1964 Quarter Value: Rare Silver Coins’ Worth

The Significance of the 1964 Quarter in Numismatic Circles

For coin collectors and history aficionados alike, the 1964 quarter holds a special place in American numismatic lore. But what’s the fuss about this specific coin, you might wonder? Let’s make a quick dash into the past, as quick as a fast 11 car, zipping through the coin’s yesteryears to capture its essence.

Originally, this 25-cent piece featured the unmistakable profile of George Washington and was the standard bearer of the silver era in American coinage. The thing is, the 1964 quarter was like the star quarterback from high school that got drafted last into the NFL. It marks a significant shift in the United States Mint’s history, as it was the last quarter to be struck in 90% silver for general circulation. Those shiny bits grabbed everyone’s attention, like Reese Witherspoon Movies And TV Shows do on a chill Friday night.

Here’s the kicker: these coins aren’t just old; they’re the last of their kind, making them a hot ticket item among collectors. Why, you might ask? Their metal composition and the nostalgia of a bygone era play no small part, as folks scramble to own a slice of American history.

Understanding the Rarity of Silver Quarters from 1964

When we say rare, we don’t mean Sage Stallone screen-used prop rare, but in the realm of coins, it’s up there. Silver quarters minted in 1964 are becoming as sparse as hen’s teeth. Why’s that? Let me paint a picture for you. In the 1960s, Uncle Sam decided that coin-operated machines were eating up too much silver, and so came the switcheroo to clad coinage — quarters with a mixture of nickel and copper but no fancy silver.

This pivot to clad quarters means that those last lustrous 1964 silver pieces became the equivalent of an endangered species in numismatics. The mintage might have been plentiful, but over time, the 1964 silver quarter is becoming as rare as an honest politician. Why? Because folks started to skip da Games of casual collecting and began hoarding these silver treasures.

ashington Quarters

ashington Quarters


The ashington Quarters is an exquisite collection of limited mintage coins that celebrates the rich history and heritage of one of America’s foundational states. Each quarter in the series is meticulously crafted, featuring iconic images and landmarks unique to the region, rendered with a high level of detail and precision. The obverse side of these quarters showcases a portrait of George Washington, paying homage to the state’s namesake and the nation’s first president. The reverse varies, depicting various celebrated scenes, from the majestic peaks of the Cascade Range to the bustling markets of Pike Place.

Collectors and numismatists alike will appreciate the ashington Quarters for their educational value and investment potential. With each release in the series, a limited number of coins are produced, ensuring that they remain rare and coveted by enthusiasts around the globe. These quarters are not just legal tender but a tangible piece of Washington’s narrative, encapsulating its natural beauty, cultural milestones, and pivotal moments in history. The careful selection of alloys and finishes gives each coin a durable and luxurious feel, suitable for passing down through generations.

Beyond its appeal to collectors, the ashington Quarters also make for thoughtful and sophisticated gifts. They allow people to own a piece of Americana, perfect for commemorating special occasions or for anyone with a fond connection to this storied state. The quarters come in protective display cases that both safeguard and elegantly present the coins, making them a standout addition to any display cabinet or desk. As a product, the ashington Quarters stand at the intersection of craftsmanship, history, and artistrya truly unique offering for those who cherish both coin collecting and the splendors of Washington.

Aspect Detail
Date of Issue 1964
Composition 90% silver, 10% copper
Weight 6.25 grams
Diameter 24.3 mm
Edge Reeded
Mint Marks Philadelphia (no mark), Denver (D)
Mintage High; last year 90% silver quarters were minted
Circulated Value (Dec 2023) $4.85 – $7.25
Uncirculated Value (Dec 2023) Up to $6,700
Notable Auction Sale N/A; however, a 1970 quarter sold for $35,000 on eBay (Jun 8, 2023)
Collector’s Interest High for uncirculated, rare error, and high-grade specimens
Historical Significance Last year of 90% silver quarters; transition to copper-nickel clad in 1965
Special Features N/A; standard design with silver content of interest
Audio Signature Silver content gives a distinctive ‘ring’ when dropped, as noted in 2005

Key Factors That Influence the 1964 Quarter Value

Now let’s talk brass tacks or rather, silver ticks. A bunch of factors affect a 1964 quarter’s value: condition, mint marks, and vintage vibes, to name a few. It’s like a Twingo; the value varies wildly based on the features and condition.

  • Condition: The shinier and crisper, the better. Like a vinyl record, any scratches or wear can drop its hit tune down the charts.
  • Mint Marks: These little letters tucked away speak volumes about a coin’s birthplace and affect its overall worth.
  • Vintage: This isn’t just about age but the history and story that come with it.
  • These details turn what could be a run-of-the-mill coin into something as coveted as the latest tech gadget, giving it that extra edge in the market.

    Image 14855

    Rare 1964 Quarter Varieties Worth Hunting

    Speaking of extra edge, let’s delve into the exotic world of rare 1964 quarter varieties. Some of these bad boys can skyrocket in value faster than a Silicon Valley startup. We’re talking variants like the Double Die and the elusive High Tail.

    Picture a misstep in the minting process where a quarter gets stamped twice, leaving a ghostly echo of its features. That’s Double Die, and it’s like the Solawave Reviews — unexpectedly thrilling. And the High Tail? It’s when the eagle’s back feathers at the tail seem to be aiming high—rarity merits a higher paycheck in collectors’ circles.

    Analyzing the Current Market for 1964 Silver Quarters

    Dive into the torrid waters of auction results, and you’ll notice that 1964 quarter value is acting like the stock market — unpredictable yet exciting. One moment, you see a standard 1964 Washington quarter fetching between $4.85 and $7.25, and the next, a pristine, uncirculated one snares a jaw-dropping $6,700!

    Recent trends show that these coins are still in vogue, like What quarters are worth money. The allure of owning the last 90% silver quarter minted is undeniable, and so the desire for them remains steady. This isn’t just about collecting but investing too—betting on the historical significance panning out in dollars and cents.

    P Gem Proof Silver Quarter Hand Selected DCAM US Mint

    P Gem Proof Silver Quarter Hand Selected DCAM US Mint


    The P Gem Proof Silver Quarter stands out as a true collector’s piece with its distinctive Deep Cameo (DCAM) contrast. Struck with precision at the US Mint, this proof coin features frosted devices and lettering that elegantly rise above a brilliantly mirrored background, delivering a level of detail and finish that appeals to both the discerning numismatist and the casual collector. Each quarter is hand-selected to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality and aesthetics, a testament to the care and pride taken in its production.

    Crafted from fine silver, the P Gem Proof Silver Quarter is part of a proud tradition of American coinage, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship of the United States Mint. It bears the ‘P’ mint mark, indicating its origination from the prestigious Philadelphia Mint, where some of the nation’s most celebrated coins have been produced. The composition of the coin, along with its proof status, makes it both a valuable and cherished addition to any collection.

    This remarkable coin serves not just as a piece of currency, but as a work of art that captures the essence of America’s rich numismatic heritage. Collectors will find that the P Gem Proof Silver Quarter, protected in its specially designed casing, remains pristine and secured against the elements, preserving its lustrous beauty for generations to come. As an ideal gift for numismatists or a meaningful addition to one’s personal collection, this silver proof quarter embodies the spirit of American excellence and the enduring value of fine coin collecting.

    How to Authenticate and Grade Your 1964 Quarter

    You might hear a story about a guy who found a rare quarter in his couch cushions, but don’t take that to the bank yet. Authentication is the key to unlocking a coin’s true value. It’s like meeting someone online; you want to skip da games and ensure they’re the real deal.

    And once you’ve got a good one, grading is as crucial as a critic’s review. From Poor to Mint State, each grade is a rung on the ladder of value. Experts pore over each coin with microscopic scrutiny to rate its condition, which can be the difference between a small perk and a life-changing windfall.

    Image 14856

    Where to Find and How to Acquire Valuable 1964 Quarters

    So, you want in on this action? Hunting down a 1964 silver quarter is a treasure-seeking adventure akin to scouring the earth for rare gems. They’re out there: in coin shops, online auctions, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, in grandpa’s old sock drawer.

    But remember, acquiring these coins is akin to a game of chess. It requires strategy, knowledge, and sometimes, a bit of good old-fashioned luck. You’d best be prepared to part ways with some green if you want to own a piece of silver history.

    The Future of Investing in 1964 Silver Quarters

    Staring into the crystal ball of coin collecting, one might ponder the potential fortune that awaits the humble 1964 quarter. Think about it: with every passing year, these coins become more scarce, more sought-after, and potentially, more valuable. It’s like What Is Noi in real estate — the potential earning of your investment inching upwards with time.

    The trend is clear as daylight; historical coins are not just collectibles but veritable investment vehicles, sometimes accelerating in worth more dramatically than other conservative investments.

    ashington Quarter Choice Proof % Silver c US Coin Collectible

    ashington Quarter Choice Proof % Silver c US Coin Collectible


    The Washington Quarter Choice Proof 90% Silver US Coin Collectible is a shining testament to the rich heritage of American coinage, featuring the iconic portrait of the first U.S. President, George Washington. Struck with meticulous detail, this proof coin is composed of 90% silver, adding a layer of precious metal value to its already significant historical and aesthetic appeal. Its mirror-like finish and frosted design elements highlight the craftsmanship of the U.S. Mint, making it a standout among numismatists and casual collectors alike.

    Each Choice Proof coin is meticulously inspected to ensure it meets the high standards of quality and condition expected by collectors. The coin’s stunning appearance is preserved carefully, often encapsulated to protect its pristine condition and delicate proof surface. Considering its limited production run, typically reserved for collectors rather than for circulation, the Washington Quarter holds a special place in the realm of collectible American currency.

    Ownership of this collectible piece not only represents a slice of American history but also serves as a smart investment for those interested in the value retention of silver coins. As a piece that transcends time, the Washington Quarter is an excellent addition to any collection, serving as a cherished heirloom that can be passed down through generations. Collectors and history buffs alike will appreciate the significance of owning such an emblematic coin that captures the essence of American patriotism and the enduring legacy of its founding father.

    Caring for Your Silver Quarter Collection

    Now, let’s say you’ve got your mitts on one of these silver darlings. Protecting your investment is akin to shielding a smudge-free Twingo in bubble wrap. You’ll want to employ best practices for coin preservation like a hawk watches its nest.

    • Use proper storage, away from the elements.
    • Handle them with care and affection, maybe even white gloves.
    • Keep them secure, as you would your deepest, darkest secrets.
    • Maintaining value and condition is the endgame, ensuring that time and grime don’t diminish your coin’s worth.

      Image 14857

      Conclusion: The Lasting Legacy of the 1964 Quarter

      To wrap it up, the 1964 quarter is akin to a piece of American history that rests in your palm. A relic of a bygone era when silver was the byword for value. It’s a testament to the art of coinage, the history of currency, and the intrigue of collection that dances well beyond its monetary worth.

      For both the casual collector and the hard-core enthusiast, the 1964 silver quarter presents an opportunity to hold a piece of history while possibly watching their investment grow, like a meticulously tended bonsai tree. So go ahead, find your fortune or fuel your passion. These coins are more than mere currency; they are the carriers of stories, a symbol of an age, and possibly, if you play your cards right, a sliver of silver that could multiply in worth.

      Collecting and investing in rare coins, especially ones as iconic as the 1964 quarter, isn’t just a hobby; it’s a way of cherishing the past and potentially safeguarding the future. It’s the ultimate combination of nostalgia and know-how, of art and economics, a treasure hunt that blends the resonance of history with the excitement of future possibility.

      Unlocking the Mystique of the 1964 Quarter

      Well, fancy that! Let’s take a dive into the not-so-humble world of the 1964 quarter, a coin that has more stories to tell than your grandpa on a long summer evening. It’s not just pocket change, folks—it’s a slice of history that might just pay for your next vacation if you strike silver!

      A Shiny Birth in an Historic Year

      Hold on to your hats, collectors and history buffs alike! The 1964 quarter, huh? What a year it was! The world was a-buzzin’ with The Beatles taking over America and Mary Poppins working her magic in the cinemas. Meanwhile, in the less flashy world of minting, the United States was churning out these quarters like hotcakes.

      But here’s the catch—the 1964 quarter was the last of its kind to be made of 90% silver. That’s right, after that year, Uncle Sam said, “No more silver for you!” and switched to cheaper metals. So you could say that the 1964 quarter is like the last message from a dear old friend; you know, the kind that makes you say, “Ah, remember when!” kind of like when you’re figuring out “what does an rcs message mean.”

      “Silver” Lining and the Quarter Quest

      Alright, treasure hunters and change collectors, did you know that some 1964 quarters are more than just a trip down memory lane? They’re actually a little bit like winning the lottery! See, if you stumble upon one of these babies in pristine condition, you might as well start doing your happy dance. Some of these shiny relics can fetch a pretty penny—or should I say, a pretty quarter?

      And I’m not just joshin’ you! Certain 1964 quarters can be worth a hefty sum, thanks to that precious silver content and their somewhat rare uncirculated condition. There’s even a special term for the top-notch condition—’Uncirculated’ or ‘Mint State’. Find one, and you could be looking at enough dough to make you holler, “Jackpot!”

      Heads or Tails: The Great Silver Hunt

      So, you’ve got a jar of quarters, and among the regular old Joe Schmoes of coinage, there might just be a 1964 silver star. How do you spot it? Well, it’s easier than trying to understand text message lingo these days—no “what does an rcs message mean” here, thank goodness!

      The trick is all in the ring—a silver coin will have a clean silver edge with no sandwich layers of copper. And the sound, oh the sound! Give that quarter a flick, and instead of a dull thunk, a silver one sings a high-pitched tune that’s music to a coin collector’s ears!

      Spinning Tales of Riches

      Now, don’t just go spending that 1964 quarter on a pack of gum. It’s not just about face value; it’s a history lesson in your palm. Plus, with the silver market doing its wibbly-wobbly thing, who knows? That little piece of metal could be your golden—or should I say, silver—ticket.

      But, legal tender or not, it’s all about the story it tells and the nostalgia it brings. For some, the hunt for the elusive 1964 quarter is more than a hobby; it’s a passion. So the next time you’re sifting through your spare change, take a gander at the dates. Who knows? That 1964 quarter could be more than meets the eye—or nestles in the couch cushions.

      In the end, remember that coin collecting is a fun ride, so keep it light, keep it tight, and let the hunt for the 1964 quarter light up your collector’s spirit!

      Genuine D Silver Washington Quarter

      Genuine D Silver Washington Quarter


      The Genuine D Silver Washington Quarter stands out as a must-have for coin enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Minted in the United States, this particular coin carries the distinctive ‘D’ mark, signifying its origins from the Denver Mint, which is known for producing coins of exceptional craftsmanship. Made primarily from silver, this quarter’s composition adds both value and a sense of historical significance, considering it hails from an era when coinage was made from precious metals. The intricate design and fine detailing on both sides of the coin are a testament to the artistry and precision of mid-20th century American minting.

      Collectors will appreciate the Genuine D Silver Washington Quarter, not only for its material worth but also for its place in American history. The obverse features the iconic profile of George Washington, originally designed by John Flanagan, which has graced the quarter since 1932, marking the bicentennial of Washington’s birth. On the reverse, one finds an eagle clutching arrows and an olive branch, embodying the nation’s spirit and strength during a period marked by both conflict and a desire for peace. This coin, beyond its monetary value, serves as a tangible link to the past, capturing the patriotic pride of the United States.

      In terms of condition, the Genuine D Silver Washington Quarter ranges from well-circulated pieces with character to those in mint or near-mint state, appealing to a broad spectrum of collectors. Each quarter brings with it its own story, told through the wear of its ridges and the clarity of its engravings. Investors in precious metals and numismatic collectibles seek out these authentic pieces for both their silver content and potential appreciation over time. A single Genuine D Silver Washington Quarter is more than a piece of currency; it is a piece of American heritage, embodying the evolving story of a nation’s identity and economy.

      Is the 1964 quarter worth anything?

      Wowza, you’ve hit a lucky streak if you’ve got a 1964 quarter jingling in your pocket—it might be worth more than just pocket change. Depending on its condition and minting details, it could fetch anywhere from a few bucks to a hefty sum for mint-condition coins!

      Which quarter is worth $35000?

      Hold onto your hats, because the quarter that’s known to make collectors’ hearts race—and wallets open—is the 1964 SMS (Special Mint Set) quarter. With its proof-like appearance and limited numbers, one of these beauties in top condition raked in a cool $35,000. Now that’s some serious dough!

      Why are 1964 quarters silver?

      Back in ’64, quarters were like mini silver treasures. They were made with 90% silver because that was the standard at the time. It was only later that Uncle Sam decided to switch things up and save some coin by using cheaper metals. Nifty, huh?

      Why does my 1964 quarter sound different?

      If you give your 1964 quarter a flip, and it chimes like a bell, you might not be hearing things—it’s probably made of silver, which gives it a special ring. But if the sound is off, it could be a rare error coin, and that’s a whole different ball game!

      What makes a 1964 quarter rare?

      What’s the secret spice that makes a 1964 quarter the apple of a collector’s eye? It’s all about those rarities: mistakes from the mint that stand out from the crowd, like double die or unique markings. If your quarter is one of these oddballs, it could mean big bucks!

      What quarter is worth $10 000?

      Cha-ching! If you’ve got a 1932 Washington quarter with a tidy “D” stamped under the eagle’s tail feathers, you’re in luck. That’s the rare Denver mintmark, and top-quality examples have rolled all the way up to $10,000. Who knew change could change your luck?

      Which quarter is worth $1000000?

      The holy grail of quarters, the one that could make you a millionaire overnight, is the fabled 1894-S Barber quarter. Struck in San Francisco with only 24 minted, if you’ve got one, you’ve basically won the lottery. Remember, it’s a million bucks for one coin—talk about a jackpot!

      What quarter sold for $2000?

      Is it pocket change or treasure? A 2000-P South Carolina quarter graded MS67 by NGC might look ordinary, but it sold for a whopping $2,000. The devil’s in the details—and in this case, it’s all about that pristine, almost perfect condition.

      Why is a 1970 quarter worth so much?

      You’d be surprised but the 1970 quarter has a party trick—it was made accidentally with a 1941 Canadian quarter underneath. Talk about an identity crisis! These quirky coins are like needles in a haystack, but if you find one, you’re looking at a price tag that’ll make you do a double take.

      Are 1964 quarters rare?

      Are 1964 quarters rare? Not exactly your unicorn, but they’re not your run-of-the-mill quarters either. Loads were made, so they’re common as muck, but with silver in them and some wild error coins out there, they can still be a collector’s darling if you strike it lucky!

      How much is a silver 1964 quarter worth?

      Kick back a sec, ’cause if you’ve got a silver 1964 quarter, it’s more than just spare change—it’s like a mini silver bar. Depending on silver prices, it could be worth several times its face value, so don’t spend it on bubblegum!

      Why are 1964 coins valuable?

      coins are like a fine wine—they’ve got age and silver on their side. As the last year with 90% silver, they’re not just another year in the pile, and that makes them a precious find for anyone digging through their old change jar.

      Are all pre 1964 quarters silver?

      For those with a penchant for the past, all quarters jingling in pockets pre-1964 are, indeed, little silver nuggets. They were crafted with 90% of the shiny stuff, making them more than just a chip off the old block compared to today’s mixed-metal coins.

      How do I know if I have a rare quarter?

      Scratching your head, wondering if you’ve struck gold—or, well, silver—with a rare quarter? Keep your eyes peeled for weird quirks, odd marks, and whether it passes the silver ring test. Or consult a coin pro; they’ll size up your quarter faster than you can say “jackpot.”

      How much is a 1964 Kennedy half dollar worth?

      If you’ve got a 1964 Kennedy half dollar lounging in your coin jar, you might just have a small treasure. Depending on its condition, it could pocket you enough cash for a fancy dinner or a whole lot more if it’s an uncirculated beauty or a proof coin.

      What makes a 1964 Kennedy half dollar rare?

      What makes a 1964 Kennedy half dollar a rare bird? Well, if you’ve got one with accented hair—details that JFK’s widow requested be fuzzed out—you’ve got a limited edition on your hands. These are the hens’ teeth that collectors will pay a pretty penny for.

      How much is a 1964 50 cent piece worth?

      Aha! The 1964 50 cent piece might just be your lucky charm. With its silver content, it starts with a value that’s leaps and bounds over its face value. And if it’s in tiptop shape or a rare variety, that piece of change might just change everything!

      Is there a quarter worth $2000?

      Okay folks, here’s the scoop—there is indeed a quarter out there worth $2,000. We’re talking about high-grade, special mint quarters that can command such a price. Keep an eagle eye out, ’cause you never know when you’ll stumble upon a hidden gem!

      Why are 1964 coins valuable?

      Why are 1964 coins like the belle of the ball? It’s their last hurrah as silver keepsakes—coins minted with 90% silver. Not only do they have intrinsic value for their metal content, but they’re also a nostalgic nod to an era gone by. Bottom line: they’re more than just old—they’re silver-lined!

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