Best Fitness Watch: 10 Insane Features to Look For

To feel like having the world on your wrist, a fitness watch is your best shot. Lifetimes ago, we were flicking our wrists to check the time. Now, you can monitor your heart rate, measure your stress levels, and count your steps – all from the comfort of your wrist. If you’re keen to turn your health around, the best fitness watch will be one of your best allies. Let’s dive into the world of best activity trackers and look for the most impressive features that set the top fitness trackers apart.

1. Unique Heritage of the Best Fitness Watches

The fitness tracker watch has no rookie status. These wrist wonders are a product of decades of innovation and technological evolution. When we talk about the history of best fitness trackers, do you remember the early pedometers used in the 1960s for measuring the footsteps? Trust me, we’ve come a long way since then. By the way, doesn’t this nostalgia make you feel like dialing back in time, much like The Rock’s inimitable eyebrow raise?

Top Pick

Garmin Venu 2 Plus, GPS Smartwatch with Call and Text, Advanced Health Monitoring and Fitness Features, Silver with Gray Band


Suit your style with a smartwatch that’s available in three colors and features a bright, crisp AMOLED display
Enjoy the convenience of making and taking phone calls from your wrist when paired with your compatible smartphone
Use your compatible smartphone’s voice assistant to respond to text messages, ask questions, control compatible smart home devices and more
Know your body better with extensive health monitoring features, including the Health Snapshot feature, Body Battery energy levels, sleep score and insights, fitness age, stress tracking and more (this device is intended to be an estimation of your activity and metrics; it is not a medical device)
Find new ways to keep your body moving with more than 25 built-in indoor and GPS sports apps, including walking, running, cycling, HIIT, swimming, golf and many more
Use preloaded workouts that include cardio, yoga, strength, HIIT and Pilates, create your own in the Garmin Connect app on your compatible smartphone, or try Garmin Coach free adaptive training plans to help you prepare for your next running challenge
Download up to 650 songs to your watch, including playlists from Spotify, Amazon Music or Deezer (may require a premium subscription) and connect with your wireless headphones for phone-free listening
With a supported country and payment network, leave your cash and cards at home; Garmin Pay contactless payments let you pay for purchases on the go
Safety and tracking features include Incident Detection (during outdoor walks, runs and bike rides) and Assistance, both of which send a message with your live location to emergency contacts (Requires setup and your smartphone to be in an area with network coverage where data connectivity is available).
Get an uninterrupted picture of your health, thanks to battery life of up to 9 days in smartwatch mode and up to 8 hours in GPS mode with music, plus rapid recharging and battery saver mode

2. Best Fitness Watch: A Statistical Overview

Back in the present, fitness watches are widespread, and there’s a rich assortment to choose from. According to Statista, the wearables market will reach over 35 billion by 2024. That’s only one February Calendar 2024 month away! Just as an excellent best coffee burr grinder makes its way into many kitchens, fitness watches have found a home on many wrists. And why wouldn’t they?

3. Tracking Abilities Rundown

Stay on top of your health with a fitness watch that goes beyond basic step tracking. Look for those with advanced sensors that can measure heart rate variability, SpO2 levels, and even sleep quality. Some step trackers also offer stress evaluation and skin temperature checks. Oh, it’s just like being in a sci-fi flick!


4. Fitness Training Features

As we talk about the best fitness tracker watch, features for tailored training solutions should be on your radar. Interval timers, built-in workouts, and custom training plans are essential for virtually any sport, much like finding the best co op games to get that team spirit going. Some fitness watches take it a step further, offering animated on-screen workouts to guide you through your routine.

5. Tech-Advanced Running Metrics

For runners, a fitness tracker with advanced running metrics is the equivalent of couch co op games for console enthusiasts, a must-have! Search for features such as VO2 max estimation, running cadence, and ground contact time – these offer thorough insights into your running style and efficiency.

6. All-Day Health Monitoring Features

A fitness watch worth its salt will continue to impress you long after your workout. Best fitness watches offer 24/7 heart rate monitoring, stress tracking throughout the day, and automated sleep tracking, making them your ultimate health partners.

7. Impressive Long-lasting Battery

When it comes to battery life, no one likes to gamble. Thus, one of the game-changing features is a reliable battery that won’t die on you midway through your run. Some of Fitbit’s offerings, in contrast to the Apple Watch, boast of outstanding battery life.


8. Built-In GPS Feature

Having a fitness watch with a built-in GPS is a no-brainer. It provides accurate speed and distance measurements and also facilitates mapping your running or cycling route. The Apple watch scores on this front with superior accuracy and convenience.

9. Social Sharing and Competition

For some of us, motivation manifests as friendly competition. Many fitness trackers offer a community platform where you can share achievements, join challenges, or compete with friends. So let out your competitive spirit, it’s all for good health!

10. Smart and Extra Features

Raise your standards for the best fitness tracker. Look for extras like receiving calls and notifications, music control, payment features, and voice assistant. High-end fitness trackers are starting to feel more like smartwatches, except they also track calories as you munch on your pizza.

11. Understanding the Price Value

Fitness watches are a bit of an investment. However, for the price, they offer a load of useful features. Comparing Fitbit and Apple Watch, the former provides budget-friendly options with good tracking, while Apple Watch provides enhanced features and accuracy, though at a higher cost.


12. Trivia: Did You Know?

Here’s a fun fact. According to research, people who use a fitness tracker take an extra 1,000-1,500 steps a day. That’s almost an extra mile! Fascinating, isn’t it?

The Final Word

Finding the best fitness watch is no ordinary task, but with this guide at your disposal, you’re equipped with the expertise to make the right pick. As the market buzzes with fantastic options, remember the vital features you should be looking for in a fitness watch. Ultimately, your fitness watch should conform to your needs and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle without feeling like a daunting task. It’s time to strap up and step out!

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