Apple Butterfly Keyboard: A User’s Comprehensive Review

The Emergence of the Apple Butterfly Keyboard

The Evolution of Apple’s Keyboard Designs

Apple, synonymous with innovation and refinement, has a history of subtly revolutionizing our interactions with technology through their ever-evolving keyboard designs. Indeed, from the squarish, boxy keys of the Apple II to the ergonomic curvilinear keys on the MacBook Pro, Apple has indeed come a long way. In 2015, when the first MacBook with the butterfly keys came into the limelight, users hailed this as a quintessential Apple innovation.

Introduction to the Apple Butterfly Mechanism

So, what’s the buzz about the ‘butterfly’? The butterfly refers to a novel switching mechanism that expands like wings under the keys, differing from the more common and thicker scissors-shaped switches. Its inception was met with applause as the keyboard, billed as “34 percent thinner” and “four times more stable,” quickly piqued the fascination of potential users. Furthermore, the keys were nearly flush with the laptop body, a feature that allowed Apple to shave off a few millimeters from its MacBook’s depth.

Unboxing the Apple Butterfly Keyboard

Apple Magic Keyboard Wireless, Bluetooth, Rechargeable. Works with Mac, iPad, or iPhone; US English White

Apple Magic Keyboard Wireless, Bluetooth, Rechargeable. Works with Mac, iPad, or iPhone; US English   White


The Apple Magic Keyboard is a sleek, wireless rechargeable keyboard that offers an elevated typing experience over long periods. Utilizing Bluetooth technology, it offers utmost convenience by effortlessly connecting with your Mac, iPad, or iPhone. Crafted in a classic white design, this keyboard is not only functional, but also brings an aesthetic appeal to your workspace, setting a professional tone. The alphanumeric layout is specifically designed to accommodate US English, making it an extremely user-friendly tool.

Using it is a seamless experience as it leverages Apple’s advanced technology to offer an efficient, hassle-free typing regime. The Apple Magic Keyboard also boasts of a long-lasting battery that, once charged, keeps the keyboard powered for about a month or even more depending on usage. Users can enjoy continuous, interruption-free usage, thanks to its rechargeable nature, saving you from the hassle of keeping a stock of disposable batteries.

Designed for intimacy, the Apple Magic Keyboard is remarkably comfortable and responsive to touch. This enhances your typing accuracy and reduces the chance of typing errors. This feature, along with the keyboard’s slight incline and low-profile, optimized the keys for exceptional precision and comfort. Whether you are working, scrolling through web pages, or sending an important email, the Apple Magic Keyboard is designed to make your tech experience a touch more magical.

First Impressions and Overall Appearance

Unboxing an Apple product is a tad akin to unwrapping a long-awaited Christmas present. The anticipation, the excitement, and eventually, the satisfaction, are carved into the very experience that Apple meticulously builds. The keyboard delivers on its promises – slim profile, nearly flush keys, and a stable feel.

Image 7330

Unique Features of the Apple Butterfly Keyboard

Where the Apple Butterfly Keyboard truly shines is in its unique design elements. The reduced key travel enhances the overall aesthetics without significantly impeding the typing experience. However, as I’ll discuss later, adaptability varies among users.

Setup and User Experience: The First day

Setting up the Apple Butterfly Keyboard was fretless, and within minutes, I was clattering away, slowly adjusting to the shallow key travel, enjoying the chiclet-style design. The first day experience was like testing uncharted waters, adapting to the changes while savouring the newness, similar to acclimating to the quirks of a new Futanari Hentai character.

Apple MacBook Pro with GHz Intel Core i(inch, GB RAM, TB SSD Storage Space Gray (Renewed)

Apple MacBook Pro with GHz Intel Core i(inch, GB RAM, TB SSD Storage   Space Gray (Renewed)


The Apple MacBook Pro with GHz Intel Core i (inch, GB RAM, TB SSD Storage – Space Gray (Renewed) is a high-performance computer that promises unrivaled efficiency. It is powered by a robust Intel Core i Processor and comes equipped with impressive memory capacity (GB RAM and TB SSD Storage) that make multi-tasking and high performance tasks a breeze. This refurbished laptop is wrapped in a sleek Space Gray exterior that exudes a premium appeal.

The MacBook’s brilliant Retina Display with intricate pixel-per-inch density makes for sharp and color-accurate visuals – a feature photographers, architects, and passionate gamers will certainly value. With its TB SSD storage capability, users can store a large volume of data including documents, software, games, and high-definition multimedia files, while also enjoying boosted load speeds. The robust GB RAM significantly improves the efficiency and speed in running applications, thereby ensuring a smooth and lag-free performance for the most demanding tasks and programs.

This Apple MacBook Pro (Renewed) offers the same reliable performance as a new device, after undergoing a rigorous refurbishment process by Amazon-approved suppliers. The ranked suppliers conduct full diagnostic tests, replace any defective parts, and perform a thorough cleaning. The product may have minimal scratches or dents, but it arrives in a generic box along with all accessories expected for a new product. With this renewed product, you get a well-functioning MacBook Pro at a fraction of the price of a brand new one.

Feature Details
Name Apple Butterfly Keyboard
Design Technique Butterfly switching mechanism, named for its wing-like expansion under the keys
Thickness 34 percent thinner than the previous scissor-based model
Stability Four times more stable than earlier models
Key response Keys are nearly flush with laptop body and have minimal travel
Design Impact Enhanced compactness of MacBooks, reducing their depth due to the keyboard’s slimness
Issues Keys were prone to breaking or not functioning correctly due; to ultra-thin design
Usage Period Adopted by Apple until 2019
Current Status Replaced by a new “scissor-switch” keyboard design
Legal Issues Faced class action lawsuit claiming that Apple knew of and concealed keyboard defects

Understanding the Functionality of the Apple Butterfly Keyboard

Key Travel and Typing Comfort

Truly, the most polarizing factor of the butterfly keyboard is its shallow key travel. Though initially alien, the comfort level upgrades as we acquaint ourselves with it. Like any new technology, it challenges our inertia, pushing us into unfamiliar but exciting landscapes, similar to taking a detour from the Tesla route to explore the world of ai reader technology.

Illumination and Backlight Features

The MacBook’s butterfly keyboard has been fitted with LED backlighting to ensure that each key is visible under any lighting condition. This feature enhances the overall user-friendliness, coming in handy, especially during those long, dark nocturnal typing sessions.

Special Keys and Their Functions

Apple carries its tradition of integrating special function keys that cater to its macOS and iOS ecosystem. From adjusting brightness and volume levels to playing and pausing multimedia content, these keys simplify the user interaction, enhancing efficiency and comfort in multitasking.

Compatibility and Connectivity with Apple Devices

The keyboard is primarily tailored for the MacBook and MacBook Pro where it is fitted as the main keyboard. However, owing to their close-knit ecosystem, the keyboard seamlessly communicates with other Apple devices like the iPad, making multitasking smoother and efficient.

Image 7331

Analyzing the Performance of the Apple Butterfly Keyboard

Typing Speed and Efficiency

The reduced key travel in the Apple Butterfly Keyboard does impact typing speed, especially for touch typists used to a more tactile typing experience. However, with time, ease and speed can improve dramatically.

Performance in Different Lighting Conditions

The LED backlighting technology of the keyboard delivers an exceptional performance even under inadequate lighting. It adjusts according to the ambient light, with the keys glowing just the right amount to create a conducive typing environment.

Battery Life and Power Consumption

The energy efficiency of the Apple Butterfly Keyboard is remarkable. Thanks to its LED backlighting technology, the keyboard uses less power, contributing to the MacBook’s claim of all-day battery life.

Performance Comparison With Older Apple Keyboard Models

Comparatively, the butterfly keyboard feels markedly different from its predecessors. The keys lack the same travel and tactile feedback that older Apple keyboard models provide. However, it offers a sturdier feel and a quaint clicking sound while typing.

Long-Term Use of the Apple Butterfly Keyboard

The Durability Factor: A Test of Time

This is where the Apple Butterfly Keyboard’s wings seem to falter. Long-term use brought forth evidence of keys potentially breaking or simply refusing to function adequately. Several users have reported that regular use paved the way for dust and other particles to easily slip beneath the keys, disrupting their movement, which presented a problem for Apple’s after-sales service.

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Apple Butterfly Keyboard

Just like maintaining supreme outdoor star-gazing conditions to decipher What Is The Rarest zodiac sign, the butterfly keys need to be kept clean because even a minuscule dust particle could disrupt their functionality, creating typing discomfort.

Customer Support and Warranty Service

Apple’s customer support and warranty services for the Butterfly Keyboards have seen mixed reviews. Apple launched a keyboard service program to fix faulty keys for free, reflecting their proactive approach towards customer satisfaction akin to Amazon’s approach towards addressing amazon fake Reviews.

Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad US English, Includes Lighting to

Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad   US English, Includes Lighting to


The Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad is a perfect blend of functionality and sleek technology, especially designed for Apple device users. The elegantly designed keyboard delivers a remarkable typing experience with its full-sized keys, numeric keypad, and additional controls. Featuring a built-in rechargeable battery, this keyboard allows you to type uninterrupted for about a month or more between charges. The numeric keypad is especially beneficial for spreadsheet and finance work, making it a favorite among professionals.

The keyboard utilizes a stable scissor mechanism beneath each key to render higher stability and optimized key travel. The low-profile design, combined with the robust structure, ensures a comfortable, precise, and quieter typing experience. The keyboard also includes lightning to USB Cable for charging it, which provides compatibility and connectivity with other Apple devices effortlessly.

The Apple Magic Keyboard comes in a compact size that occupies less space on your desk, ensuring a clutter-free workspace. It can be effortlessly paired with your Mac, so you can get to work right away. Moreover, the keyboard supports US English layout accommodating the needs of a wide range of users. Its sleek and functional design makes it an essential addition to any professional or personal setup.

My Two Pennies: User Verdict on the Apple Butterfly Keyboard

Top Benefits of the Apple Butterfly Keyboard

The keyboard provides an undeniably sleek design and stable keys that produce less wobble. Its LED backlighting is excellent, and the function keys greatly aid the overall user experience.

Drawbacks and Areas for Improvement

The shallow key travel takes getting used to, and the potential durability issues surrounding the keys might deter many users. A design more resistant to dust and particles could be a significant improvement.

Image 7332

Future Prospects for Apple Keyboards

Technologies Interfacing with Apple Butterfly Keyboard

Apple ditched the butterfly mechanism in 2019, and yet, the stage for future keyboards carries the shadows of this concept. The distillation of technological essence from the Butterfly Keyboard contributes to designing more user-friendly future interfaces.

Apple’s Roadmap: What’s Next After The Butterfly Keyboard?

Given Apple’s historic seamless integration of AI technology in their products, it would be plausible to envision the future development of an ‘AI keyboard’. In essence, a keyboard that learns from the typist’s typing habits and adjusts key sensitivity, backlighting and other features accordingly.

Replacement Keyboard Keycaps,Full Set of US Keycaps QWERTY Fit for MacBook Pro Retina odel AAAYear EMC EMC EMC EMC EMC

Replacement Keyboard Keycaps,Full Set of US Keycaps QWERTY Fit for MacBook Pro Retina  odel AAAYear EMC EMC EMC EMC EMC


The Replacement Keyboard Keycaps, Full Set of US Keycaps QWERTY is a top-quality product designed meticulously to fit your MacBook Pro Retina model AAA. This full set includes the QWERTY keys, complete with all standard alphabet, number, and function keys, making it the perfect solution for damaged or worn-out keyboard keys. Each keycap is crafted with precision, ensuring an exact match to the original key layout, delivering an excellent, smooth typing experience like never before. The kit also includes the direction keys and modifiers keys, making it a comprehensive replacement solution.

These replacement keycaps are made using high-quality plastic material that is hard-wearing and designed to endure heavy typing. The precision molding process results in perfectly shaped keycaps that fit seamlessly with your MacBook keyboard, maintaining the sleek aesthetic of your device. They are exceptionally durable, providing a long-lasting solution for missing or damaged keys. More importantly, each keycap has the same feel as your original keys, ensuring you don’t miss a beat while typing.

The installation process of the Replacement Keyboard Keycaps, Full Set of US Keycaps QWERTY is user-friendly, requiring no specialized tools or expertise. Each keycap comes with clear indications for its placement on the keyboard, making the process straightforward and quick, even for a novice. Regular use, cleaning, or repair won’t fade the lettering as they are laser printed. This product’s goal is to make your typing tasks easy again, by delivering the same quality and comfort that came with your MacBook Pro Retina model AAA.

Decoding the Apple Butterfly Keyboard: A Synopsis

Key Takeaways from the User Review

The Apple Butterfly Keyboard has its fans and critics alike. With unique features such as shallow key travel, exceptional stability, and remarkable design aesthetics, it can be a pleasure to use for those who appreciate its distinctiveness. However, its potential durability issues require attention, which is reminiscent of one too many futuristic technology debuts.

Recommendations for Potential Buyers

Is the Apple Butterfly Keyboard for you? If you prioritize aesthetics, modern design, and are up for adapting to a different typing experience, this keyboard could be your cup of tea. However, if you’re a touch typist or value longevity above all else, older Apple keyboard models or their latest Magic Keyboard might serve you better.

Apple’s endeavour with the Butterfly Keyboard teaches us two essential truths of technological evolution – progress demands risk, and every step taken, even if stumbled, paves the way for tomorrow’s innovation.

What is Apple’s butterfly keyboard?

What is Apple’s butterfly keyboard?
Apple’s butterfly keyboard, aptly named for its unique, butterfly-like mechanism, was once a game-changer in the tech world. Known for the incredibly slim profile it offered, it was a refreshing change from the typical “scissor” keyboard mechanism, hence making its way to various MacBook models from 2015 to 2019.

Why did Apple discontinue butterfly keyboard?

Why did Apple discontinue the butterfly keyboard?
Well, you see, the butterfly mechanism is not without its fair share of critics—quite the contrary. It faced backlash from users and tech pundits for being overly sensitive to dust and crumb specks, leading to stuck keys and plenty of customer complaints. In response to this hullabaloo, Apple decided to discontinue it.

What replaced the butterfly keyboard?

What replaced the butterfly keyboard?
In lieu of the infamous butterfly mechanism, Apple brought back the tried-and-true scissor mechanism in an innovative new design branded the “Magic Keyboard.” Known for its reliability and comfort during typing, it became an instant favorite.

What Macs have butterfly keyboard list?

What Macs have a butterfly keyboard list?
Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Apple no longer equips any of its new MacBooks with the butterfly keyboard. Models that did showcase it include MacBook (Retina, 12 inches, Early 2015–2017), MacBook Air (Retina, 13-inch, 2018–2019), and MacBook Pro (13 and 15 inches, from 2016 to 2019).

What year did Apple stop using butterfly keyboard?

What year did Apple stop using the butterfly keyboard?
Apple finally waved goodbye to the butterfly keyboard in 2020, replacing it with the newly designed “Magic Keyboard” to much applause.

What is the difference between butterfly and Magic Keyboard?

What is the difference between the butterfly and Magic Keyboard?
The devil’s in the details, I’m afraid. While both have their merits, the key difference lies in their underlying mechanism. The butterfly keyboard features a “flat and stable” mechanism, allowing for thinner designs but at the risk of dust infiltration. The Magic Keyboard, on the other hand, uses the “scissor” mechanism known for comfortable and robust typing.

Why did people hate the butterfly keyboard?

Why did people hate the butterfly keyboard?
Well, you see, folks were none too pleased with the butterfly keyboard’s sensitivity to dust and debris leading to stuck keys. Plus, it didn’t provide the best typing experience for those long at the keyboard, becoming a bit of a bone of contention with users.

Did Apple get sued for butterfly keyboard?

Did Apple get sued for the butterfly keyboard?
Unfortunately for Apple, yes, they did. Several lawsuits were filed against them, claiming that the butterfly keyboard was prone to failure and the company hadn’t adequately informed customers about this quandary.

How faulty is the butterfly keyboard?

How faulty is the butterfly keyboard?
Truth be told, the butterfly keyboard had quite a few glitches. Users reported instances of stuck and non-responsive keys or characters repeatedly registering despite a single keypress.

Can you take keys off butterfly keyboard?

Can you take keys off the butterfly keyboard?
In a nutshell—nope. Removing keys from the butterfly keyboard can damage the delicate mechanism, so it’s best to leave that to the professionals.

Does Apple still use butterfly keyboard?

Does Apple still use the butterfly keyboard?
Look, Apple’s certainly learnt its lesson. The butterfly keyboard has been out of the picture since 2020 with no signs of a comeback; it’s been replaced with the tried-and-tested Magic Keyboard.

What are the benefits of the butterfly keyboard?

What are the benefits of the butterfly keyboard?
Despite the flak it received, the butterfly keyboard did have its merits. It delivered a slimmer design, key stability, and a beautiful aesthetic.

What was the last MacBook with butterfly keyboard?

What was the last MacBook with a butterfly keyboard?
The last MacBook to feature the butterfly keyboard was the 13-inch MacBook Pro, model introduced in mid-2019.

Which MacBooks have Magic Keyboard?

Which MacBooks have the Magic Keyboard?
As things stand, Apple’s entire MacBook lineup—from the baseline MacBook Air to the high-end MacBook Pro—boasts the new Magic Keyboard.

Is M1 a butterfly keyboard?

Is M1 a butterfly keyboard?
Nah, M1 refers to Apple’s in-house silicon, the engine that powers the latest Macs. All M1 Macs feature the Magic keyboard, not the discontinued butterfly version.

What is special about a butterfly keyboard?

What is special about a butterfly keyboard?
It’s a slick piece of engineering—the butterfly keyboard was special for its thinness, achieving a slimmer profile for MacBooks thanks to its unique mechanism.

What does the butterfly keyboard do?

What does the butterfly keyboard do?
The butterfly keyboard didn’t so much “do” anything special—it functioned like any keyboard, registering your keystrokes. The distinction lay in its slim mechanism, offering a shallower typing experience.

How do I know if my keyboard is butterfly?

How do I know if my keyboard is butterfly?
Having trouble distinguishing? The quicker tell is the touch—the butterfly keyboard feels flatter and has less “give” than traditional scissor keyboards. Additionally, check your MacBook’s model—those released between 2015 and 2019 usually boasted the butterfly keyboard.

What are the benefits of the butterfly keyboard?

What are the benefits of the butterfly keyboard?
To give credit where it’s due, the butterfly keyboard did bring some innovations to the table—its unique mechanism allowed for a thinner MacBook design and it offered individual LED lighting for each key. Despite its flaws, it had its perks.

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