Best Fender Mustang Models Reviewed

Fender Mustang: a name that resonates with electric guitar enthusiasts with the same fervor as a power chord at a rock concert. With its illustrious past woven into the fabric of music history, the Fender Mustang has been the ax of choice for shredders and strummers alike. Today, we’re zeroing in on this legendary line, reviewing its historical impact, scrutinizing the various models, and hear what the pros think. If you’ve ever imagined commanding the stage with the punchy sound of a Mustang, buckle up – we’re diving deep into the models that have become emblematic of musical rebellion and innovation.

Unveiling the Legends: The Fender Mustang Story

Imagine, if you will, a symbol that’s been strummed across the globe, resonating with the enigmatic vibes of ’60s counterculture. The Fender Mustang’s legacy is not just in its sound, but in its impact on music and pop culture. Revolutionizing the way we perceive the guitar, the Mustang became the soundtrack of a generation.

As time went on, its design evolved with the eras, yet never lost its unique character. The two slanting, single-coil pickups, each with its own three-position slider switch, provided eight different tone settings without a pickup selector switch or circuit selector switch in sight. It was unconventional, sure, but it was unmistakably Fender, and it shaped sounds in ways other guitars just couldn’t match.

Fender Mustang LTGuitar Amp, att Combo Amp, with Year Warranty, Preset Effects with USB Audio Interface for Recording

Fender Mustang LTGuitar Amp, att Combo Amp, with Year Warranty, Preset Effects with USB Audio Interface for Recording


The Fender Mustang LT Guitar Amp is a versatile and user-friendly combo amplifier that embodies the essence of tone and flexibility. This modern modeling amp comes with a 1-year warranty, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction from a brand with a legendary reputation. It boasts a wide array of preset effects, allowing guitarists to creatively explore everything from classic reverb and delay to more intricate modulations and pitch shifting. The intuitive user interface and color display make it easy to navigate through settings and find the perfect sound for any song or style.

Enhanced with a USB audio interface, the Mustang LT Guitar Amp simplifies the recording process for both aspiring and experienced musicians. This feature allows for direct recording to a computer, making it an ideal choice for home studios or for musicians who want to easily capture their performances without additional equipment. The amp’s ability to interface with digital audio workstations (DAWs) expands its versatility, offering a seamless transition from practice to recording. Furthermore, the ability to update firmware and access new presets through the Fender Tone app extends the amp’s capabilities even further.

The Mustang LT Guitar Amp is not just about its technological prowess—it’s also designed with the user’s practical needs in mind. Its lightweight and compact build makes it a breeze to transport to gigs, rehearsals, or any location where music takes you. The custom-designed speakers are finely tuned to deliver the signature Fender sound that has inspired musicians for decades. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this amp offers an incredible combination of ease of use, robust features, and reliable performance, backed by Fender’s commitment to quality.

The Fender Mustang Amp: A Harmonious Companion

When talking Fender Mustang amps, we’re discussing the Batman to the Fender Mustang’s Robin—dynamic duos are not restricted to caped crusaders. The Mustang amp, with its impressive range of sounds and effects, is the perfect partner for the guitar itself, offering a palette of auditory colors as diverse as the musicians who play them. From the punchy growls of the early models to the digital sophistication of the latest iterations, these amps have paralleled the technological progression of their six-stringed brethren, blazing a trail in the world of amp review with a defiant spirit.

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Feature Description
Origin Mexican-made
Body Type Solid body electric guitar
Pickups Two slanting, single-coil pickups
Electronics Each pickup has a three-position slider switch (in phase on—off—out of phase on)
Pickup Configuration No pickup selector switch or circuit selector switch
Tone Settings Eight different tone settings possible due to unique electronics
Scale Length Short scale for comfortable playability
Neck Design Slim neck design for fast action and ease of play
Aesthetic Iconic look with various color and finish options
Playability Suitable for high-octane rock music and live performance
Price Range Considered a great value, typically in the mid-range market category
Notable Endorsements Kurt Cobain was a notable fan and often used Fender Mustangs in performances
Additional Model (Mustang 90) Features P90 pickups for a thicker, midrange-focused sound
Build Quality Renowned for excellent build quality relative to price
Market Position Increasingly accessible and seen as a good entry-level option compared to past years
Date of Review Mustang 90 reviewed on August 6, 2020; General information as of September 2, 2022

Fender Mustang ’65 Reissue: A Nod to the Classic

Fender’s ’65 Reissue Mustang is like a time machine with strings. Harkening back to the era of tie-dye and peace signs, this reissue boasts the same vintage charm with modern reliability. Its tone is a genuine blast from the past—crisp, articulate, with just the right amount of bite. But how does it stack up against the original, you ask? Let’s just say, it’s like comparing an Emoji gun with its real-life counterpart; both pack a punch, but one fits the modern dialogue a bit more comfortably.

Musicians of note have also chimed in, with many of them echoing the sentiments of legendary rockers ala Kurt Cobain. Yes, the ’65 Reissue has garnered professional acclaim, not only for its playability but also for its faithful reproduction of the Mustang’s storied sound.

The Mustang Player Series: Versatility at its Best

Moving on to the Mustang Player Series, we find versatility at the heart of its design. This series doesn’t just walk the walk; it rocks the rock. The build quality is solid, electronics are top-notch, and its adaptability to any musical genre is uncanny. Both beginners and pros can wrap their hands around the neck of a Mustang Player and feel immediately at home, with each riff and chord a testament to the genius of its designers.

And the accompanying amps? They’re no less impressive, merging state-of-the-art digital features with the classic soul of Mustang sound. Try one and you might find yourself booking a resort wear collection runway gig with the savings on vintage amp costs.

Fender Ben Gibbard Mustang Electric Guitar, with Year Warranty, Natural, Maple Fingerboard

Fender Ben Gibbard Mustang Electric Guitar, with Year Warranty, Natural, Maple Fingerboard


Introducing the Fender Ben Gibbard Mustang Electric Guitar, an exceptional instrument that captures the indie rock spirit with a sleek, timeless design and versatile performance features. With its Natural finish complemented by a smooth Maple fingerboard, this guitar doesn’t just provide classic aesthetics, it delivers a distinctive playing experience tailored for the creative musician. Its signature design, inspired by Death Cab for Cutie’s frontman, ensures that this Mustang stands out with a modern edge, while retaining the vintage vibe that Fender is renowned for.

This guitar is meticulously crafted to offer advanced sound variability and playing comfort. The Fender Ben Gibbard Mustang comes equipped with custom vintage-style Mustang pickups, giving players a range of tones from clean, crisp highs to rich, warm lows – ideal for anyone aiming to emulate Gibbard’s iconic sound or carve out their own. The Maple fingerboard with a comfortable “C” shaped neck profile offers effortless playability, ensuring precise note bending and chord playing across genres.

Fender’s commitment to quality is further exemplified with the inclusion of a comprehensive one-year warranty, ensuring that your musical investment is protected against any manufacturing defects or material flaws. Whether on stage or recording in the studio, the Fender Ben Gibbard Mustang Electric Guitar is built to inspire, endure, and accompany any musician through their sonic journey. Own a piece of indie rock excellence and deliver performances that resonate with authenticity and character.

Fender American Performer Mustang: USA Craftsmanship Redefined

Craftsmanship. Innovation. Performance. These are the hallmarks of the Fender American Performer Mustang. Built with precision in the USA, each guitar sings with a voice that’s both fresh and familiar. Sound check? Let’s just say it delivers a tonal clarity that could cut through the mix of any band, no matter how loud. It’s that good. Amp compatibility? These guitars are like morning coffee with the perfect pastry: meant to be together.

The industry’s critique? It’s been overwhelmingly positive, with many hailing the American Performer as a beacon of USA craftsmanship—a shining example of how to marry tradition with progress.

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Vintera Series ’60s Mustang: Retro Aesthetics, Modern Playability

The Vintera Series ’60s Mustang—oh, how it winks at the past with vintage-style tuners and then struts confidently into modern playability with updated features. It boasts a design that pays tribute to the classic curves and grooves of the originals, while delivering a playing experience that accommodates today’s demanding techniques.

The tone of the Vintera series is a finely balanced mix, pairing old-school warmth with new-school clarity. And for those who like to reminisce about 60 days From today when vintage tone was all you needed, this series will feel like a reunion with an old friend. Meanwhile, modern players find in it a reliable and expressive tool for crafting contemporary music. It’s no wonder collectors and professionals alike sing the Vintera’s praises.

The Squier by Fender Affinity Mustang: Accessibility and Quality Combined

The Squier Affinity Mustang is Fender’s way of giving everyone a ticket to the show. Affordable? Check. Solid build? Double-check. Remarkable features? Triple-check. This is where quality meets accessibility in a lineup that refuses to skimp on performance. The perfect amp pairing for this series can be just as wallet-friendly, offering the aspiring guitarist a gateway to the revered Mustang tone without the need to sell a kidney.

And when stacked against other entry-level instruments? The Squier Affinity Mustang isn’t just in the race; it’s leading the pack, giving a rousing rendition of ‘value for money’ in every chord it belts out.

Fender Mustang Micro Headphone Amplifier, with Year Warranty

Fender Mustang Micro Headphone Amplifier, with Year Warranty


The Fender Mustang Micro is a pocket-sized headphone amplifier designed to offer guitarists the ultimate experience in convenience and portability. This tiny yet powerful gadget plugs directly into your electric guitar, delivering an array of legendary Fender tones without the need for a traditional amplifier. It’s perfect for practice, travel, or warm-up sessions, and its straightforward interface makes it incredibly user-friendly. The Mustang Micro provides multiple amplifier models and effects, ensuring that players of all styles can find their signature sound with ease.

Crafted with pristine fidelity in mind, the Mustang Micro features an array of onboard DSP effects along with a customizable signal chain. Users can choose from clean to mean tones, enjoying the high-quality audio that Fender is renowned for at the touch of a button. The Mustang Micro also allows for Bluetooth audio streaming, making it possible to play along with tracks or instructional videos wirelessly. Its rechargeable battery offers ample playing time, ensuring that guitarists can enjoy extended sessions without the hassle of external power sources.

Fender’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is underscored by the inclusion of a year warranty with the purchase of the Mustang Micro Headphone Amplifier. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects, giving buyers confidence and peace of mind that they are investing in a reliable product backed by one of the most trusted names in the music industry. With its blend of versatility, portability, and Fender’s legendary tone-making prowess, the Mustang Micro is an essential tool for guitar players looking to practice or play in a noise-sensitive environment without compromising on sound quality.

Master of Improvements: The Fender Mustang LT25 Amp

In the land of amplifiers, the Fender Mustang LT25 stands tall as a testament to modeling technology innovation. Versatile and user-friendly, it fits snugly in both practice setups and live performance rigs. User reviews point to a near-unanimous verdict: it’s a powerhouse of tone in a compact and affordable package. It’s no wonder the LT25 is often considered the smart choice for players looking to squeeze every ounce of value out of their gear.

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Special Edition Models: The Hidden Gems of the Fender Mustang Line

Peering beneath the surface, one finds the special run Fender Mustang models – the rare breeds. Each limited edition is an artisan’s vision brought to life, often with unique features, custom finishes, and sometimes quirky electronics that set it apart from its kin. The synergy between these guitars and their corresponding amps is more like fine dining than a mere meal—thoughtful, refined, and scintillating.

From a collector’s point of view, such models not only offer a distinctive playing experience but also the promise of future collectability. As for investment potential, let’s say the experts often grin knowingly when they talk about these special editions. They’re not just guitars; they’re pieces of a legacy.

The Journey of Tone: Choosing the Perfect Fender Mustang Setup

Now, let’s mosey down the path to finding your perfect Fender Mustang model and amp. Matching your musical style to the right gear is kind of like choosing the right suit for a black-tie event—it has to fit, and it has to feel right. Here are some insider tips to help:

  • For punk and indie, look for models with a bit more bite in the bridge pickup.
  • If blues is your game, seek out Mustangs with a warmer, rounder neck pickup tone.
  • For rock versatility, find a Mustang setup that offers a wide array of sounds and reliable amp effects.
  • Remember, the Fender Mustang isn’t just an instrument; it’s a sonic companion for your musical journey.

    The Fender Mustang in the Digital Age: Enhancements and Connectivity

    Digital advancements have not only transformed the Fender Mustang experience; they’ve revolutionized it. Now, we see Mustangs equipped with USB connectivity, programmable effects, and software that can emulate almost any tone under the sun. The future of this series looks brighter than ever, with predictions pointing towards even more user-friendly features and next-generation models that blend classic vibes with state-of-the-art tech. It’s a digital world, and the Mustang is surfing the crest of that wave.

    Sonic Reinvention: The Ever-Evolving Fender Mustang Saga

    In sum, the Fender Mustang has come a long way since its inception, continually reinventing the wheel—or in this case, the strings. Its historical significance is not just a footnote; it’s an entire chapter in the annals of music. Here, we’ve encapsulated the essence of their story, their sounds, their shapes, and their undeniable swagger.

    The Fender Mustang saga is far from over. It’s an ongoing tale of innovation, persistence, and outright coolness that will reverberate through the halls of music history for years to come. It’s not just a guitar; it’s a cultural icon, and its song is far from sung.

    As we’ve explored the best Fender Mustang models and their amps, we’ve uncovered more than mere instruments—we’ve walked through a gallery of masterpieces, a lineup full of stars. Whatever your style or level of expertise, there’s a Mustang out there with your name on it. It’s not just about six strings and an amp—it’s about making history one riff at a time.

    Fender Mustang Trivia: Strum Through the Fascinating Facts!

    When Was the Mustang Born?

    Hold your horses and get ready for a ride back in time! The Fender Mustang first trotted into the spotlight in 1964. It was originally pegged as a student model, but boy, did it surpass those expectations. A bit shorter than its big brothers—the Stratocaster and the Telecaster—the Mustang quickly became the dark horse no one saw coming.

    That’s One Versatile Pony

    Ah, the Mustang! A chameleon in the guitar world, it’s as versatile as a Swiss army knife. You could play surf music with enough twang to make the Beach Boys nod in approval. Or plug it in for a grunge session, and it’ll scream like a banshee. Think of the Mustang as the fat Mex( of guitars—a blend of flavors that suits a barrage of musical tastes and styles.

    Cobain’s Go-To Guitar

    You know what’s cooler than being cool? Being grunge cool. And nothing screams ’90s grunge like a Fender Mustang in the hands of Kurt Cobain. This Nirvana frontman wasn’t horsing around when he chose the Mustang—a pal to him on stage and in the studio. It roared and wailed, embodying the rebellious spirit of the era. Nirvana, indeed!

    Hit Movies and Mustangs

    Hey movie buffs, did you catch that silver screen sparkle? That’s right, the Mustang’s had cameos in flicks left and right! A Mustang in the hands of a rock star on film? It doesn’t just play a role; it steals the show, often becoming as iconic as the character strumming it. And who can blame them? It’s got more star quality than a Hollywood walk of fame!

    Mustangs Around the World

    Okay, buckle up! The Mustang guitar has stamped its passport in music scenes worldwide. It’s played encores from Tokyo to Timbuktu, proving it’s not just an American darling; it’s a global rock ambassador. The Mustang’s vibe resonates from the garage to the grand stage, bringing folks together with its universal language of cool.

    So there you have it! From its birth to its globe-trotting fame, the Fender Mustang is one rad ride that has carved out its place in music history. Whether you’re a punk rocker, an indie enthusiast, or you’re just starting to strum, a Mustang might just be your next best friend. Keep on rockin’!

    Fender Mustang GTX Footswitch

    Fender Mustang GTX Footswitch


    The Fender Mustang GTX Footswitch is an essential accessory for guitar players looking to unlock the full potential of their Mustang GTX amplifier. This rugged foot controller allows you to seamlessly switch between presets, effects, and tuning with the tap of your foot, elevating your live performance without missing a beat. The intuitive interface features LED indicators that illuminate to show the active preset bank, while the built-in tuner function provides quick and accurate tuning to ensure your guitar always sounds its best.

    Designed with ease of use in mind, the GTX footswitch is crafted to withstand the rigors of touring and regular use. Its compact size makes it easy to include in your pedalboard setup, and the simple connection to your amp means no need for external power supplies or complicated setups. The inclusion of a mode button further enhances its functionality by offering the ability to switch between preset and effects mode, giving you versatile control over your sound palette.

    Compatibility with the Fender Tone app adds another layer of convenience to the Mustang GTX Footswitch, letting you customize and control your amp settings wirelessly. Whether you’re jamming at home, recording in the studio, or playing a gig, the Fender Mustang GTX Footswitch is the perfect companion to the Fender Mustang GTX series amps. Its durable construction, straightforward operation, and the ability to control a wide array of tones make it a must-have for any serious guitarist.

    What is special about a Fender Mustang?

    What is special about a Fender Mustang?
    Whoa, the Fender Mustang isn’t just a guitar, it’s a statement! This pint-sized powerhouse packs a wallop with its shorter scale (24″), making it super comfy for shredders and newbies alike. It’s feisty, with a sound that can go from mellow to wild quicker than a hiccup, thanks to those quirky switches. And lookswise? The Mustang’s sleek, retro vibe turns heads like a cool cat at a sock hop.

    Are Fender Mustang guitars any good?

    Are Fender Mustang guitars any good?
    You betcha! Fender Mustang guitars are like a trusty sidekick in the music world. Their unique sound and user-friendly features make ’em a hit with garage rockers and indie musicians. They’re sturdy, offer great tonal variety, and don’t break the bank—what’s not to love?

    Which guitar did Kurt Cobain play?

    Which guitar did Kurt Cobain play?
    Ah, the grunge icon Kurt Cobain was often spotted rocking a Fender Mustang. That’s right, this legendary left-handed frontman of Nirvana cranked out hits like “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on his beloved Mustang, solidifying its cool factor for eternity.

    What do Fender Mustang switches do?

    What do Fender Mustang switches do?
    Those nifty little switches on a Fender Mustang? They’re like a magician’s wand for your tone. Each pickup has its own switch for turning it on or off and changing the polarity. So, with a flick of your wrist, you can conjure up a tonal cocktail from crisp and clear to thick and grungy.

    Why do people like the Fender Mustang?

    Why do people like the Fender Mustang?
    People are all over the Fender Mustang like white on rice for plenty of reasons! It’s got a compact and lightweight body that won’t wear you out during those marathon jam sessions. Plus, its shorter scale length is kind to your fingers, and the variety of tones you can squeeze out of it? Simply chef’s kiss.

    Is A Fender Mustang worth it?

    Is A Fender Mustang worth it?
    Pondering whether a Fender Mustang is worth your dough? Well, it’s a resounding yes from bedroom noodlers and stage stompers alike! Their playing ease, tonal versatility, and undeniable cool factor delivers more bang for your buck than a fireworks store on the Fourth of July.

    What is the most sought after Fender guitar?

    What is the most sought after Fender guitar?
    Talk about a million-dollar question! The Fender Stratocaster is the jewel in the crown—coveted by many guitarists for its iconic sound and style. This baby has been in the hands of legends from Jimi Hendrix to David Gilmour. Fetching top dollar, it’s like the Holy Grail of Fender guitars.

    Are Gibson guitars better than Fender?

    Are Gibson guitars better than Fender?
    Now, don’t stir the pot! Gibson vs. Fender is like asking whether chocolate or vanilla tastes better—it’s all down to personal preference. Gibsons often pack a sonic punch with their rich, full tones, while Fenders shine with bright and crisp sounds. Potato, potahto—pick the one that tickles your fancy.

    Why play a Mustang guitar?

    Why play a Mustang guitar?
    Here’s the skinny: playing a Mustang guitar is about blending comfort with kickass coolness. It’s small but mighty, like a terrier that’s got bite and bark. If you’re after something that’s easy to play and stands out in a sea of Strats and Les Pauls, the Mustang’s calling your name!

    What guitar did Jimi Hendrix use?

    What guitar did Jimi Hendrix use?
    The legendary Jimi Hendrix is synonymous with the Fender Stratocaster. This left-handed genius turned the music world upside down with a right-handed Strat flipped and restrung. His Strat wasn’t just a guitar, it was a paintbrush in the hands of a master artist.

    Which guitar does slash use?

    Which guitar does Slash use?
    Slash, the top-hatted maestro of rock, is inseparable from his Gibson Les Pauls. With a cigarette dangling and a Les Paul in hand, he’s served up some sizzling riffs that have become rock anthems. Talk about a match made in rock ‘n’ roll heaven!

    What guitar did Eddie Van Halen play?

    What guitar did Eddie Van Halen play?
    Eddie Van Halen, the wizard of shred, is known for his Frankenstrat—but wait, there’s more! Later, he cooked up the EVH Wolfgang, a custom-designed beauty tailored to his high-flying playing style with Peavey and later Fender. These guitars are as legendary as the man himself.

    Are Fender Mustangs amps good?

    Are Fender Mustang amps good?
    Alright, let’s cut to the chase: Fender Mustang amps? They’re a hit! Ideal for practice and jamming, these digital wonders come with a smorgasbord of effects and amp models. So whether you’re a beginner or a pro, they’re sure to amp up your sound game without causing a noise complaint.

    Is Fender Mustang a Telecaster?

    Is Fender Mustang a Telecaster?
    Hold up, partner! A Fender Mustang ain’t no Telecaster. They might share the Fender name, but they’re different beasts. The Mustang’s got its own compact body and distinctive sound, while the Telecaster is the cowboy of guitars with its twangy vibe and workhorse reliability. Apples and oranges, my friend.

    How many effects does the Fender Mustang have?

    How many effects does the Fender Mustang have?
    Get ready to take a deep dive into a sea of sounds with a Fender Mustang amp. We’re talking about an arsenal of effects—dozens of ’em! From reverb and delay to modulation and distortion, this bad boy is like an all-you-can-eat buffet for your ears.

    What made the Mustang so popular?

    What made the Mustang so popular?
    What’s the secret sauce behind the Mustang’s popularity? It’s the concoction of affordability, portability, and versatility. Initially aimed at students, it quickly won over pros with its spunky vibe and experimental sound. It’s no one-trick pony—it’s become a cult classic.

    Why was the Mustang so good?

    Why was the Mustang so good?
    The Mustang cruised into our hearts with its winning combo of playability and quirky charm. It started off as entry-level but soon proved it could hang with the big dogs. The Mustang’s got mojo in spades, and who doesn’t love a plucky underdog that can rock out?

    Why do Mustangs sound unique?

    Why do Mustangs sound unique?
    Mustangs sound unique ’cause they’re not just trotting along—they’re galloping to their own beat! A shorter scale length means tighter strings and a distinctive snap to the tone. Plus, those unconventional switching options offer up a tonal palette that’s as varied as a box of crayons.

    Why play a Mustang guitar?

    Why play a Mustang guitar?
    Circle back and ask, “Why not?” Playing a Mustang guitar is about being different in a killer way. It’s small enough to carry around without breaking your back, yet it can wail louder than a siren when you crank it up. If you’re all about zigging when others zag, the Mustang’s your bad boy.

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