated?”, that’s a no-brainer! R means the kids are in bed and the adults get to play. Expect some strong language, adult themes, or maybe a good ol’ dose of violence. “Her” movie slaps on that R rating so you know it’s gonna push the envelope and maybe throw in a left hook for good measure.

Is My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Based on a true story?

Now, don’t get it twisted: “Is My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Based on a true story?” Nope, it’s pure fiction, crafted from the zany corners of some writer’s imagination. Inspired by real emotions, maybe, but the shenanigans you see? All make-believe, made for our entertainment and escapism.

Did they take Crazy Ex-Girlfriend off Netflix?

“Did they take ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ off Netflix?” Yikes, the streaming shuffle strikes again! Yup, the show’s stint on Netflix had to end sometime, and that removal notice was a real heartbreaker for fans. But fear not, it might pop up somewhere else, so keep those peepers peeled!

How popular was Crazy Ex-Girlfriend?

Lastly, chatting about how popular “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” was? Well, let’s just say it had quite the cult following! With its quirky songs and relatable dramas, this show struck a chord that had fans singing its praises round the watercooler. Not everyone’s jam, but boy, did it hit the high notes for those on its wavelength!

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