Mitch Purgason is the founder of “Stitched from Mitch”. He combines Fashion and Sports for Pro Athletes.

Forbes announced their highly coveted 30 under 30 list for 2022 at the beginning of the year. The list is comprised of 600 individuals who have been the top performers in their respective industries. It highlights the top performers in the worlds of entertainment, sports, music, and fashion but also profiles lesser-known people working in science, retail health, and more. In the Arts & Style section is 29-year-old Mitch Purgason, a Charlotte designer of clothing who has adorned some of the biggest names in sports, including Mark Cuban, Gary Vaynerchuk, Josh Gordon, George Kittles and Bubba Wallace. With exclusive items that add up to $25,000, we discover the reasons that made the “Stitched by Mitch” founder so successful.

The path that led to his recognition was built on hard work, dedication, and meticulous attention to detail. Purgason was born in Greensboro, and attended Appalachian State University. He started his clothing company as an assignment. The class he took on entrepreneurship required him to start a business, which he started together with two students in the business field. He decided to build affordable , custom-made suits for students at college. Purgason began Stitched by Mitch after taking design classes, studying fabrics, and learning from a professional tailor.

As for his celebrity clients, Purgason owes much of it to his connections in sports. While at App State, he walked onto the basketball team in his junior year. He had the opportunity to meet the former App State players who made it into the NFL. Although he didn’t get his first NFL client until 2019 Word-of-mouth marketing has proven to be an source of income for his business.

His suits are often unique Milanese buttons, various designs, and his distinctive emblem, “unarazza diversa,” an Italian expression that translates to “cut from another fabric.” In an interview with Business North Carolina, Purgason details having in-depth conversations with clients in order to personalize their own pieces.

“I want to know as much as I can about the client. I ask questions to help me understand their personality, their association with color, and what they want to exude when they are wearing clothing,” said Purgason.

His particular brand of work lets him create exquisite pieces. To match her teal GWagon, he made Cassi Smith a teal leather jacket.

Purgason is famous for his suit designs However, he doesn’t wish to be called “the suit guy.” Purgason has broadened his collection to include beachwear, golf attire , shirts and golf wear and also leather jackets. Purgason is currently working in luxury fashion management and will finish this year by completing a tailoring course in Italy. He is also developing the show with an unnamed high-profile celebrity.

“I’m always trying to improve,” said Purgason, “and you have to be willing to inconvenience yourself to grow and learn and provide a product you’re really proud of.”

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