Honda Motocompo: The Iconic Foldable Scooter

The urban jungle of the 1980s witnessed a peculiar birth, one that didn’t roar but hummed—a foldable scooter known as the Honda Motocompo. As much an icon of mobility as a marvel of engineering, it captured hearts with its quirky looks and compact adaptability. And now, the resurgence is well and truly upon us. The all-new Honda Motocompacto just made getting around the city a delight all over again.

The Revival of a Classic: Honda Motocompo Re-enters the Urban Jungle

Back in its heyday, the chic little Honda moped was conceived as a “trunk bike” to fit snugly inside the Honda City car, a classic story of automobile-meets-accessory that was nothing short of visionary. It was the 80s in electric motion before we even dreamed up the likes of electric cars. The original Motocompo boasted a 49cc two-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine and was, believe it or not, street legal with all the needed turn signals!

Fast forward to today, and nostalgia has got a new set of wheels. Reborn for the 21st century, the Honda Motocompo turns heads once again, joining the ranks of other revamped retro tech like the Nike Mag. But it’s not just about looks—the modern makeover brings you the all-electric Motocompacto. Wave goodbye to gas and say hello to a 15 mph top speed and a 12-mile range of eco-friendly zipping about.

Aoshima Bunka Kyozai The Bike Series No. Honda ABoto Compo Plastic Model

Aoshima Bunka Kyozai The Bike Series No. Honda ABoto Compo Plastic Model


The Aoshima Bunka Kyozai Bike Series presents its latest addition, the Honda ABoto Compo Plastic Model, a finely detailed representation of the iconic folding scooter. Crafted with precision, this scale model kit captures the essence of the original Honda design that boasted both compactness and functionality. The ABoto Compo model is designed to engage builders with its intricate parts, including a faithfully recreated engine, foldable elements, and authentic decals to mimic the scooter’s distinct markings and emblem.

This 1:12 scale model promises a satisfying build for both beginners and experienced model enthusiasts, offering a step-by-step guide to assemble the various components into a striking display piece. The kit includes multiple plastic sprues in different colors, ensuring a high level of detail without the need for extensive painting, although modelers can choose to apply their own custom paintwork to personalize their creation. The parts are molded with precision, ensuring a snug and secure fit that mimics the sleek engineering of the original Honda ABoto Compo.

Upon completion, the Honda ABoto Compo Plastic Model stands out as a miniature masterpiece, showcasing the scooter’s unique combination of style and practicality. It fits superbly into any collection of motorbike models, making it a must-have for aficionados of Honda’s innovative design history. Whether displayed on its own or alongside other models from the Aoshima Bunka Kyozai Bike Series, the Honda ABoto Compo serves as an intriguing conversation piece that pays homage to motorcycle engineering and design.

Honda Motocompo: An Ingenious Solution to Modern Urban Mobility

We’ve all been there—stuck in gridlock, late for a meeting, our cries swallowed by the chaos of city traffic. Enter the Honda Motocompo, whisking us back to the future of urban travel. One glance and you can’t help but think, “Here’s a nifty solution wrapped in yellow, white, or whichever color you fancy.”

As we see a global comeback of mopeds and scooters lining our streets, the Honda Motocompo fits into the modern canvas like a glove. With updates to meet today’s standards, it’s a relic reborn, much like the conveniently compact Lululemon Joggers, tackling modern mobility dilemmas with a dash of panache.

Image 8430

Attribute 1981 Honda Motocompo (Classic) 2023 Honda Motocompacto (New)
Availability Discontinued Available for order
Release Date 1981 November 1, 2023
Price Historical value varies MSRP $995¹
Order Platform Not applicable; historic model
Dealerships Honda dealers (historical) Participating Honda and Acura dealers
Type Folding scooter All-electric folding scooter
Engine 49cc two-stroke air-cooled gasoline Electric motor
Power Output 2.5 horsepower Not specified; adequate for 15 mph speed
Top Speed Street legal limits (varied by area) 15 mph
Range Based on fuel capacity Up to 12 miles
Weight Just under 100 pounds Not specified; likely comparable or less
Lights & Signals All required lights and turn signals Modern lighting and signals expected
Legal Status Street legal (as of 2019 info) Fully street legal (with modern standards)
Associated Vehicle Honda City (Japanese market) Optional upsell for new Honda / Acura cars
Benefits Compact, suitable for city commuting Eco-friendly, easy storage, urban commute
Market Niche Unique folding design in a scooter Revival of a classic in e-scooter form
Cultural Impact Rad-era iconic vehicle Nostalgia meets modern electric mobility

Under the Hood: The Technical Evolution of the Honda Moped

A stroll down memory lane takes us from 2.5 horsepower to today’s whisper-quiet electric motor. Sure, the vintage model had charm, but the latest Honda Motocompo skips the gas station line and heads straight to the future. The old-school charm is there, but with zero emissions, making it as green as a scooter can dream.

Let’s compare, shall we? The original model was a humble creature, a little rough around the edges, weighing under 100 pounds. Its 2024 counterpart? Sleek, foldable, and ready to roll without so much as huffing a puff of smoke.

The Collector’s Darling: Investing in a Vintage Honda Motocompo

If you’re thinking of investing in vintage wheels, let your heart steer towards a Motocompo. They’re not just scooters; they’re golden tickets to an exclusive club. Remember those quirky 80s gadgets you’d catch on “Hatsune Minori“? Well, owning a vintage Motocompo is akin to holding a piece of history’s cool phaser gun.

Talking dollar signs, these treasures can fetch a pretty penny. Condition and rarity are your new best friends, setting the stage for a collector’s chase as thrilling as finding that elusive comic book issue.

Honda EUIAN att Bluetooth Portable Inverter Generator with CO MINDER

Honda EUIAN att Bluetooth Portable Inverter Generator with CO MINDER


Unleash the power of portability and innovation with the Honda EUIAN att Bluetooth Portable Inverter Generator, a state-of-the-art solution designed for a smooth power experience wherever you go. This compact powerhouse is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, DIYers, and professionals who demand reliable electricity in a user-friendly package. Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, this inverter generator allows users to monitor and manage their power usage directly from a smartphone app, offering unparalleled convenience and control. Its inverter technology ensures a clean, precise supply of power, ideal for sensitive electronics and equipment.

Never compromise on safety with the Honda EUIAN’s advanced CO MINDER feature, a sophisticated carbon monoxide detection system that automatically shuts down the generator before detected CO levels near the unit become dangerous. The integration of this safety mechanism provides peace of mind, particularly when used in confined spaces or residential areas. The generator also operates at an impressively quiet noise level, making it an unobtrusive companion on camping trips, at tailgate parties, or during home backup situations. Its fuel efficiency and eco-throttle system optimize fuel consumption for longer run times, delivering eco-friendly and cost-effective performance.

Durability meets style in the sleek design of the Honda EUIAN att Bluetooth Portable Inverter Generator. Its robust construction ensures resilience against the elements, while its lightweight form factor and ergonomic handles facilitate easy transportation and storage. The intuitive controls and clear display make operation simple for both beginners and experienced users alike. With the Honda EUIAN, you get the perfect blend of portability, power, and smart technology, making it an essential tool for anyone who requires electricity on the move.

The Honda Motocompo in Popular Culture and Media

The Motocompo hasn’t just rolled on the streets—it’s zoomed through the big screen and blasted from boomboxes in music videos. That’s right, this piece of motoring memorabilia has starred in its fair share of cultural showcases, which begs the question: did the media spotlight fuel its desirability? You bet your scooter it did.

The punchline here? Whether it’s a backdrop for a sci-fi scene or the getaway vehicle in a punk rock escapade, the Honda Motocompo dazzles in its role, cementing its place in the zeitgeist.

Image 8431

Customizing Your Ride: Accessories and Styling for Your Motocompo

Just as dbrand phone cases allow tech enthusiasts to personalize their devices, Motocompo riders bask in the glory of customization. From vibrant hues to decals that scream personality, the Motocompo world is a haven for those looking to mark their territory in style.

With stories aplenty, every adorned Motocompo whispers hints about its rider—perhaps a zebra pattern for the eccentric at heart or chrome details for the sleek soul. Each one tells a tale as unique as the legends riding them.

The Motocompo Community: Rallies, Forums, and Social Gatherings

There’s a certain magic that happens when Motocompo aficionados congregate. Be it rallies where the hums of engines sing in tandem or online forums buzzing with mods and hacks, it’s a vibrant, kindred spirit collective.

Engagement goes beyond a shared interest—it’s a deep dive into the pool of passion, where every event cements the legacy of the Honda Motocompo one ride at a time.

EBKAROCY Ebikes for Adults, Motor PH Max Speed, ” Tire, V AH Removable Battery for Electric Bike, Multi Shock Absorption, City Commuter, Foldable Electric Bicycles for Women, Men

EBKAROCY Ebikes for Adults,  Motor PH Max Speed, ” Tire, V AH Removable Battery for Electric Bike, Multi Shock Absorption, City Commuter, Foldable Electric Bicycles for Women, Men


Introducing the EBKAROCY Ebike, a state-of-the-art electric bicycle designed with the modern adult commuter in mind. Equipped with a powerful motor, this ebike can reach impressive speeds, allowing riders to breeze through their daily commute or enjoy a swift journey wherever their destination might be. The large, air-filled ” tires provide a smooth and comfortable ride, easily handling urban terrain with grace and reliability. Furthermore, the bike features a robust V AH battery that is conveniently removable for flexible charging options.

Crafted for enhanced comfort and efficiency, the EBKAROCY Ebike boasts a multi-shock absorption system that effectively reduces road vibrations, ensuring a pleasant ride on various surfaces. This adaptive technology, coupled with a responsive braking system, provides not only comfort but also safety during transit. Additionally, the ebike’s intuitive design prioritizes user-friendliness, with an easily understandable display that keeps riders informed of their speed, battery level, and other critical metrics. Its sleek and sturdy frame is built to accommodate both women and men, supporting a diverse range of users.

For the urbanites who value both functionality and portability, the EBKAROCY Ebike presents a foldable design that transforms it into a compact form factor, ideal for storage in tight spaces or carrying on public transportation. The folding process is simple and quick, allowing for a hassle-free transition from riding to carrying. Whether it’s for daily commutes, leisurely weekend rides, or a mix of both, this foldable electric bicycle empowers riders with convenience and the freedom to explore their city in style. With the EBKAROCY Ebike, you are investing in a sustainable, efficient, and enjoyable mode of transportation.

Riding into the Future: The Potential of Foldable Scooters in Tomorrow’s Cities

Imagine a future where every corner in the cityscape features a charging dock, a world where your trusty Motocompo folds up and into your day with seamless grace. We’re not just thinking foldable; we’re envisioning smart-tech infused rides zipping alongside autonomous cars.

In the city of tomorrow, the Honda Motocompo isn’t just a vehicle; it’s an essential cog in the wheel of smart infrastructure and sustainably savvy transport. It’s not just riding; it’s riding with a mindfulness for our planet.

Image 8432

Safeguarding the Nostalgia: The Importance of Preserving Moto-heritage

In the fast lane of progress, there’s a rear-view mirror that we ought to peek into occasionally—the legacy of our moto-heritage. From Honda’s efforts to community drives, preserving the Motocompo lineage is a dance of honoring the past while embracing the future.

It’s about showing the next generation where we came from, from the gas-guzzlers to the emission-free marvels. It’s a call to keep the wheels of history turning just as smoothly as they did on day one.

Navigating the Fold: Insights from Avid Motocompo Riders

Speak to a Motocompo owner and you’ll hear tales that weave through the very fabric of everyday life. Forget just getting from A to B; this is about Japanese engineering meeting lifestyle, about a travel companion that doubles as a conversation starter.

Underneath it all, the Motocompo hums a simple tune—one of freedom, innovation, and the sheer joy of the ride. And you can see the glee in each tale, whether it’s a jaunt to the Hotels near Zion national park or a quick sprint to the corner store.

Foldable Scooters as a Reflection of Evolving Consumer Desires

Like unfolding smartphones or transforming robots, the Honda Motocompo embodies our changing appetites for convenience, flexibility, and sustainability. It’s more than a scooter; it’s a testament to human ingenuity, fulfilling the whims of a society that craves innovation without sacrificing style or substance.

The ripple effect is clear—much like the Motocompo, consumer demands morph, and industries adapt. It’s a ballet of give and take, where the dance floor is ever-expanding.

Steering Through Modern Lanes with a Touch of Retro: The Motocompo Experience

Let’s wrap this up with a thought experiment. Envision yourself astride a Motocompo, the cityscape unfurling ahead. It’s more than a journey; it’s a statement, a playful nod to retro vibes married to cutting-edge technology.

While this vivid portrayal might feel like fantasy, the Honda Motocompo makes it a tangible possibility, a piece of the future that pays homage to its roots. And so, as we navigate the flow of technology and nostalgia, the Motocompo stands as both a tribute and a beacon—a foldable, storable, loveable emblem of how far we’ve come, and a wink at the wonders that lie ahead in our urban odysseys.

Honda Vintage Wing T Shirt & Stickers (Large)

Honda Vintage Wing T Shirt & Stickers (Large)


The Honda Vintage Wing T-Shirt & Stickers pack is a must-have for any aficionado of classic motorcycling heritage, offering a blend of comfort and nostalgia. Constructed from high-quality, soft cotton fabric, this large-sized tee ensures a relaxed fit for enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes, while the iconic Honda Wing emblem printed across the chest pays homage to the golden age of motorcycling. The bold graphic is complemented by a distressed finish, giving it an authentic vintage look that celebrates the long-standing legacy of the Honda brand.

Not only does this pack provide you with a stylish piece of apparel, but it also includes a collection of premium stickers that mirror the classic wing design on the shirt. These stickers add a touch of Honda’s timeless style to any surface, be it a motorcycle, helmet, or laptop, and are made from durable, weather-resistant material to withstand the elements. Each sticker boasts the same attention to detail and retro flair, making them the perfect accessory for fans who want to showcase their passion for the Honda legacy.

Completing any motorcycle enthusiast’s wardrobe, the Honda Vintage Wing T-Shirt & Stickers pack is a versatile and attractive set that resonates with the spirit of adventure and the love of the open road. This product not only serves as a comfortable piece of casual wear but also allows fans to visibly share their affinity for one of the world’s most respected motorcycle manufacturers, creating a sense of community and pride among Honda riders and admirers alike. Whether you’re out on a ride or simply enjoying a casual day out, this T-Shirt and sticker bundle is sure to turn heads and spark conversations among fellow enthusiasts.

How much does a Honda Motocompo cost?

Looking to snag a Honda Motocompo? You won’t believe it, but these tiny vintage marvels can set you back quite a few bills—expect to shell out around $2,500 to $4,000 depending on its condition. Boy, those little scooters sure can punch a hole in your wallet!

Does Honda still make Motocompo?

Well, here’s the scoop: Honda isn’t churning out Motocompos anymore—they waved goodbye to production back in the ’80s. So, if you’re itching for that brand-new scooter smell, you’re fresh out of luck!

Where can I buy a Honda Motocompo 2023?

As for tracking down a Honda Motocompo in 2023, get ready to hit up auctions, classic vehicle dealerships, online marketplaces like eBay, or specialized forums. Remember, it’s a bit like a scavenger hunt; you’ve got to have an eagle eye and maybe a bit of good old-fashioned luck.

Is a Honda Motocompo street legal?

Hold your horses, speedster! Before you zip off, you should know that whether the Honda Motocompo is street legal depends on local laws. It’s a mixed bag—some places give it the green light, while others show a red. Best check with your local DMV before planning your city escapades.

How fast can a Honda Motocompo go?

So, you’re curious about how fast these retro rides can scoot? Strap in, ’cause the Honda Motocompo maxes out at a whopping 30 mph! Yeah, it’s not breaking any land speed records, but hey, it’s quick enough to make a swift getaway from a snail.

What is the max speed of a Honda Motocompo?

Ah, max speed, eh? That Honda Motocompo zips along at a breezy 30 mph. And while that might not blow your hair back, it’s perfect for nipping through those city streets with a vintage flair.

How much is the Honda Motocompo 2023?

For the Honda Motocompo 2023, well, let’s set the record straight: they stopped making ’em decades ago! So, no new models mean no 2023 price tag. But if you find an original, it’s probably less than a new scooter but more than you’d expect for such a pint-sized package.

What is the successor of Motocompo?

The succesor of Motocompo? Here’s the thing – there isn’t an official heir to its throne. But whispers in the wind say some electric models like Honda’s EV-Cub concept could take up the mantle. Shh, it’s all hush-hush and on the DL for now.

How many miles per gallon does a Honda Motocompo get?

Miles per gallon on a Motocompo sound like good news to your wallets, right? Expect around 100 MPG – talk about stretching the dollar! It’s fuel-sipping at its best with these little dynamos.

What car came with Motocompo?

Oh, you must be talking about that cute lil’ Honda City – true companionship, that was! The Motocompo snuggled up right in the back of this subcompact car like a dream.

Is the Motocompo 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

Curiosity got the cat, huh? The Motocompo hums with a 2-stroke engine, back when emissions were a ‘meh’ and the good times rolled out like endless summer days.

What is the smallest Honda car 2023?

In the world of Honda, small is the new big! For 2023, the title for tiniest ride might just go to the Honda e — imagine a gadget on wheels!

How heavy is Honda Motocompo?

A Honda Motocompo weighs as much as a big bag of dog food – around 99 lbs. It might make you grunt a bit if you heft it, but hey, who needs the gym, right?

What is the top speed of the Motocompacto?

Top speed of the Motocompacto – oh, wait a second, let’s not mix it up with its cousin Motocompo, which clocks 30 mph. The Motocompacto, well, that’s a whole different story and there’s not much out there about this elusive creature!

What is the weight limit for the Honda Motocompo?

When it comes to weight limits, the Honda Motocompo isn’t taking heavyweight champs for a ride—it has a max load of about 180 lbs. Sorry, big guys!

How much is the Honda Motor Compacto?

The Honda Motor Compacto’s price? Hmm, think you might be blending up names there. The Motocompo’s the star of the show, and it’s old school, so no new price tags, but hunting down a pre-loved one could be as surprising as a twist in a telenovela!

What is the difference between Motocompo and Motocompacto?

Caught between a Motocompo and a Motocompacto, are you? The real headliner from the ’80s is the Motocompo, with its snazzy fold-up design. As for the Motocompacto, well, it’s like chasing a ghost – might just be a city legend or someone’s wishful thinking!

What years did Honda make Motocompo?

Honda made the Motocompo from 1981 to 1983—yep, a true flash in the pan, a comet in the motor sky!

Where can I buy Honda Motocompo electric?

Dreaming of an electric Honda Motocompo? Keep pinching yourself, because electric versions are still wishful thinking. But who knows what retro surprises might be up Honda’s sleeve? Until then, keep your eyes peeled on the rumor mill!

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